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Next week

I'm going to go see Eclipse next Wednesday!  So excited.  I'm running out at lunch time today to get tickets.

X's last day

X's last day of school was Thursday, June 10th.   The kindergartners had a program and they were so cute to watch.  Afterwards they had an ice cream social and I took X home.  We enjoyed playing together, eating lunch and then I took him to see How to Train Your Dragon at the discount theater.  He had a fun day and he is so proud to be a first grader.  Here are some pictures.
First day of school: Last day of school:
The kindergartners: X with his teacher:
X with one of his friends eating ice cream: Walking home with his school behind him:

Where did summer go?

The high for today is 64F.  What's up with that?  Also we had a picnic on Saturday and we were all freezing and it started raining and we had to move inside.  I had to pull out pants and long sleeved shirts for the kids this morning.  Looks like summer is taking a break, hopefully summer will come back soon.  X is done with school and is now going to daycare with O.  He seemed excited about it this morning.  We're supposed to start softball today but I am thinking it will be cancelled because it's raining.  Summer where are you?

He's six!

My little boy turns six today.  It's hard to believe he is already that old and in school.  Next week is his last week of kindergarten and then he will consider himself a first grader.  Here's a couple of pictures of him.

Busy, busy

I was just looking at my calendar and the month of June is super busy.  X's birthday is tomorrow and he's turning 6.  Hard to believe that my baby is that old.  I have to bake some cupcakes tonight for him to bring to his class.  Luckily he has a small class of only 14 students so that means we'll have leftovers for us.  Then Saturday is his family birthday party.  I have to clean, clean, clean on Friday.  Monday is his school's project night.  I get to see what's he's been working on this last quarter.  Wednesday he has his annual check up at the doctor's.  Thursday is his last day of school and kindergartners are doing a program so I took the day off to go watch plus it's early release so he can spend the afternoon with me.  Then on the 12th we have a family picnic in the morning and then at 2pm is his friends birthday party.  Softball starts on Monday June 14th and that goes until the end of July, which means Mondays and Wednesdays until then will be…