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Heroes - The Art of Deception (01/25)

I thought it was a good episode and was glad the it only really focused on two story lines.

Claire goes to visit her dad to talk things out. But Lauren opens the door and Claire sees that they are planning to strike the carnival. She gets mad and leaves, she goes to warn Lydia. Of course Eli overhears and tells Samuel. He says he will give himself up to keep the carnival safe. Meanwhile Noah and Lauren are nearby and he's ready with a gun. They decide to meet on the field and Lauren says she will meet him and Noah stays on looking. Samuel gets on a platform and tells the Carnies that he's leaving to keep him safe and then he gets shot in the shoulder and more shots are fired. Including Claire getting shot in the neck. They are making it seem like it's Noah doing it but I know it wasn't and sure enough it's Eli. Noah shoots Eli, but it was just a clone doing it and the real Eli knocks him out and bring him to the carnival. Lauren also got shot and she stay…

X's Christmas Show

I meant to blog about this back in December but I was so busy with the holidays that I didn't get a chance to do it. X's school had a holiday show and his Kindergarten class sang some songs along with the first grade class. It was really cute and X was so proud to sing.

Here he is in the front row, he's wearing the green sweater.
This is after the show when we had cookies and juice.

Here are a couple of videos of songs they sang.

Heroes - Pass/Fail (01/18)

Samuel, man I am really hating that guy. He still has Veronica at his carnival. They talk about the past and how they have always been happy when together. He is building her dream home and that has been his goal his whole life. He takes her there and she loves it but she says that she can't live there. She doesn't belong there and he only built it for himself. She leaves the carnival since that's what they agreed on. He gets angry and lashes out at a waitress in a diner and sinks the whole town by the carnival. All the carnies see this and then he comes back angry. Looks like Samuel is even more evil now.

Claire is back at school and eating breakfast with Gretchen. She tries to get her to talk about the Carnival and her dead father but Claire puts a wall up and leaves. She runs into Sylar who says he was sent there because she needs to help him. He makes a chart saying how the same they are. She thinks he's captured Gretchen and tries to find out where she…

Hereos - Close to You (01/11)

We start off with a really long recap of what's been going on.

Noah is still bent on getting to the carnival. Lauren keeps suggesting that he call Claire and get the compass but he refuses. Instead he finds Vanessa (this is the one Samuel is in love with) and with the help of Matt (who is bored staying home) gets her to talk. She says Samuel still visits her and that she can get in contact with him. So they set it up to have him come and they plan to take him down. But he gets Eli's help and he kidnaps Vanessa. Matt and Noah try to follow him but the carnival disappears and they are back where they started. Matt decides to go home and be with hi family. Then at dinner he says he's a coward because he's not out there dealing with things but Janice tells him he belongs at home. Noah then decides to visit Claire so they can talk about things. She opens the door and tells him she's busy for something and to come back later. Noah goes back to his apartment and…

Chuck is back

Don't forget that Season 3 of Chuck begins this Sunday (January 10) at 9/8c and it is a 2-hour premiere. Also it will be on it's regular night and time Mondays at 8/7c. It will be followed by Heroes in it's new time 9/8c. I'm so excited to see Chuck kick some butt this season!

Heroes - "Upon This Rock" & "Let it Bleed" (01/04)

We start off with the recap of Nathan/Sylar jumping off the roof.

Peter and Noah stage a flying accident where Nathan is killed. This is so the media knows he's dead and of course they hold a funeral. Peter is not grieving and his mother is concerned and asks Claire to help him deal with it. Peter is dealing with it by keeping the promise he made to his brother about becoming a hero. So he is on the roof listening to police radio and when Claire goes and finds him he's gone but she knows where he went. Some guy in some office is shooting everyone because he got fired. Peter tries to calm the guy down but he gets shot in the shoulder. Him and Claire have a talk and he asks for her power and she reluctantly gives it to him. She says she won't always be there when he needs her. They once again go up on the the roof and Peter asks if she still keeps in touch with West. Claire calls him and he meets Peter and he gets his power. We of course don't get to see West …

Time to start over

I read 66 books last year and now it's time to start that number over again. So far this year I haven't finished any books. I am currently reading Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind. It is the 3rd book in the Sword of Truth Series. I am hoping to get the new House of Night book, Hunted from the library this week so I can read that.