Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Rude!

We planted an apple tree in our side yard in 2005. It's pretty small and this year was the first year we finally got apples. About a month ago we had about 40 or so apples. Then one day we were down to about 20 apples. I figured that maybe it was squirrels or something like that took our apples. After all we have a 4ft chainlink fence. Then last Thursday some time between noon and 3:30PM someone stole the remaining apples. Yes, that's right someone hopped the fence in broad daylight and took 20 under ripe apples. They were small and very sour. We saw footprints on the grass leading from the street, over the fence and to our tree. We figure it was neighborhood kids that took them. Xavier is so sad now because we won't be able to eat any apples. So we're thinking next year we'll put up a motion sensor camera pointing at the tree and catch the person that stole them. I mean I could have called the cops but what are they going to do? They would probably just laugh at me. But theft is theft right? Luckily they didn't go farther into our backyard to steal our tomatoes or our very tiny melon.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

We got one!!!!

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday on my lunch break. I was planning to buy a scrapbooking punch along with other things I needed. Well I totally forgot to look for the punch and went back to work. Once I was at work I remembered that I forgot to look for the punch. So I decided to stop after work and see if the had one. I left work 10 minutes early to look for one and got to the store and they didn't have them. So as I'm walking out the door there's this guy that gets stopped by the door greeter and in his cart he has Guitar Hero for wii and...Wii Fit :o So I'm totally surprised that he was able to get one. Dan and I have been looking only for weeks trying to get one and every time I go in the stores I look for one. Well I had forgotten to look when I went there at lunch and also didn't look when I went that afternoon. So I run back to electronics and I'm looking for them and don't see them. Then I notice someone with one in her hand and ask where she got it. She points right behind me and there's only one left. I snagged it before anyone else could take it. So now we have a wii fit. It's actually a lot of fun. Dan and I both like it and Xavier tried it out this morning.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I almost lost my cat

It happened last thursday. I came home and Dan was getting the grill ready and the kids were outside. So I went outside and Aries came out. Then it was time to eat so I brought the kids in and cleaned them up. We ate dinner together. Then we went for a bike ride together. We came home and watched a movie. After the movie I put the kids to bed. Finally at 9:30 at night I ask "Where's Aries?" So I figure she must be down stairs hiding. I look down stairs and no sign of her. I look in our room and each of the kids rooms. By then I figure we had forgotten about her outside!!! So we go out in the backyard with flashlights looking for her. I decide to walk the neighborhood looking for her. So I'm walking down the street with a flashlight yelling "ARIES!". I thought I'd seen her but it was just a rabbit. So I came back and was ready to hop in the car to drive the neighborhood. When suddenly I think, "Hey maybe she went in the garage when we went for that bike ride". So we open the garage up and I shine a light under the cars. There she was under the minivan! She looked terrified and wouldn't come and I couldn't reach her. We finally got her out and she was stinky. She smelled like the garage. I brushed her and gave her like 20 treats. So I've learned my lesson. Never, ever let the cat out again!

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