Thursday, October 28, 2010

This week

We got our flu shots on Tuesday, just me and the kids since Dan had gotten his a few weeks ago.  Not too bad except that X did not want to get one and freaked out and they had to get another nurse to help hold him down. He also said that the needle looked "pointy" and that he didn't like it.  But now O has a stuffy nose and I know that flu shots don't cause this but just a coincidence, I'm not sure.  She also could have gotten a cold from a kid at daycare because there are a few kids sick there.  Then this morning X says his throat is scratchy and nose is stuffy.  So hopefully they are not too sick to trick or treat on Sunday.

O is having Halloween celebration at daycare.  Her costume is a witch so I sent her dress and hat this morning.  She freaked out thinking we were going to leave her costume at daycare and not bring it home.  X wished he could dress up at school but they don't do Halloween.  They do a lot of fall crafts and stuff.  He went to a field trip at a farm and got a pumpkin.  Too bad it was so wet and cold on Tuesday he said he didn't enjoy the field trip too much.  He's dressing up as Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon trainer.  He is obsessed with Pokemon.  I'll post some pictures of the kids in their costumes.

Friday I was thinking of taking them to Michael's for a Halloween event.  They have Free Family Events all the time and this one is decorating a Halloween bag.  Saturday morning we're going to in-laws so they can see the kids in costumes.  Then we're going to a Halloween event at the community center.  I've taken X to it the last two years and he's loved it and O is finally old enough to go.  It's for ages 3 to 12.  Then my sister-in-law offered to have X spend the night on Saturday night so she's picking him up after she gets off work.  Sunday not much going on just trick or treating once it gets dark.

Also this week, Dan's grandpa on his dad's side died.  That was Tuesday night when it was super windy and cold.  Him and his brother went to go visit him but I got a call from his dad saying he had passed away.  Dan at least went and paid his respects.  His funeral will be next week.

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