Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm finally doing it

After having been told for many years that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled I'm going to get them pulled next week. I got my top one pulled in November of last year because it was really bothering me. My top two were out so the one they pulled was fairly easy and just go yanked out. The other one on the top will be the same deal, but the bottom ones are not good. They are sitting sideways in my mouth and are under my gums. So not fun at all. I went yesterday to see the specialty dentist and talk about having them extracted. I will not be put under but will have laughing gas and local anesthetic. Some people think I'm crazy for not being put under but I'd rather not do it. I'll be driving myself there and back. I'm also bringing some headphones and will probably close my eyes. They said it will be about 5 minutes for the top tooth and 10-15 per bottom tooth so not too long. It's going to be next Tuesday at 1pm and so I'm taking Wednesday off of work and hopefully be back to work by Thursday.

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