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End of summer?

It's time for me to start thinking about school and all the things coming up such as fall.  I love fall and am looking forward to it but also not quite ready to let summer go.  I enjoy being outdoors even though bugs always seem to find me and I'm allergic to bees and they always come near me too.  I'm ready though to get my tomato crop and make my spaghetti sauce, go to apple orchards and get some tasty apples, pick a pumpkin and carve it for Halloween.
Speaking of Halloween I have to get the kid's costumes ready.  O will be a witch and I already have a hat and dress for her to wear so I guess she's all set.  X insists on a Pokemon related costume so we decided on Ash Ketchum (a pokemon trainer).  So I just basically have to make him a shirt like Ash wears and the baseball cap and he can just wear jeans and some fingerless green gloves and he can carry his stuffed Pikachu around.  Yeah I think I know way too much about Pokemon.
So add that to my LONG list of thi…

Allergies Suck!

X had his first allergy test yesterday.  He's been miserable for the summer.  We've been giving him Zyrtec, Claritin or Benadryl whenever he seems bad and they seem to help.  They tested him for 24 things, outdoor and indoor things.  The experience sucked because he said it hurt and the nurse had a hard time spotting his back.  We found out he's allergic to dust mites, cats and birch trees.  So for the dust mites I just have to try to keep his room clean and dusted.  For the cat (poor Aries) we have to keep her out of his room.  I already clean and vacuum every week, wash all the sheets every week.  Unless I get rid of her, which I can't possibly do because she is part of the family.  As for the birch tree, there is one in our next door neighbor's yard that hangs over our backyard.  Also the in-laws have one in their front  yard.  The Dr said it would only be bad when they're pollinating, which is May-June (this explains why he was so bad then).  We go back in …

The Tooth Fairy's First & Second Visit

On Monday I came home and X said "My tooth is really wiggly"  He was so excited.  So we worked on it all night until finally when he was getting ready for bed he pulled it.
Minutes after it being pulled: Him holding the tooth:
The Tooth Fairy paid him a visit on Monday night.  Then I come home on Tuesday and he says "I think my other tooth is ready to come out too"  I look at it and tell him that it might be a couple of days.  He is determined so we work on it all night.  I yanked it really hard a few times and then made it bleed.  By that point it was in there very crooked and it just needed another yanking.  So I pulled it and he was so excited.  So the Tooth Fairy paid him another visit last night.  He was actually afraid that she wouldn't come to our house two nights in a row.  I told him that she works every night and doesn't mind.
Here he is after loosing his second tooth:
Holding the second tooth:
I think it will be a while before he looses any more since …

Up North

We went up to the north shore at the beginning of July.  We went last year and the kids loved it so we thought we'd go back.  Our first stop was Jay Cook State Park.
This is a suspension bridge.  I'm in the foreground with the hat and X is going across.  I absolutely hated crossing it and went fast.  But then X cut his hand on a rock and I had to cross it again with him to go back to the car for a bandage.  I guess I should have been carrying those around with me. Down by the river on the shore.  Dan and the kids. Me and the kids on some rocks.  I'm holding on really tight to O because she kept squirming.

After Jay Cooke we got to Duluth.  Since it was lunch time and I had packed some lunches we decided to picnic at Enger Tower.  They have this Japanese Bell because apparantly there is a sister city in Japan.  The kids kept ringing the bell and then we climbed the tower.
The whole family near the bell on a rock
Here is me with the kids in the tower while Dan took our picture
We a…