Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost - 02/18

Last night's episode was all about The Oceanic Six.

We start with Jack waking up in the jungle wearing a suit. Just like in the series premiere. Except this time he is relieved to be back on the island. He find Hurley in the water and helps him out. Then he find Kate on conscious near some rocks. But where are Sayid, Sun & Ben? Then we flash to 46 hours earlier.

We are back in the church with Eloise Hawkings. She shows them to The Lamp Post Station (Dharma Initiative) and says that's how they originally found the island. She says she know where/when the island will be next and that they need to take a plane to Guam. Then she pulls Jack aside and tells him that he need to give Locke (dead in a coffin) something of his dad's. She gives him an envelope addressed to him from Locke. Then we cut to Jack having a drink at a bar and he gets a phone call. We see him visit an older guy and he calls him grandpa. His grandpa is always trying to run away and he says he'll help him unpack. While unpacking he finds a pair of shoes that look familiar. Turns out they were his dad's and so he takes them. He goes home and finds Kate on his bed. He asks where Aaron is and she tells him not to ask her again. I'm assuming we will find out in a flashback episode what happened to him. She probably listened to Claire when she told him not to bring him back. They make out and then the next morning Jack makes her coffee. He leaves and they say they'll see each other at the airport. Ben calls Jack and tells him he needs to get Locke for him because he can't. Looks like Ben got beat up, I'm sure we'll find out in a flashback. While Jack is getting his ticket he talks about Locke and how he's a friend. Then as he's leaving, a Latino guys tells him he's sorry about his friend. I think we're going to be seeing that guy on the island. At the airport Jack sees Kate, then Sayid being escorted by a woman and he's in handcuffs. Also Hurley is there with a backpack and guitar. Hurley bought 18 seats on the plane because he's afraid many people will die. Then Jack is surprised to see Sun too. She tells him that if there's any chance that Jin is alive she needs to go back. What I don't get is why she would leave her daughter behind. They all board he plane and just as the doors are about to close Ben comes in with a sling and a few bruises. Hurley freaks out and Jack calms him down. As they're taking off the captain speaks and Jack recognizes the name. He asks to speak to the Captain and he comes out and it's the guy that got them off the island!! He looks around and sees Kate, Sun, Sayid & Hurley and says "We're not going to Guam are we?". There's some turbulence and then a white flash and we are back to the beginning of the episode. Then a familiar VW van pulls up and someone in a Dharma jumpsuit comes out with a gun and it's Jin!!

What I don't get is how they were all so willing to go back to the island. Oh and I forgot to mention that Eloise told Desmond that the island wasn't done with him yet. So I wonder if Desmond will have to go back too. Also wouldn't Aaron also have to go back?

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