Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost so far

I've been watching the last season of Lost. Which of course they remind of us every time it is advertised. "Lost, the final season!" I have to say though that as much as I love this show I am ready for it to end. It looks like they are doing a good job of wrapping it up.

I like what they have done so far this season with the two alternate realities. I have to theories about it. First is that both are being played out simultaneously and at some point they will converge and they will either be on the island or off the island. So that setting the bomb really did work because they are off the island. My other theory is that us as viewers are seeing a what if reality. The what if no one had ever gotten on the island. We have so far seen Ben Linus as a teacher and Ethan as an OB doctor. But then Juliet said it worked and how exactly does that fit in with my second theory. I like the new characters they have introduced like the Japanese guy. Also I am wondering if Jacob really isn't dead because we saw that little blonde boy that kind of looked like Jacob. Still so many questions unanswered.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I must admit I haven't been watching. When the summer Olympics were on we watched a lot of it. It was actually because we were having our floors re-done (we have hardwood floors) and we were staying at Dan's grandpa's house and the only channel we got in was channel 11 and the only thing on was The Summer Olympics. So we saw Michael Phelps win all his gold medals since it always seemed swimming was on when we put the kids to bed. This time around we're home and we actually don't really watch TV after the kids go to bed. I either read my book or catch up on shows online. So it looks like not much is on TV while the Olympics are on. Heroes has ended for this season. I'm wondering what they will do next season now that the world knows about specials. Also Chuck won't be back until after the Olympics. Tonight I'm planning to watch Lost. And there are new shows on Thursday. The new season of Survivor started last week and I know most of the people since it's Heroes vs Villains. Also we watch The Office, although we forgot to watch last week's. I was Grey's Anatomy online. I record The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and usually watch them both on Fridays. I also have been watching the new show on CW, Life Unexpected and it's pretty good. Also I watch online is Psych, which airs on USA Network, but since I don't have cable I can't watch it Wednesday nights. Luckily, USA posts that show the following day. Also I've been watching Kyle XY. It's a show that was aired on ABC Family and aired on ABC a few summers ago. I watched it the first season and then the following season ABC stopped airing it. So I'm catching up on Hulu since it's free and all the seasons are there.

As it is listed on the right hand side of my blog, I've read 5 books so far this year. I am currently reading Next by Michael Crichton. It's really good and I'm actually almost done. I have a book in transit at the library for me so I'm hoping to have this book finished by the time that one comes.

I have not gone to see The Lightning Thief yet, but I do plan to go see it some time. I really enjoyed the book series by Rick Riordan and hope that the movie has lived up to his books.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Heroes - Brave New World(02/08)

I can't believe this is the season finale of Heroes. I actually just found out it was when I checked the TV listings on Sunday. I thought it was a good episode and it wrapped up a few story lines that have been dragging on since the beginning of the season.

Hiro - He gets up from the hospital bed and Ando is worried about him. He says he's fine and he's ready to go. The nurse comes in a brings a note from Charlie, she's down the hall. He visits her but finds an old woman instead. But it is truly Charlie and she's old. Turns out she was brought to 1944 and she built a life for herself and was very happy. She got married after the war and had five children and seven grandchildren. Hiro wants to go back and get her but when he sees what a good life she had he decides that his quest is complete and that he is happy for her. They get a call from Bennet that they need their help. At the carnival there is chaos and Hiro with the help of Ando take a bunch of the Specials out of there.

Claire and Noah are still stuck in the trailer 50 feet under. Noah knows he's going to die and tells Claire that he doesn't want her to be exposed for her powers and that she needs to stay hidden. As we think that Noah is going to die, some liquid comes in and it's Tracy to the rescue. She gets both Claire and Noah out of there via water and they are saved. Lauren is waiting for them and tells them that Samuel has moved the Carnival to Central Park and that she has a helicopter that is coming for them. They get to Central Park and split up. Noah has a run in with Edgar and we think he will get killed but Edgar wants Samuel gone too. Claire convinces the other carnies that Samuel is using them and that he gets his powers from them and that they need to leave. They all leave with the help of Hiro and Ando. Claire comes back to help out.

Peter and Sylar are in the basement at Matt's house. They are confronted by a bunch of Eli replicates. Also Matt is confronted by them and he tries to use his powers on them but it only works on the original. As Matt is about to be killed he is saved by Peter and Sylar. After a while getting Matt convinced that Sylar wants to help he lets them go and he uses his mind powers on Eli.

At the carnival, Emma is being used by Doyle to lure people to the carnival. Sylar comes to the rescue but gets trapped by Doyle too. But while he's distracted Emma uses her power to knock Doyle down and escape. This leaves Sylar alone with Doyle. But instead of killing him he ties him up.

Peter absorbs Samuel's power and they fight. But when all the carnies disappear he looses his powers and Peter punches him. Samuel gets arrested and Peter reunites with Emma.

The media is there and Claire decides to expose herself for who she is and she climbs the Ferris wheel and jumps and shows she can heal to the media. In the meantime no one tries to stop her and Noah is very upset because all her life he's been trying to keep her from being exposed.

So next season looks like the world will know about Specials.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Heroes - The Wall (02/01)

I thought last night's episode was good and I loved the Sylar/Peter story! I can't wait until next week.

Claire and Noah are still at the Carnival. Claire demands to see her father and Samuel tells her that her father hurt people and he's a bad man. So she takes her to the house of mirrors and she sees his past. His past is that he used to be a car salesman and had a wife and she was pregnant. A special came into their house and killed his wife. Since that day he has been out to get that guy and accidentally kills another special looking for the guy. Thompson comes to him and tells him that he wants to offer him a job at The Company. So we find out how he became part of that. Then him and Thompson are eating and Thompson tells him that he's killed too many and he needs to calm down and take a wife and have kids. So he points to the waitress, which happens to be Sandra. Claire is upset and Noah tells her that he did love Sandra and that the past is the past. But we see him threatening Gretchen into helping him keep Claire away from Samuel. Claire is upset and leaves and Samuel comes. She sarcastically says that her dad is bad and that she should stay with Samuel, but she tells him that her father may have done bad things but she loves him and he's still her dad. So he tells her they can leave and while she's getting Noah out of the souvenir trailer, Samuel sinks them about 50 feet underground. The reason he did that is so Claire can watch Noah die. Samuel and gang are packing up to leave.

Peter is stuck in Sylar's dream. Sylar finally finds him and tells him he's been alone for 3 years, but Peter tells him its only been a few hours. After some convincing that Peter is real he tells Sylar he needs him to help Emma. They go back and forth about things. Peter is upset that Sylar killed Nathan and will never forgive him. In the course of years, Sylar changes to a better person and Peter accepts him and they get out of the dream. As they're about to leave a bunch of Elis come to stop them. I doubt they can stop Sylar!!

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