Thursday, August 07, 2008

I almost lost my cat

It happened last thursday. I came home and Dan was getting the grill ready and the kids were outside. So I went outside and Aries came out. Then it was time to eat so I brought the kids in and cleaned them up. We ate dinner together. Then we went for a bike ride together. We came home and watched a movie. After the movie I put the kids to bed. Finally at 9:30 at night I ask "Where's Aries?" So I figure she must be down stairs hiding. I look down stairs and no sign of her. I look in our room and each of the kids rooms. By then I figure we had forgotten about her outside!!! So we go out in the backyard with flashlights looking for her. I decide to walk the neighborhood looking for her. So I'm walking down the street with a flashlight yelling "ARIES!". I thought I'd seen her but it was just a rabbit. So I came back and was ready to hop in the car to drive the neighborhood. When suddenly I think, "Hey maybe she went in the garage when we went for that bike ride". So we open the garage up and I shine a light under the cars. There she was under the minivan! She looked terrified and wouldn't come and I couldn't reach her. We finally got her out and she was stinky. She smelled like the garage. I brushed her and gave her like 20 treats. So I've learned my lesson. Never, ever let the cat out again!

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