Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heroes - Pass/Fail (01/18)

Samuel, man I am really hating that guy. He still has Veronica at his carnival. They talk about the past and how they have always been happy when together. He is building her dream home and that has been his goal his whole life. He takes her there and she loves it but she says that she can't live there. She doesn't belong there and he only built it for himself. She leaves the carnival since that's what they agreed on. He gets angry and lashes out at a waitress in a diner and sinks the whole town by the carnival. All the carnies see this and then he comes back angry. Looks like Samuel is even more evil now.

Claire is back at school and eating breakfast with Gretchen. She tries to get her to talk about the Carnival and her dead father but Claire puts a wall up and leaves. She runs into Sylar who says he was sent there because she needs to help him. He makes a chart saying how the same they are. She thinks he's captured Gretchen and tries to find out where she is. He kisses her to find out more about her and tells her she's built a wall because she doesn't want to get hurt. She stabs him in the eye with a pencil and finds Gretchen in their room. Sylar is chasing them and they hide in a broom closet. While there they talk things out and Claire apologizes to her and then she says that Sylar is like her and that he needs to rid himself of his powers and get his humanity back. This prompts Gretchen to reveal that she is Sylar and that Claire did in fact help him. He leaves her and she runs to Gretchen and they hold hands and talk.

Hiro is at Noah's apartment and he passes out and Ando takes him to the ER. They work on him and while they're doing that Hiro is in a diner and it is like a court to decide his fate. His father is the judge and Adam is the lawyer prosecuting him. Ando is his defense lawyer. They claim he has abused his power and he should die. After defending himself and pleading "not guilty" they find him guilty. He goes to die and on the way there he changes his plea to "guilty" because a hero dies with honor. This makes his dad smile and claim he can live but first must sword fight Adam. He beats Adam and then sees his mom. She's there to heal him and she does and he is alive and I'm thinking no more brain tumor.

At the end we see Janice opening the door and it's Sylar looking for Matt.

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