Friday, September 28, 2018

Book Review: Overbite - Meg Cabot

Meena Harper has a special gift, but i's only now that anyone's ever appreciated it.  The Palatine Guard--a powerful secret demon-hunting unit of the Vatican--has hired her to work at their new branch in Lower Manhattan.  With Meena's ability to predict how everyone she meets will die, the Palatine finally has a chance against the undead.

Sure, her ex-boyfriend was Lucien Antonescu, son of Dracula, the prince of darkness. But that was before he (and their relationship) went up in flames.  Now Meena's sworn off vampires for least until she can prove her theory that just because they've lost their souls doesn't mean demons have lost the ability to love.

Meena knows convincing her co-workers -- including her partner, uber-demon-hunter Alaric Wulf -- that vampires can be redeemed won't be easy...especially when a deadly new threat seems to be endangering not just the lives of the Palatine, but Meena's friends and family as well.

But Meena isn't the Palatine's only hope.  Father Henrique---aka Padre Caliente--New York City's youngest, most charming priest, has also been assigned to the case.

So why doesn't Meena--or Alaric--trust him?

As she begins unraveling the truth, Meena finds her loyalties tested, her true feelings laid bare...and temptations she never even imagined existed, but finds impossible to resist.

This time, Meena may finally have bitten off more than she can chew.

3/5 stars (liked it)
This book was better than the first one.  Even though I was not crazy about Meena and Lucien in the fist book I grew to like them more in this one.  Although I would l love to see a novella on Alaric Wulf and his back story.  He's one of my favorite characters in the book.   Another favorite character is Jonathan, Meena's brother.  His little love story was adorable!  The book had a slight predictable ending, although I did like the ending.

Book Review: Smoke and Iron - Rachel Caine

To save the Great Library, the unforgettable characters from Ink and Bone, Paper and Fire, and Ash and Quill put themselves in danger in the next thrilling adventure in the New York Times bestselling series.

The opening moves of a deadly game have begun.  Jess Brightwell has put himself in direct peril, with only his wits and skill to aid him in a game of cat and mouse with the Archivist Magister of the Great Library.  With the world catching fire, and words printed on paper the spark that lights rebellion, it falls to smugglers, thieves, and scholars to save a library thousands of years in the making...if they can stay alive long enough to outwit their enemies.

3/4 stars (liked it)
In this book I really started to like Brendan a little more.  Through Jess, we learn more about him.  We also get more a glimpse of the love between Santi and Wolfe.  Khalila has grown to be one of my favorite characters in the series.  The love story between Khalila and Dario, although they are so different, their story works.  I also like Morgan's story in the Dark Tower and the introduction of new characters.  

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Review: Mistborn: The Final Empire - Brandon Sanderson

In a world where ash falls from the sky, and mist dominates the night, an evil cloaks the land and stifles all life.  The future of the empire rests on the shoulders of a troublemaker and his young apprentice.  Together, can they fill the world with color once more?

In Brandon Sanderson's intriguing tale of love, loss, despair and hope, a new kind of magic enters the stage---Allomancy, a magic of the metals.

4/5 stars (really like it)
Although I haven't read many books by Brandon Sanderson I have read enough to tell me that I love him!  I love his writing style and his characters.  I love the way he tells you a little bit but just enough to get you to read more.  Although not everything is answered in the book I still walked away from it satisfied with the ending.  Although I am glad the store continues in a another book.  I was not crazy about Vin when she was fist introduced but by the end of the book I loved her.  I love the way she grew, not just her allomancy but her as an individual.  I loved Kelsier form the beginning and I wish we could have learned more about his past.  A character that really surprised me was Elend Venture, a noble that was introduced later in the series.  His character really grew on me and I hope he's in the next book.  Seems like so much happens in the last few pages of the book.  Definitely reading the next one.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Book Review: Acceptance - Jeff VanderMeer

It is winter in Area X, the mysterious wilderness that has defied explanation for thirty years, rebuffing expedition after expedition, refusing to reveal its secrets.  As Area X expands, the agency tasked with investigating and overseeing it--the Southern Reach--has collapsed on itself in confusion.  Now one last, desperate team crosses the border, determined to reach a remote island that may hold the answers they've been seeking.  If they fail, the outer world is in peril.

Meanwhile, Acceptance tunnels even deeper into the circumstances surrounding the creation of Area X- what initiated this unnatural upheaval?  Among the many who have tried, who has gotten close to understanding Area X-and who may have been corrupted by it?

In this last installment of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy, the mysteries of Area X may be solved, but their consequences and implications are no less profound-or terrifying.

2/5 stars (It was OK)
I though this book would actually answer questions but it really didn't .  I was not happy with the ending.  But was glad to see the story from the point of view of the Lighthouse keeper and the Psychologist.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Book Review: The Thief - JR Ward

Sola Morte, former cat burglar and safecracker, has given up her old life on the wrong side of the law.  On the run from a drug lord's family, she is lying low far from Caldwell, keeping her nose clean and her beloved grandmother safe.  Her heart, though, is back up north, with the only man who has ever gotten through her defenses: Assail, son of Assail, who never meant to fall in love--and certainly not with a human woman.  But they have no future, and not just because she doesn't know he is a vampire, but because he is not about to stop dealing arms to the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Fate, however, has other plans for them.  When Assail falls into a coman and lingers on the verge of death, his cousins seek out Sola and beg her to give him a reason to live.  The last thing she wants is a return to her past, but how can she leave him to die?

As a lethal new enemy of the vampires shows its face, and the Brotherhood needs Assail back on his feet, Sola finds herself not only a target, but a mission-critical force in a war she doesn't understand.  And when Assail's truth comes out, will she run from the horror...or follow her heart into the arms of the male who loves her more than life itself?

3/5 stars (liked it)
As always JR Ward does not disappoint.  This book is about the love story between Assail and Sola.  She helps Assail heal and then find out the truth (that he's a vampire) and she has to decide if she stays or she goes.  Also in this book is the story of Vishous and Jane and their no so happily ever after.  They got together in a previous book and it seems JR Ward cannot give the brothers a happily ever after but give them marital problems.  Also in the mix is a new enemy which was briefly introduced in the previous book.  That is Throe, who has a mysterious book that has him summon Shadows which he can use to fight the Brotherhood.  

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Book Review: The Kissing Booth - Beth Reekles

Meet Rochelle Evans: pretty, popular--and never been kissed.  Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile--and a total player.  And also Elle's best friend's older brother...

When Elle decides to run a kissing boot for the school's Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down.  Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer--this romance seems far from fairy tale and headed for heartbreak.

But will Elle get her happily ever after?

2/5 stars (it was OK)
This was a very juvenile book.  I realize it was about high school students but I typically read quite a few YA books and this one just had me rolling my eyes quite a bit.  I still don't understand why Elle and Noah had to keep their relationship such a secret.  The drama seemed forced in the book.  Overall a cute book though and predictable ending.

Book Review: Rich Girl Problems - Tu-Shonda Whitaker

Image result for rich girl problems  tu-shonda whitaker
The diamonds are flawless, their drama is turned up ultra high, and the taboo beauties from Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker's Millionaire Wives Club are back for a third season of explosive lies, forbidden sex, and scandals like you've never seen before!
Step into the world of cable TV's hit reality show and meet new bride and new mother Milan, who finally has everything she's ever dreamed of.  Problem is her perfect life doesn't work for TV.  What will she do when the producer threatens to fire her?  Editor-in-chief Chaunci isn't feeling the fame and the last thing she needs is to share the spotlight with her worst enemy, newcomer Journee.  Socialite Journee expected her eighty-two-year-old husband to only live for days past their wedding night, but it's been four years.  And just when it seems that he's ready to meet his maker, his son---Journee's ex-lover---shows up.  Hair care mogul Vera is struggling with her failing marriage and the last thing she needs is her drug-addicted mother to further ruin her life or her image.  Jaise is finally standing by her man.  But will she live the life she thinks or will it cost her everything?

3/5 stars (liked it)
I didn't know whether to root for these women or smack them.  Okay I wanted to do both.  Women who didn't trust their man and women who cheated and lied.  Wow.  And that's not even what the producer set up for them but how they actually are.  A very entertaining read.

Book Review: Overbite - Meg Cabot

Overbite - Meg Cabot Meena Harper has a special gift, but i's only now that anyone's ever appreciated it.  The Palatine Guard--...