Sunday, January 11, 2015

Book Review: Dead But not Forgotten - Various Authors

Dead But Not Forgotten: Stories from the World of Sookie Stackhouse
Charlaine Harris' smash-hit Sookie Stackhouse series may have reached its conclusion, but the world of Bon Temps, Louisiana, lives on in this all-new collection of 15 stories.  Written by a killer lineup of authors including New York Times best-sellers Rachel Caine, MaryJanice Davidson, Jonathan Maberry and Seanan McGuire, and with introductions read by Charlaine herself, Dead but Not Forgotten puts your favorite characters center stage.

2/5 stars (it was OK)
It is a very interesting idea to have other authors write about these characters.  Although I actually did not like most of the stories.  My favorite stories were "The Real Santa Claus" by Leigh Perry and "Love Story" by Jeanne C. Stein.  The first being about Diantha and takes place several years after the series ends.  It was nice to see where Sookie and Sam were.  Then the second story was about the love affair that Adele had and how she had her children.

Book Review: Rooms - Lauren Oliver

Wealthy Richard Walker has just died, leaving behind his country house full of rooms packed with the detritus of a lifetime.  His estranged family--bitter ex-wife Caroline, troubled teenage son Trenton, and unforgiving daughter Minna--have arrived for their inheritance.

But the Walkers are not alone.  Prim Alice and the cynical Sandra, long dead former residents bound to the house, linger within its claustrophobic walls.  Jostling for space, memory, and supremacy, they observe the family, trading barbs and reminiscences about their past lives.  Though their voices cannot be heard, Alice and Sandra speak through the house itself--in the hiss of the radiator, a creak in the stairs, the dimming of a light bulb.

The living and dead are each haunted by painful truths that will soon surface with explosive force.  When a new ghost appears, and Trenton begins to communicate with her, the spirit and human world collide--with cataclysmic results.

Elegantly constructed and brilliantly paced, Rooms is an enticing and imaginary ghost story and a searing family drama that is as haunting as it is resonant.

2/5 stars (it was OK)
So I was very excited to read this since it was written by Lauren Oliver.  I was a little disappointed with the story.  I think she could have done so much more.  I just feel like not much really happens in the book and stories were not completely told.  Also seems like everything was left until the end to come to light.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book Review: Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of Gray
It's 1941 and fifteen-year-old artist Lina Vilkas is on Stalin's extermination list.  Deported to a prison camp in Siberia, Lina fights for her life, fearless, risking everything to save her family.  It's a long and harrowing journey and is only their incredible strength, love, and home that pull Lina and her family through each day.  But will love be enough to keep them alive?

4/5 stars (really liked it)
This is not a happy book but it is so well written.  I love how the author told the story of what is going on as well as giving up a back story through flashbacks of Lena and her family.  I was not aware of the horrible things that Stalin did.  What a horrible time to have lived in these places.  The conditions these people were put through was just heartbreaking.  All the characters including the bad people were interesting and believable.

Book Review: Immortal - J.R. Ward

Immortal - J.R. Ward
Immortal (Fallen Angels, #6)
From J.R. Ward, the #1 New York Times bestselling author who has kept readers on the edge of their seats with her phenomenal Fallen Angels novels, comes one of the most heart-stirring and eagerly anticipated events in that acclaimed series.

This is a world where sin and salvation collide.  This is a world where a cynical fallen angel struggles with the seven deadly sins and seven chosen souls.  With the spellbinding Immortal, the riveting series that "changed the face of paranormal romance" comes to an epic close as mankind's reluctant savior struggles with his greatest challenge yet...

4/5 stars (really liked it)
I love how the world in the Fallen Angels Series is also in the same world as The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.  I would really love to see more crossovers.  Such as maybe some of the angels getting together with Lassiter.  This book was a great end to the series.  I also love how Sissy became such a big part of the story.  I would love to see a follow up book to see where all the characters are later.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Book Review: Eternal - C.C. Hunter

Eternal (Shadow Falls: After Dark, #2)
All her life, Della's secret powers have made her feel separated from her human family.  Now,she's where she belongs, at Shadow Falls.  With the help of her best friends Kylie and Miranda, she'll try to prove herself in the paranormal world as an investigator--all the while trying to figure out her own heart.  Should she choose Chase, a powerful vampire with whom she shares a special bond?  Or Steve, the hot shapeshifter whose kisses make her weak in the knees?  When a person with dark connections to her past shows up, it'll help her decide which guy to choose--and make her question everything she knows about herself.

4/5 stars (really liked it)
I absolutely love Della and I'm so glad that she has her own series.  I love her attitude and that she's actually such a softie on the inside.  Chase is a tough vampire to figure out.  It's obvious he cares about Della but he has his secrets.  There was plenty of Burnett to make me happy and I love the interaction between Della and Burnett.  The tension between the FRU and the Vampire Council is intriguing.  I can't wait to see what happens next, especially with how the book ended.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater

Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3)
There is danger in dreaming.  But there is even more danger in waking up.

Blue Sargent has found things.  For the first time in her life, she has friends she can trust, a group of which she can belong.  The Raven Boys have taken her in as one of their own.  Their problems have become hers, and her problems have become theirs.

The trick with found things though, is how easily the can be lost.

Friends can betray.
Mothers can disappear.
Visions can mislead.
Certainties can unravel.

2/5 stars (it was OK)
I really wanted to like this book as much as the other two but I just felt like it moved too slowly.  Characters I wish had their own series are Noah and Ronan.  The other characters I could take or leave.  Just wish things would move faster and be more exciting.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Book Review: The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan
The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5)
Nico had warned them.  Going through the House of Hades would stir the demigods' worst memories.  Their ghosts would become restless.  Nico may actually become a ghost if he has to shadow-travel with Reyna and Coach Hedge one more time.  But that might be better than the alternative:  allowing someone else to die, as Hades foretold.

Jason's ghost is his mother, who abandoned him when he was little.  He may not know how he is going to prove himself as a leader, but he does know that he will not break promises like she did.  He will complete his line of the prophecy:  To storm or fire the world must fall.

Reyna fears the ghosts of her ancestors, who radiate anger.  But she can't allow them to distract her from getting the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood before war breaks out between the Romans and the Greeks.  Will she have enough strength to succeed, especially with a deadly hunter on her trail?

Leo fears that his plan won't work, that his friends might interfere.  But there is no other way.  All of them know that one of the Seven has to die in order to defeat Gaea, the Earth Mother.

Piper must learn to give herself over to fear.  Only then will she be able to do her part at the end: utter a single word.

Heroes, gods, and monsters all have a role to play in the climatic fulfillment of the prophecy in The Blood of Olympus, the electrifying finale of the best-selling Heroes of Olympus series.

4/5 stars (really liked it)
I thought overall it was a great conclusion to the series.  Throughout the book there is two stories we are following.  There is the crew members of the Argo II, and there is Nico, Reyna and Coach Hedge who are trying to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood.  Both stories kept me want to read.  This book was told from several points of views.  I think my favorite character in this series has to be Nico.  He has grown so much since he was first introduced in the Percy Jackson world.  I really do think he could have his own series.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Book Review: Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick

Black Ice
Sometimes danger is hard to see... until it's too late.

Britt Pfeiffer has trained to backpack the Teton Range, but she isn't prepared when her ex-boyfriend, who still haunts her every thought, wants to join her.  Before Britt can explore her feelings for Calvin, an unexpected blizzard forces her to seek shelter in a remote cabin, accepting the hospitality of its two very handsome occupants--but these men are fugitives, and they take her hostage.

In exchange for her life, Britt agrees to guide the men off the mountain.  As they set off, Britt knows she must stay alive long enough for Calvin to find her.  The task is made even more complicated when Britt finds chilling evidence of a series of murders that have taken place there... and in uncovering this, she may become the killer's next target.

But nothing is as it seems in the mountains, and everyone is keeping secrets, including Mason, one of her kidnappers.  His kindness is confusing Britt.  Is he an enemy?  Or an ally?

3/5 stars (liked it)
This book was not what I expected.  Although I know I was supposed to like the character of Britt, I really didn't care for her or her best friend.  The only one I liked in the whole book was Mason.  I guess who the killer was pretty early on.  I did however like how the book ended.