Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We think Olivia has Roseola. She started off with a fever (~103F) on Wednesday night. I stayed home with the kids on Thursday and Friday. I took her to the doctor on Saturday. What did the doctor say? It's probably just a virus. Give her plenty of fluids and let her rest. So the doctor visit was a waste. She did have slightly swollen glands. Her fever went away Saturday night. So then I thought she was better. Then on Sunday afternoon she gets a rash all over. Then Monday it was still there. I call the nurse line and they say it's Roseola and that she's no longer contagious. The rash should go away in a few days. What is Roseola you ask:

Roseola (also known as sixth disease, exanthem subitum, and roseola infantum) is a viral illness in young children, most commonly affecting those between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. It is typically marked by several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.

Sounds exactly like what she has. The rash is better today but she's so crabby. I also think her molars are poking through, I'm sure that hurts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Apple Orchard

We went to the apple orchard last Saturday (09/20). We of cours forgot our camera. The kids had a lot of fun there. They had goats, chickens, geese and ponies to pet. Xavier fed the ponies some hay and he thought it was so funny when they ate it off his hand. They had a little play area too. We went on a tractor/hay ride around the orchard. Then we did the Apple Cannon. It's a thing that shoots apples out using compressed air. Xavier rode the Cow Train ride and loved it. We bought some apples, which I'm planning to use to make an apple pie this weekend. I wish I would have brought my camera though.

Apple Cannon:
Cow Train Ride:
I took all of the images off of Apple Jack's Orchard website. www.applejacksorchards.com

Heroes last night

I watched the 2 hour season premiere of Heroes last night. The two hours went by way too quick because it was so fast paced and so much stuff happened.

Sylar went and found Claire and we found out he doesn't eat the brain to gain power. He just pokes it around with his fingers and takes the power. So he took Claire's power and left her alive. He told her that she was special. So now Claire can't feel when she gets hurt. Sylar then goes to Level 5 to try to steal better powers. He runs into Elle and tries to steel her power but she zaps him and knocks him out and takes out the power in the whole facility and lets all the Level 5 villains out.
Hiro and Ando are in Japan. Hiro is now in charge of his dad's company. His dad leaves him a DVD recording and tells him that he must protect what is in the safe and not to open it. So of course Hiro opens it and there's another DVD. His dad says "I told you not to open it" He then again warns him to keep it safe and not let it get into the wrong hands. So he opens the envelope and there's a piece of paper with a really long chemical on it and then it's out of his hands. Daphne steals it and she can run really fast. She escapes and Hiro find out she lives in France. So he goes to the future to see what will happen if he doesn't get the paper back. In the future he sees future Hiro and Ando fighting and then Ando zaps him with red sparks. So Hiro goes back to present and is afraid that Ando will kill him. They go to Daphne's apartment and she gets back. They track her to Germany.
Suresh and Maya are arguing and Suresh is packing to go back to India. Then he figures out his dad was doing research wrong. He takes blood from Maya and makes something that will give anyone super strength. Maya gets angry and tells him no one should have that power and he should destroy it. Suresh goes to the river to destroy it but decides to inject himself with it. He gets a super power, enhanced senses and superstrength. Him and Maya make up. The next day his back is all peely and he notices he's having side effects.
Future Peter shot Nathan. Because in the future when Nathan told everyone about people with powers they were all hunted and experimented on. But Nathan survives and now he sees Linderman. Peter gets yelled at by Angela and tells him she wants her son back. Future Peter has put Present Peter in the body of one of the Level 5 Villains that have escaped. So he has to find him. Then Angela tells Sylar that she's his mom.
Matt is stuck in the desert and some guy that can see the future saves him.
Niki or is it Tracy is with the Governor. She can freeze people. I think maybe she's Jessica and Niki really is dead.
I thought it was a good episode and can't wait until next week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

About Me

I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun to do.

Have you ever…
gone on a blind date? No
skipped school? Yes, Freshman & Sophomore year in High School
been to Canada? I went to Toronto about 5 years ago
been to Mexico? Yes, I’ve been to Tijuana and went during college for school and we went to Mexico City, Guanajuato & Iripuato
been to Florida? No
been on a plane? Yes, several times
been lost? Whenever I go to a new place
been on the opposite side of the country? California
swam in the ocean? Yes, in Guatemala and in California
had your booze taken away by the cops? No
lettered in high school sport? I didn’t even play a sport
cried yourself to sleep? Yes
played cops and robbers? No
played dolls? Yes
sung karaoke? Yes
paid for a meal with coins only? When I was younger, but probably quarters and ones
done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Probably
cheated on an exam? No
made prank phone calls? Yes
laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose? No
danced in the rain? No
written a letter to Santa Claus? No
watched the sunrise with someone you care about? No
been kissed under the mistletoe? No
blown bubbles? Yes, I’m terrible at it
gone ice skating? I don’t know how
been skinny dipping outdoors? No
had a nickname? Celestial Seasonings, Celery
been to Africa? No
eaten cookies for dinner? Only after dinner
been on TV? Yes, Dan and I were in a Cub ad when we lived in Mankato. We didn’t know we were on TV until we saw the commercial and we were walking through the produce.
Been in a car accident? Yesf
avorite drink? Water & Chai Tea
favorite alcohol? Wine Coolers
favorite vacation spot? The warm ocean beach
favorite salad dressing? Ranch & Caesar
favorite pie? Apple
favorite number? 8
favorite movie? All the Harry Potters
favorite holiday? Christmas
favorite food? Mexican & Italian
favorite day of the week? Saturday
favorite brand of body wash? Anything yummy smelling
favorite toothpaste? Arm & Hammer
favorite smell? Vanilla & Cinnamon
Do you have any tattoos? No
body piercings? 3 holes in each ear
Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door car & minivan
What do you do to relax? Read, play Wii fit, scrapbook, crochet
How do you see yourself in 10 years? Pulling my hair out because I’ll have a 14 year old boy and 11 year old girl. Just kidding, I’m sure they’ll be great kids. I’ll be happy with my family.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday with the kids. I had a buy one get one free coupon code that I had used in July to buy tickets online and I printed my tickets out on Friday. Xavier is free until he turns 6 and Olivia is free too. We got there around 10AM, which I think is when they open. It was chilly so we all wore our jackets. We walked around for a bit and looked at some shops.
Then around 11:30 we got soup bread bowls. Dan and I each got one (cream of chicken wild rice). I shared mine with Xavier and Dan shared his with Olivia. We watched a juggling act. We see this guy named Tuey every year. He's been there 28 years. We were sitting in the front row and when he asked for kids volunteers Xavier raised his hand. He said "okay" and when Xavier got up to get the ball from him he said "You looked a lot bigger sitting down". I don't think Tuey realized that Xavier was only 4. So he got up on a ladder and Xavier had to throw the ball up at him. After three failed attempts he had Xavier get up on stage and he threw the ball up at him and Tuey caught it. Xavier was so proud of himself. Then after we'd been watching a while he needed another volunteer and Dan got picked to go up on stage and throw stuff at Tuey on a ladder and then catch things when he was done.
We were going to go see the jousting after that but there was something already going on there and it was so crowded we decided to skip it. Olivia was getting squirmy. So we got some turkey legs (they taste like ham!!). I shared mine with the kids and Xavier at his own.
We walked around some more and looked at the shops. Xavier and Olivia each made wands, this was when we first got there and so they carried them around the whole time. We also bought them each dragon claws there were on necklaces. Olivia loves hers and she kept wearing it all weekend. Xavier likes his too but not as much as Olivia. We also bought Xavier a shield with a dragon on it. Dan colored the dragon in and sprayed it with clear sealer so it wouldn't smudge. Then Xavier announced that he wants go be link for Halloween. So we'll see if I can make a Link costume. We bought him a sword last year at the renaissance.
We also got hot apple dumplings with cinnamon ice cream before we left. I shared with the kids. Then we got some sweet almonds and chocolate covered raisins. We ate some of those in the car.
The kids fell asleep in the car but refused to nap once we got home. They went to bed early though and fell asleep with out much protest. Xavier said he loves the renaissance festival and wants to go back again.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

TV - Yay!!

It's September and that means new TV shows and returning TV shows. Here's my list of shows I'll probably be watching.

New Shows:
90210 - CW premieres Monday 09/02 7PM
I already watched it and it wasn't too bad. I was a big fan of the original and it was nice to see Kelly and Brenda from the original series.
Fringe - FOX premieres Tuesday 09/09 8PM
From the creators of Lost. About a plane crash where they all survive but mysteriously die later on. Sort of like X-Files (which I loved) and Lost (which I also love). It also has Joshua Jackson and I really liked him in Dawson's Creek.
My Own Worst Enemy - NBC premieres Monday 10/13 9PM
About a guy that is living a double life but doesn't know it, starting Christian Slater. Looks intereresting too.

Returning Shows:
House - FOX premieres Tuesday 09/16 7PM
Last season left off with the bus crash involving House and Amber. House survived but Amber died and it was kind of his fault. Wilson seems blames House and their friendship is on the rocks.
Supernatural - CW premieres Thursday 09/18 8PM
I only caught this show when I wasn't watching other shows and I catch some reruns now and again. But if I have nothing else to watch I'll watch this show.
Heroes - NBC premieres Monday 09/22 8PM
I LOVE this show and cannot wait for it to return. Last season left off with Sylar getting his powers back. Nathan got shot at the end as he was having a media conference to tell the world about the Heroes. Nikki supposedly died, but she probably didn't. Oh I can't wait!!
Survivor:Gabon - CBS premieres Thursday 09/25 7PM
New survivors back in Africa.
Grey's Anatomy - ABC premieres Thursday 09/25 8PM
Meredith got back together with Derek at the end of the season. Callie turned lesbian. Lexie has the hots for George.
The Offfice - NBC premieres Thursday 09/25 8PM
Jim was going to propose to Pam but just as he was about to propose Andy proposed to Angela and everything got spoiled. Jan is pregnant but not with Michael's baby.
ER - NBC premieres Thursday 09/25 9PM
I haven't watched the last episode of last season yet, it's on a DVD-RW somewhere. I might watch this since it's the last season.
Samantha Who? - ABC premieres Monday 10/06 8:30PM
I only watched this only so I'll probably do the same
Eli Stone - ABC premieres Tuesday 10/14 9PM
Last season left off with Eli getting his brain aneurysm removed and he wouldn't wake up. But he woke up right at the end.

That's it for shows, Lost won't be coming back until January, which kind of sucks!

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