Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First off, I cannot believe there are only 11 days left in 2011.  I am looking forward to 2012.  Only 2 months left until my birthday, 3 months until O turns 5 and 6 months until X turns 8.  O will be starting Kindergarten next fall and she is very excited.  X will be entering 3rd grade and he's really looking forward to showing O the "ropes" at school and being a great big brother.  My dog Apollo turned 1 earlier this month and is no longer considered a puppy, although he still acts like one.  He steals my gloves out of my coat pocket every chance he gets!  Ares turned 11 in early November and she's doing well.  She tolerates the dog and I secretly think she likes him.  She drinks out of his water bowl when he's not looking.

Another thing looking forward to in 2012 is the return of the TV Shows I watch.  Here are the shows, with their premiere dates.

Modern Family (ABC) - Wednesday, January 4th

The Vampire Diaries (CW) - Thursday, January 5th
We left off with Klaus freeing Stefan, who in turn stole all of his family members.  Elena was getting cozy with Damon.

The Secret Circle (CW) - Thursday, January 5th
There is another Blackwell child in the circle and it looks like it is Faye.

Supernatural (CW) - Friday, January 6th
Bobby is possibly dead.  Balls!

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Sunday, January 8th
Up All Night (NBC) - Thursday, January 12th
The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - Thursday, January 12th

Fringe (FOX) - Friday, January 13th
Peter is trying to find a way back to his time so he can get back to his Olivia.

I couldn't find when Grimm will be coming back.
Chuck is not taking a break, instead it will end on Friday, January 27th.

Two shows that will have a new season:
Survivor: One World (CBS) - Wednesday, February 15th
Amazing Race (CBS) - Sunday, February 19th

I will also continue to watch Psych.  Not sure what the schedule is looking like since I watch it online and I'm behind.  Also Game of Thrones will start back up around April and True Blood in June.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holidays, TV Shows and more

I am happy to say that I am truly ready for Christmas.  All my shopping is done, all my gifts are wrapped, all my card are sent.  The only thing I have to do is get the stocking stuffers ready.  In my house, Santa brings the stocking stuffer gifts for the kids.  I kind of buy things throughout the year so I really have to see what I have and sort it out.  My mom is coming to visit us from another state.  It's been nearly 2 years since we've seen her.  She is arriving on Friday and so I have to make sure everything is set for her stay.  Christmas morning we're having waffles with chocolate chips for an extra treat. 

Seem like all my TV shows are on break too.  I just watched the Survivor Finale last night and The Amazing Race ended last week.  The only shows I can watch are Psych, which is just playing catch up since I haven't watched it in a while.  Also my friend told me about The Walking Dead on AMC and I just finished watching Season 1 and love it!  So I'm thinking I should get caught up on Season 2 as well.  I did watch the Webisodes that were available online.  It's such a gory show but so good.

As for books, I'm above my goal for the year.  My goal was 70 books and I've read 80 books and hopefully I can have a couple more read by the end of the year.  I guess I'll have to set my goal a little higher next year.  I'm currently re-reading Brisingr by Christopher Paolini.  I have the fourth book, Inheritance sitting in my pile of books I own that I want to read.  I also want to read The Help and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Both of which I have borrowed from people so I should really read those first so I can give them back.  I really hate keeping borrowed books for too long.

So my plans for the Holidays are to eat some treats, spend some time with my family, watch some TV and read some books.  Looks like I'll be busy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Supernatural - Death's Door

I did not get a chance to post about the Supernatural Fall Finale.  So here I am...warning, spoilers ahead in case you have not seen it yet do not read.

So Bobby was shot by a Leviathan and he's rushed to the hospital.  He ends up being in a coma.  In his coma he is re-living some of his old memories.  Some of which include his wife that he killed when she was possessed, Rufus (so nice to see him again) on a hunt when Bobby first started out, and the Winchester boys.  Bobby figures out that he's being pursued by a Reaper and he had written down some numbers before he was shot and he needs to give them to Dean & Sam.  So with the help of Rufus (who had a near death experience) he finds out he needs to confront a really bad memory in order to get back. 

That memory would be when Bobby was a kid.  His father was an abusive alcoholic that beat his mother.  So finally fed up he gets a gun and shoots his father in the head.  Bobby gets back and writes down the numbers for Dean then dies.  What the numbers mean?  Who knows!

Inside his own head again, the Reaper has told him he has two choices.  Stay and become a ghost that will be what Sam & Dean hunt or go with him.  Bobby decides to go into his last memory, which is of Sam & Dean and him watching a movie together and being a family.

So we don't really find out if Bobby will really end up being a ghost.  First they kill of Castiel (still hoping he comes back somehow) and now Bobby.  :(