Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Holidays

I meant to post before Christmas and then I meant to post after Christmas. I was lazy/busy to do it until now. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a busy Christmas! I worked Christmas Eve and then we went to Dan's grandparents house that night. The kids got presents, which they wanted opened right away. Then Christmas morning we opened our presents. I got Kirby for my DS!! I also got Twilight, New Moon and Tales of Beddle the Bard. I got Dan Star Wars the Force Unleashed game for Wii. He really likes it. In that game you are an apprentice to Darth Vader and man is that evil! X got 3 hot wheels tracks, a lightning McQueen scooter, a lightning McQueen bouncy ball and a couple of leapster games. O got about 6 My Little Ponies. That's from 3 different people! Oddly enough she didn't get any duplicates. We got her a Clipo table and a doll. She also got another doll with a stroller, pack n play and high chair. Needless to say our children do not need more toys. The weekend was good too, Sunday was Dan's birthday. I got him Guitar Hero Aerosmith for Wii, a cordless drill and Tropic Thunder. Tonight we're having a family New Year's Party. I'm working today but luckily I get Thursday and Friday off. I hope everyone has a great New Years!

This was on our Christmas Card:

Downtown Macy's:

X on Christmas Morning:

O on Christmas morning:

Monday, December 22, 2008

My own hairdresser

Yesterday morning I heard the kids in O's bedroom so I decided to record it and this is what I found.

Here is some pictures of what her hair looked like.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kids and their blankets

Here are the kids both sitting under blankets watching TV. O has to do everything X does. X had just woken up from his nap and was still tired so he was on the recliner with his Elmo blanket. Then O wakes up and asks for her "lilow" & "bleeblee" (pillow & blanket) so that she too can be like X. I just thought it was so cute how they were sitting.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Math Problem

I do love math and thought this was so cool. Grab a calculator and work it out for yourself.

1. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the Area code…)

2. Multiply by 80

3. Add 1

4. Multiply by 250

5. Add to this the last 4 digits of your phone number

6. Add to this the last 4 digits of your phone number again.

7. Subtract 250

8. Divide number by 2

Do you recognized the number?

Heroes - Dual

Last night was the fall finale and the finale for the Villains Chapter. On February 2nd we start the new chapter "Fugitives". I thought last night's episode was good and wrapped up a few loose ends. We basically have 3 stories last night, Primatech, Pinehearst and getting Hiro back.

Primatech - Sylar has trapped Angela, Claire, Meredith & Noah and he's going to show them that they are all monsters like him. He's killed everyone else in that facility except the L5, which I think was just the puppeteer guy. He ends up trying to get Claire to shoot Angela by telling her that he'll let her, Mer & Noah go if she does that. She refuses to shoot her. They decided to go looking for him. Meredith gets a shot of adrenaline and it's making her fire power go out of control. Sylar kills the puppeteer without much effort. He locks Meredith and Noah in a cell and gives him a gun with 1 bullet. He expects him to shoot her to save himself. Meanwhile Claire is looking for them. Sylar comes up behind her and tells her that he has to choose, save her dad or her grandma. She of course chooses to save Noah. She sees them locked and can't get them out. Noah tells Meredith to heat up the glass (why didn't they do this before?) and then he shoots it. It doesn't shatter like he wanted but put a bullet hole in. Claire jumps in and saves them. She gets them out but Meredith doesn't want to come because she still can't control herself. I'm wondering why the adrenaline isn't wearing off, but whatever. So they go to save Angela. She tells Sylar that she knows who his parents are and if he kills her then he'll never find out. Claire comes in and gets him in the back of the neck and he's dead. Or so we're to assume. She goes back for Meredith but she tells them to go. Then her fire totally goes out of control and the whole place burns down. Angela, Claire & Noah get out but Sylar & Meredith don't. So we assume that they are both dead.

Pinehearst - Peter is still looking over Arthur's dead body when Nathan comes in. They argue about right and wrong. Nathan tells Peter that he must choose a side. Peter aims a gun at him but decides not to shoot him and just punches him and knocks him out. He then sets out to destroy the formula. Suresh puts up a fight because he wants to cure himself. Then Knox & Flint come in and also want to destroy the formula because they want to be special. Peter knocks over a big barrel of the formula and Mohinder is laying on the floor and gets cured. Apparently the formula can be absorbed. Niki freezes Knox to save Nathan, who wakes up. He goes and tries to stop Peter. Flint lights up the formula that is spilled around Nathan, which is flammable. To save Nathan, Peter injects himself. He doesn't suffer as much as the other people do. I'm assuming he gets the same power back and absorbs Nathan's flying ability. He flies Nathan out and rescues him. Nathan yells at him and they argue. Nathan flies away and now Peter has his ability back.

Ando, Daphne & Matt - They go to Mohinder's loft and find it empty. Daphne then goes and steals the formula just as Mohinder is about to inject himself. Ando then injects himself. They figure out he has a red zapping power (which we knew he would get from the episode in the future where he kills Hiro). They figure out that when he zaps someone it magnifies their power. Matt can listen to everyone's thoughts at once, Daphne can travel faster than the speed of light therefore traveling in time. She goes back in time and gets Hiro. He has stolen the formula and his dad has been chasing him with a sword. He rips the formula in half (that's how it was ripped in half) but as he's about to totally destroy it, Daphne comes and gets him. In the present he says they need to destroy the formula. So they head to Pinehearst and Tracy has just taken the formula. She calls Hiro Pikachu and he punches her and steals the formula. He rips it up into little pieces. So now the formula is gone forever!

Fugitives - A few weeks later Nathan is in a car with another man. He gives him files of people with abilities and tells him to round them up and put them somewhere safe. It looks like next season the Heroes are running just like the future that Peter was in where everyone had abilities and he was chased down by Claire. Also it looks like they get loaded in a plane but they were all wearing masks so I couldn't see who it was.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tea Time

On friday night I decided to have some tea after O went to bed. I haven't had tea in a while. So I got it all ready and I'm sitting on the couch sipping my tea and X wants to cuddle with me. Then he wants to try my tea. So I let him thinking he'll hate it but nope he loved it. His words "Tea is my favorite". He kept taking sips from me and got sad that I drank the last of it. So I promised him that next time I have tea he will get his own cup. Last night I made more tea and true to my word he got his own cup. It's so cute to see him drinking his little cup of tea.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Heroes - Our Father

Next week is the fall finale and then we'll start the new chapter "Fugitives" on February 2nd, 2009. I thought last night's episode was really good and it seems like a lot of things were set up for next week's episode.
Hiro - He's 16 years in the past. He follows his parents and sees that his mom is sick. He finds out about the catalyst and how his mother gave the catalyst to baby Claire. He brings her waffles and tells her that he's Hiro from the future. She heals him and he gets all his memories back. She then gives him the catalyst and dies. He goes out to find Claire on the rooftop and tells her he has the catalyst and they can go back when Arthur is there. He takes Hiro's power and the catalyst and throws him off the roof. But he's not dead just hanging on to a pole. I bet his dad will help him somehow.
Claire - She's 16 year in the past too. She follows her dad. She sees Sandra with baby Claire and offers to help her. She then takes care of baby Claire and offers Sandra tips. Then Noah comes in and is suspicious of Claire. She then tells him she's there to help and protect their family and how he can't let the company take baby Claire because of the catalyst. She also convinces him that he'll be a good father and she'll be his Claire Bear. Then she meets Hiro and then Arthur on the rooftop. Arthur sends her back to the present and tells her to send the message about him taking the catalyst. I assume that she's going to tell Angela about it.
Ando, Matt & Daphne - They track down the bike messenger. They finally take the sketch book and see Hiro is stuck in the past with no powers. Their brilliant plan is to find Mohinder and have Ando get the power to travel through time and get Hiro back. I don't think that's going to work out because we saw Ando had a different power in the alternate future.
Nathan - He decides to join Arthur and Pinehearst and take over the company. They perfect the formula because Arthur has the catalyst. They give it to soldier and he gets super-strength. I bet that guy will turn on them. Mohinder is still a monster, and I don't get how the formula will help him get rid of that.
Sylar - He really does kill Elle and then sets her on fire. He decides to go after someone and we find out she has the power to know who's telling the truth. He kills her and takes her power, along with other co-workers. So now he's able to know who's lying and who's not.
Peter & The Haitian - Seriously does that guy not have a name? Anyhow they are told by Angela that they need to kill Arthur. Peter is hesitant because it's his father. She tells him that he wouldn't hesitate to kill any of his family members. So Peter and Haitian go to Pinehearst to kill Arthur. They confront him and Peter hesitates. He finally shoots but Arthur throws the gun from his hand and the bullet stops a couple of inches from his head. It was stopped by Sylar. He asks Arthur if he's really his father and Arthur replies yes. But Sylar knows he's lying. He turns to Peter and tells him he's not a killer but Sylar is. Then turns to Arthur and lets the bullet kill him.
So Arthur is lying dead and we see the catalyst leave him. So is the catalyst gone forever or does Peter now have it? So looks like next week will be good. It's going to come down to Nathan vs Peter. When is Peter going to get his powers back?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

This Morning

Pretty uneventful start. I got the kids up and ready and we left the house and dropped them off. Then on my way to work hopping on the freeway I saw a hawk swoop down and grab a little critter (I assume it was a mouse) and fly away with it in it's claw. That was so cool, I wish I had my camera to capture it. But then onto the freeway to enjoy the rest of my uneventful trip to work. Speaking of work, I better do some.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Heroes - The Eclipse Part II

The world's longest eclipse. I think the longest eclipse only last about 8 minutes and this one seemed to last for hours. Anyways here's what happened last night.
Sylar & Elle - While Noah has a gun aimed at them he gives them time to get naked and have sex. Kind of strange, but whatever! So as they're laying there naked, Elle sees that Sylar is going to get shot and they run off in their underwear. Somehow Sylar was able to get some pants on fairly quickly. Noah comes in and is ready to kick some butt. He shoots Elle in the leg. They run off and he chases them. He gets a call that Claire is dying and he must decide to go to his dying daughter or try to kill Sylar and Elle. He decides to hunt down Elle & Sylar. He ends up getting Sylar at some kind of warehouse. Noah and Sylar fight and Noah kicks his butt. He pulls out a knife and slashes his throat and leaves.
Hiro & Ando - Still at the comic book store and Hiro trying to get his memory back. We find out there is no more 9th wonder comics since Issac died but there's supposedly a bike messenger with the sketches. Which we saw in Season 1 right before Issac was killed by Sylar and he puts in the bike messengers bag. So Hiro is reading back issues and then they find out that he has to go back to when Hiro's dad gave Noah baby Claire.
Claire - She dies (surprise, surprise) and then after the eclipse is over she comes back to life. Her and Sandra go home. She's mad at Noah and he realizes that Sylar is alive and will come after them. Then we see Elle and Sylar are there and just as he's about to kill Noah, Hiro comes and take him away, then Elle and finally Claire. We cut to the rooftop and we see Hiro's Dad, Noah, boy Hiro and baby Claire.
Matt & Daphne - She has Cerebral Palsy and she was cured after the last eclipse. But now that this eclipse is happening she's in leg braces again. Matt goes to find Hiro and then realizes that they'll get their powers back after the eclipse is over and heads back to Daphne's house. He finds her fixing a scarecrow she made as kid. He convinces her to go talk to her dad. Blah, kind of a boring plot between them.
Nathan, Peter & The Haitian - Have we ever learned his name? Anyways they're trying to get his brother. They make him bleed and show everyone he's not God. Peter stays back to fight them and then Nathan & The Haitian come and rescue them. Nathan tries to attack the brother but Haitian says it's his fight and he touches his head. I don't know if he kills him or just wipes his memory. Nathan decides to go to Pinehearst and join his dad (idiot!) and Peter tries to convince him otherwise. He flies off leaving Peter with The Haitian.
Mohinder - Arthur insists he find out why they're powerless but he just wants to find Maya. He knocks Flint out and goes to her house. He knocks on the door and the eclipse ends and he's Monster Mohinder again. He leaves and goes back to work with Arthur.
Elle & Sylar are in a beach somewhere. Sylar tells her that they can never change, that they're damaged goods. He starts cutting her head open but we don't see if he finishes it. So is she dead or not?
I thought it was a good episode. I think Hiro's dad will somehow help Hiro get his memory back. Claire will realized just how much Noah loves her. Peter and the Haitian will try to kill Arthur. Maybe Peter will get his powers back (I hope so). I think only two more episodes left of the Villains Chapter. Then the fugitives chapter will start next year (I think February).

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