Monday, February 02, 2009


It's been FOREVER but tonight they're back! Chuck is on at 7pm. I really like that show, it's pretty funny. Actually pretty much all the characters on that show are good, except I think his sister. I don't care too much for her, she's just kind of blah. Then at 8pm is Heroes. I'm so excited! I saw the commercial for it yesterday and it looks like it will be good this season. I hope to see all of the cast members use their powers and some butt kicking! Then after Heroes is Medium at 9pm. I watched this show on and off for the last few seasons but I really started watching it a lot last season. It's a good show and I think Patricia Arquette does a good job portraying Allison Dubois. And her husband is good too. I love the little girl in it too, I don't remember her name but she's the middle child. She's so funny. So that is my night. Oh and Chuck is in 3-D and I got my glasses. I went to Target on Saturday and picked some up. The sheet came with 4 glasses and so that is one for each of us. Although I think the kids will just play with them and rip them.

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