Thursday, October 29, 2009

Check them out

There's this band called Garfunkel & Oates and I've been meaning to post about them for a long time. They are two women, Garfunkel (Riki Lindhome) and Oates (Kate Micucci). Kate was on Scrubs a while back, she played Gooch, the girl with the mandolin. Anyhow their music is really funny. You can listen to their music on their website and even download three of their songs for free. So check them out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heroes - Strange Attractors (10/26)

I didn't think this episode was that great and not a lot happened. I think I like following Peter and Hiro better.

Noah - He stuck around to help Jeremy, but the cops have arrested Jeremy. They say the kid is weird and he killed his parents. So Noah calls in Tracy to help since Jeremy needs next of kin to get him out. So Tracy becomes aunt Tracy and she talks to him. She tells him about her ability and how hard it is to control and how she relates to him. Outside Samuel comes to her and brings her to the carnival and tells her that Jeremy belongs there and so does she. He gives her the compass and tells her to use it when she wants to come. When she gets back to get Jeremy he is still scared/angry. On the way out there is a mob of people and one guy comes up to Jeremy and he touches him and kills him. This makes the cops bring him back in and especially two cops that take it upon themselves to punish him. They do this by dragging him behind a truck and therefore killing him (this reminded me of that Supernatural episode where the guy was killed like that and they had to scare the ghost to death by doing the same thing again). Noah is upset and Tracy tells him not to call her again. She sits in her car and looks at the compass.

Claire - She is talking to Gretchen about what happened (the kiss) and then someone comes in with masks to kidnap them. Claire starts kicking their butts but Rebecca (the sorority head) tells Claire to stop beating them up they're just doing sorority stuff. So they take them (Gretchen, Claire and two other girls) to a slaughter house for a scavenger hunt. Except the scavenger hunt turns into Rebecca trying to kill Gretchen (which Claire figures out). She finds out that Rebecca can turn invisible and hits her with the hooks and Rebecca runs away. Claire is stuck on a hook and heals in front of the two other girls.

Matt - He is still being haunted by Sylar. Only now Sylar took over his body while he was with Janice. So Matt decides to figure out how to get rid of him. He does this by drinking and Sylar is getting hurt each time Matt drinks. Matt passes out as Janice and his sponsor come home. Matt wakes up and says he's better and goes to get a shower. That's when we see that Sylar took over his body when he passed out and now it's Sylar in control and Matt wanting his body back.

Next week looks like we'll see Hiro and Charlie and everything that happened three years ago. Will Hiro change the present?

Monday, October 26, 2009


My teeth (or lack of) is healing. I went to the dentist last week and he said it was healing. I have three holes in my mouth (which I think is totally weird) that I have to clean with a little syringe thing after every meal. It is so gross how much food goes in there. I hope the holes close up soon.

Tonight is Heroes, but I'm recording it since Dan has a meeting at school tonight. Hopefully he gets home in time to watch it. It's actually better to watch it recorded after the kids go to bed because then I can watch it uninterrupted.

I'm thinking of watching that new show V that is starting next Tuesday on ABC. Looks kind of interesting, here is what it says the show is about:

The world has its first encounter with an alien race. Calling themselves the Visitors and promoting an agenda of peace, they seem to be friendly, but their congeniality may be a cover for a more malevolent agenda. FBI Counterterrorism Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) discovers a secret about the Vs that threatens the lives of everyone around her, including her teenage son, who sees the aliens as a sign of hope. Meanwhile, Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), already questioning his faith when the Visitors arrived, seeks answers outside his church and finds other dissidents who believe the Vs are not who or what they claim to be. The new ABC series is billed as a ``re-imagining'' of the 1980s miniseries by the same name.

Sounds interesting right?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heroes - Tabula Rasa (10/19)

Good episode last night and we got to see some people use their abilities.

Peter - He brought Hiro to the hospital and we find out he has a brain tumor that is killing him. So Peter says that he will help him and heal him somehow. Emma has a lot of questions about abilities and Peter tells her to talk to Hiro about it. He teleports to Noah's apartment and since it's been a while since he has teleported he ends up in the bathroom. Claire is also there doing her laundry. So Noah finds a boy, Jeremy that can heal. Well at least he did when he was 13 years old and Noah visited him and had the Haitian wipe his memory. At Jeremy's house they find two dead parents and a bunch of dead plants. Then Jeremy starts shooting at them. Peter tries to be heroic and stops time but too late and gets shot. Jeremy says his ability is bad and all he does is kill everything he touches. Noah tells Jeremy he can heal him and he does. So Peter takes Jeremy's ability and flies back to Hiro. Noah stays with Jeremy to make sure he's okay.

Hiro - He tells Emma that she can use her ability to help people. She is in denial. He puts on a talent show and shows her that using you ability helps people. She plays the piano and people clap for her. Then Hiro disappears and ends up at the Burnt Toast Diner where Charlie is.

Sylar - He is at the Carnival and Samuel is trying to get him to remember who he is. Edgar picks a fight with Sylar and he uses his power. Then Samuel takes him to the house of mirrors and Sylar sees what he has done. He is in denial over doing those things and he has memories of being Nathan. Samuel then invites the cop that is looking for Sylar to the carnival to try to get the real Sylar to come out. Sylar doesn't kill him but Edgar does. Then Samuel invites and baptizes Sylar into the carnival. Also looks like Lydia likes Sylar and Edgar is jealous.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had three wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning. It took about 40 minutes and I was awake the whole time. I had some nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and they numbed my gums up a lot. I had headphones on and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got home a little after ten and just sat on my chair and watched Season 4 of Supernatural. Once the Novocaine wore off I wasn't in too much pain. I was prescribed vicotin, but decided not to fill it. I didn't want want such a strong medication so I just stuck to ibuprofen. Today I'm doing fine and I can finally brush my teeth. But I'm still chipmunk cheeked.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heroes - Hysterical Blindness (10/12)

Sylar - He really does look like Sylar now and he can't remember who he is. A psychologist tries to help him remember and a cop is impatient with him. They find out he's Gabriel Grey and that he's a murderer. Sylar says he's not a killer and uses his powers and escapes. He gets picked up by the psychologist who says she'll help him but he needs to turn himself in. The police find them and Sylar gets shot and he falls down a hill with psychologist. She sees him heal and then tells him to run.

Peter - He has lunch with his mother and she doesn't listen to him. He goes to work and on his way he saves Emma from getting hit by a car. She was too distracted by seeing sounds. Peter accidentally picks up her power because he can't run super fast anymore. He finds Emma at the hospital and tells her she has an ability and he picked hers up. She is skeptical and they play piano together and promise to have lunch together the next day. She goes home and plays the cello and gets angry and sends the sound waves crashing to the wall getting them to crack.

Claire - She is going to join a sorority along with Gretchen. She grows paranoid of Gretchen when she sees a lot of pictures of Claire on her computer and gets freaked out. Then it seems like Gretchen almost hits someone she was talking to at a party with a flag pole. When Claire confronts Gretchen about this is she is greeting with a kiss. Gretchen tells her that she is crushing on Claire and she is stunned. Then the sorority house comes to pledge them in.

One of the sorority sisters is Rebecca and she has an ability too. She also knows Samuel and she is working for him to try to isolate Claire. She can turn herself invisible and she was responsible for Anne's death and the flag pole.

At the carnival we see Samuel trying to get a face on Lydia's back. He gets one but we don't get to see. He also welcomes Sylar into the carnival and he plants some seeds.

Peter is visited by Hiro, who collapses in front of him.

Monday, October 12, 2009


It snowed today and it's still snowing. I am not ready for winter yet. I had to get the had and gloves out as well as winter coats for the kids. Oh last week I did not get my wisdom teeth pulled. It is post-poned until this Wednesday since the surgeons were out with the flu. So now I'm going in Wednesday morning to get it done. Oh and X got strep throat on Friday so hopefully no one else in the family gets it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Heroes - Acceptance (10/05)

Looks like they will be splitting up the character's stories each week. Which I think is better because we get more of their story at once.

Hiro - He is still dying and still determined to use his power to go back and change things. Kimiko asks him to give her away at the wedding and Hiro accepts. When Ando hears this he tells him that he might be dead by then and he needs to tell his sister the truth. Hiro gets a call from a former employee that is on the roof trying to kill himself. The reason he's trying to kill himself is because he got fired for copying in his butt and it has shamed his family. Hiro goes back and changes it for about 40 times and finally just talks to him and tells him he needs to find some other job and that he needs to tell the truth and do something he likes. This talk gets Hiro to talk to his sister and he tells her the truth. Then he gets a horrible headache then gets better and disappears.

Tracy - She gets ready and goes and gets her old job back. She realizes that she's changed and she's not as heartless as she used to be. She talks to Noah about it and he tells her that she has changed and that her old job won't be the same. She decides not to take the job but do something that will make a difference.

Nathan/Sylar - Nathan is going crazy because suddenly he has all these powers. He talks to Peter about it but he thinks it's just how the family is and it's normal. Nathan says that he can tell the history of items by touching them and that when he touched and old baseball hat he thinks he killed someone. That someone would be Millie's daughter (we met Millie last season helping Angela). Peter tells him to go visit Millie and find the truth. Turns out Millie says her daughter ran away. Nathan looks around and by touching objects he find out they were drinking and she fell off the diving board and hit her head. He confronts Angela about it and she fesses up that the Haitian erased his memory and that she took care of it. He says he needs to tell Millie the truth but Angela doesn't think he should. He does anyways and Millie won't believe him. But in a parking lot we see Nathan get stabbed and then later shot and buried. And because he's really Sylar we see him come out of the ground alive. Looks like Millie had him taken care of.

Noah - He gets a visit from Peter and he says he has the compass tattooed on his arm but then it's not there anymore. They argue a little bit but then Claire comes and Peter leaves. Claire tries to convince Noah to get a job, a real job. Nothing much happens but Claire spending time with her dad.

At the carnival Samuel is suspicious of Edgar and Lydia. He tries to get Lydia to show him another person but it still shows Noah. He gets frustrated and Lydia says maybe he's interested in them again.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm finally doing it

After having been told for many years that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled I'm going to get them pulled next week. I got my top one pulled in November of last year because it was really bothering me. My top two were out so the one they pulled was fairly easy and just go yanked out. The other one on the top will be the same deal, but the bottom ones are not good. They are sitting sideways in my mouth and are under my gums. So not fun at all. I went yesterday to see the specialty dentist and talk about having them extracted. I will not be put under but will have laughing gas and local anesthetic. Some people think I'm crazy for not being put under but I'd rather not do it. I'll be driving myself there and back. I'm also bringing some headphones and will probably close my eyes. They said it will be about 5 minutes for the top tooth and 10-15 per bottom tooth so not too long. It's going to be next Tuesday at 1pm and so I'm taking Wednesday off of work and hopefully be back to work by Thursday.

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