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My Little Ponies

At lunch today my friend was telling me about this site that has my little ponies converted to people like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. So after searching online I found the site. It's amazing! Check it out! Go under sculptures on her website. I've posted a picture of her Lady Gaga My Little Pony. Isn't it amazing?

New year ahead

I can't believe 2009 is almost over (one more day) and it's going to be 2010. Where did the year go? I'm looking forward to some new movies next year and some new books.

Books: Well maybe it's just one buy Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris comes out May 4, 2010. It is the newest book in the Southern Vampire Series. Also coming out next year is Burned by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast, coming out April 27, 2010. It is the newest book in the House of Night Series. Another book coming out is Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine, out on May 4, 2010. It is the newest book in the Morganville Vampire Series.

Movies: There are a few movies I'm excited about. One coming out soon is Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which is based on a series by Rick Riordan. The movie comes out February 12, 2010. The book series is about a boy, Percy Jackson that finds out he's a demi-god, which means one of his parents is an Olympian God (think Zeus, Po…

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

I got an e-mail newsletter from Nintendo DS (yeah I'm a dork) a couple of weeks ago saying that the new Zelda game was coming out on December 8th. I was super excited about it. I was planning to wait to buy it until after Christmas since I did add it to my list and hinted to Dan that I really wanted it. He had already bought me a gift (I think he got me Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box game). But then I was looking at the Sunday ads (Dec. 13th) and noticed that Target had Zelda on sale for $25. What a deal! The game is regularly $34.99. I went to Michael's with my mother-in-law to help her pick out gifts for my sister-in-law and then we swung by Target. I had to pick up some prescriptions and other stuff and I bought my game. Of course I got home and it was lunch time and X noticed the new game and wanted me to play it. So I started playing it and it's a lot of fun. It's pretty similar to Phantom Hourglass, except this time you get to drive a train arou…


I apologize for my lack of Heroes recap last week. I guess I was busy and forgot to recap it and then I remembered and thought too late. The episode was not good and did not leaving me wanting more. I thought since it was the last episode of the year they would leave a nice cliffhanger at the end so we really look forward to when the show comes back in January. But that was not done. But one thing I am looking forward to in January is the return of Chuck. Also Lost will be starting back up in January.

I can't believe Christmas is a little over two weeks away. I do have most of my Christmas shopping done. I am waiting for a couple of things to arrive that I got at amazon. Also will be sending my Christmas cards out this week. I got them all addressed, I just have to sign them and put them in the envelopes. I have to stop at the post office to get some stamps though.

Harry Potter comes out this week but I'm not sure if I should buy it because it's on my Christmas l…