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This week

We got our flu shots on Tuesday, just me and the kids since Dan had gotten his a few weeks ago.  Not too bad except that X did not want to get one and freaked out and they had to get another nurse to help hold him down. He also said that the needle looked "pointy" and that he didn't like it.  But now O has a stuffy nose and I know that flu shots don't cause this but just a coincidence, I'm not sure.  She also could have gotten a cold from a kid at daycare because there are a few kids sick there.  Then this morning X says his throat is scratchy and nose is stuffy.  So hopefully they are not too sick to trick or treat on Sunday.

O is having Halloween celebration at daycare.  Her costume is a witch so I sent her dress and hat this morning.  She freaked out thinking we were going to leave her costume at daycare and not bring it home.  X wished he could dress up at school but they don't do Halloween.  They do a lot of fall crafts and stuff.  He went to a field tri…

Supernatural - Live Free or Twihard

Another great episode.  This one is about vampires and as much as I love Twilight I found it funny that they were making fun of it.  Sam and Dean start investigating teen girls disappearing.  We find out that they are being recruited via a vampires site since the vampire appeal is hot right now.  They must find the nest and in the process Dean is given some vampire blood while Sam stands by and smirks.  So it looks like Sam let that happen to Dean.  But Samuel had told Sam that there was a cure as long as Dean doesn't ingest human blood.  It involves injecting a vampire with dead man's blood and making a drink.  Dean of course goes and visits Lisa and Ben and scares the crap out of them.  Then he gets into the nest and finds out that the vampires are getting their orders from an Alpha who is building an army.  Dean gets cured and remembers that smirk that Sam had and knows he let it happen.  So now Dean is really suspicious of Sam.

Supernatural - Weekend at Bobby's

Loved the episode!  It was directed by Jensen Ackles too.  I really liked seeing more of Bobby.  The only time we really get to see what he does is when Dean & Sam visit him.  I like how he never asks anyone for help and how busy he is helping other hunters.  Also liked him kicking butt and using that woodchipper.  He found a way to get the better of Crowley and get his soul back and even keep the use of his legs.  Also what is up with Sam? Dean seems to think there's something wrong with him so he must have done something really strange for him to call Bobby about it.  Hopefully we'll learn about that next week.  I hear that next week is vampires and Dean will be turning into one.  I can't wait!

A book and a show

I just got done reading a great book last week.  It's called Life As We Knew It and it's a young adult book by Susan Beth Pfeffer.  It is the first book in a trilogy; Moon Crash Trilogy and it was excellent.  I highly recommend it.  It is written in journal format by a 16 year old girl named Miranda.  At the beginning of the book you get to know her and her family.  We find out that an asteroid is going to hit the moon and everyone will be watching.  But Astronomers miscalculated the mass of the asteroid and it moves the moon closer to Earth.  This causes world chaos as the world experiences tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruption.  Mass casualties and even the coast are gone.  But the book focuses on how Miranda and her family survive this and how their life has changed because of it.  It was very interesting and I couldn't put it down.  I am planning to read the next two books in the series soon.  Here are all three books

Life As We Knew It (published 2006) The Dead &a…

Supernatural - week 2

Much better episode last week.  I know I'm late in talking about this but I really didn't get a chance to see it until last night.

I loved how the brothers were dealing with the baby and how Dean knew what to do.  I knew that Samuel had another agenda and now we know he's collecting monsters for someone.  But the question is, is Sam in on it or he just an innocent bystander.  Who brought Samuel back and is it really him?  Who brought Sam back?  Also both Sam & Dean looked confused when Samuel was talking about their mother when she was a baby.

The ending was great with Dean going back to hunting and uncovering the impala.  Looks like Sam & Dean will be kicking some butt now!