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Lost - 04/29

I watched last night's Lost episode but I might have missed a few things because I was home alone with both kids and trying to watch it. It's hard to watch a show from beginning to end without missing something when you have a 4 year old and a 2 year old wanting your attention.

Desmond is taken to the hospital for a shotgun wound. Penny and Charlie are there with him. Desmond is fine and he lives. Eloise goes to visit him and Widmore is at the hospital too.

Daniel Faraday is back on the island and he says he's back because the oceanic six are back and they don't belong there. We see flashbacks of him when he saw the fake plane being found and he's crying. Widmore comes to him and tells him he has a job for him. Daniel had been experimenting on himself and the end result is that he has memory loss. His mom comes and convinces him to go to the island because he will be cured there. We find out that something will happen to him there and that Widmore is his fat…

Heroes - Season Finale

Sorry for not posting about Heroes yesterday. I was home with my son and he was sick and I had to take him to the Dr and I had no chance to go online to do anything.

I liked the season finale but I did not think it was great. We learned a few things and were surprised by others.

Sylar is attempting to meet the president. Peter comes to rescue Nathan and then together they decide to try to take him down. Peter is able to touch Sylar and absorb his power. But Nathan is taken by Sylar. Then Sylar slashes Nathan's throat and he's dead. Just like that! He is still trying to get to the president and even gets in the limo with him. He shakes his hand and confusion happens because it's not really the president but Peter. He gives him a tranquilizer and takes him to Noah, Matt & Angela. There they decide to have Matt use his power on him to make him believe that he really is Nathan. So he does that and "Nathan" wakes up and thinks he really is Nathan. They …

Tonight's TV

Tonight is the season finales of two of my favorite shows, Chuck and Heroes. Well hopefully just a season finale of Chuck because they haven't confirmed if it's been re-newed for a 3rd season or not. NBC will announce their fall schedules pretty quick (I can't recall the exact date but I know it's beginning of May). Hopefully that new schedule will include Chuck and Heroes.

This weekend

It was not a new Lost on Wednesday. It was just a recap show, I kind of don't like those. Especially since Lost has done a bunch of them and there's really nothing new to learn. I had it on but didn't really pay too much attention to it. I've been watching that new show Southland (NBC on Thursdays) and I'm starting to like it. I think it's better than The Unusuals (ABC on Wednesdays) a show that I think is trying too hard to be different.

Not much going on this weekend. Tonight we're going grocery shopping. We usually go out to eat before the grocery store when we go on a weeknight. I think we might go to 50s Grill (in Brooklyn Center) and I'll probably get the avocado burger (I LOVE avocados and anything that has them in it is what I get).

Tomorrow morning there's a baby sale for Multiple Connections (a group that has mothers of multiples, my mother-in-law is a member and I usually go to the sales) but I'm not sure if I'll go. I do…

Heroes - I Am Sylar

Last night's episode was good, all about Sylar and his identity crisis.

We see Sylar and Danko talking and him telling him that he needs to take over one of the agents for his cover. So Sylar takes over that agent's life. We see him wake up in the apartment as that agent and then he goes to the mirror and says "Not again" and shifts back to Sylar. Then pulls an extra tooth out of his mouth. Then we see him in Danko's office as himself. Danko has a talk with him about how "Sylar" died so he could be free. Sylar doesn't see it that way because he says shifting is messing with him and he isn't truly himself and that he found an extra tooth in his mouth and one of his eyes took over an hour to turn back to the right color. Danko tells him that he's lived many different lives and that he always knows who he is because he has his father's watch to remind him. He shows it to Sylar and he tells him that his watch is loosing 5 seconds eve…

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a great Easter and the weather was wonderful. I would have posted these pictures earlier but I haven't had a chance.

X & O sitting on the deck waiting to start the egg hunt:

Out in the yard looking for eggs:

O with her bag of goodies:

X looking behind the shed:

"I don't see any"

Through the garden:

Going down the deck:

Looking through all the goodies:

Book Recommendation

I read the first book in the Sword of Truth Series about a month ago and thought it was really good. So this week I picked up the second book in the series and I find myself glued to it and wanting to read it all the time. They are pretty lengthy books too. The first book is about 700 pages and the second book is close to 1000 pages. The books are by Terry Goodkind and I think the first one was written in 1994, so the series is not that old. The books are about a man named Richard Cypher and he lives in Westland. It's about his journey being a Seeker (he has the Sword of Truth) and how he has to fight evil. He forms friendships and falls in love with Kahlan (a confessor). Actually Kahlan is the Mother Confessor, she's very powerful and yields a certain kind of magic when she touches someone they basically become her slave. Anyways the series is very interesting and I highly recommend it. Well what I've read so far is very good. Here's all the books in the se…

Lost - 04/15

Last night we learned about Miles.

It starts off with Miles being a little boy and him and his mother renting a place to stay. He gets money for the candy machine and on the way there he "hears" someone in an apartment. He goes there and opens the door and the guy is dead, but he can "hear" him talking. His mother comes in and he tells her that guy is still talking and she tells him that he's dead.

Then we cut to him being older and visiting him mom while she's very sick. He has a bunch of piercings on his face. She tells him that his father died and that his body is someplace he can never go.

Then we cut to him being older and telling some guy that his son loved him and that he knew that his dad loved him. The guy pays him and as he's getting in the car, Naomi comes to him and tells him she has a job for him. She brings him to a dead guy and he "hears" that he was delivering stuff for Widmore and that he was killed. So Naomi tells him th…

Heroes - 1961

Last night's Heroes was really good. We learned about Angela and how the company got started.

Peter, Nathan, Noah, Claire and Angela are at Coyote Sands digging up a bunch of dead bodies. They wonder why they're doing that and we flashback to 1961. Angela and her little sister Alice arrive there with their parents. It's a relocation center and right away we meed Chandra Suresh. They think they are there to be helped since they are different but Alice doesn't like it there. Through several flashbacks we learn some things. We learn that Angela takes care of Alice. Also we learn that Alice can control the weather. We also meet Charles Deveaux, Linderman & Bob. They try to convince Angela to leave the camp but she doesn't want to leave Alice. They convince her to lie to her since she would only slow them down. She does lie to Alice and tells her to stay there and everything will be okay. We learn that what Charles' power is, he can erase someone'…

Lost - 04/08

Last night's episode was all about Ben.

We start out with current Ben waking up and there is Locke. He is surprised to see Locke alive. He tells him that he knew the island would do this and that's why he killed him and also to convince the others to come back. Then he tells Locke that he came back to the island to be judged by the smoke monster. So Locke tells him that he will help him. They go out to the boat and Cesar comes and tells them they can't take it. Ben pulls a gun on him and shoots him and then threatens the other people. Ben and Locke get on the boat and go to the main island. They tie up the boat next to the boat that Sun and the pilot took. They're in the town that he lived in and he goes to his house. He sees Alex's bedroom lit up and he goes in while Locke waits outside. Inside he runs into Sun and the Captain. She tells him that Christian told them to wait there for Locke. But then they are confused because Locke is dead so Ben tells …

Heroes - 04/06

I thought last night's episode was good. Although from the previews last week I was expecting to see the Petrelli family more.

Matt - He is talking to Mohinder and telling him that Danko is the one they need to go after. Mohinder tries to talk him out of it, but Matt won't listen. So Matt follows Danko and puts it in his mind that someone he loves is in danger. He goes to the house of a Russian girl named Alena. We see that he loves her and she loves him but she thinks his name is Jakob and that he lives in Chicago. After Danko leaves, Matt goes into Alena's house to kill her but he can't. She notices him and is scared at first but he convinces her that he works with Jakob. They talk about him and she tells him that Jakob has family (wife and kids) in Chicago. Matt then tells her that he is not who he says he is and he can show her. He takes her to Danko's apartment and shows her the truth. Danko can't deny it because Matt uses his power on him to te…

Lost - 04/01

I apologize for my lack of recap last week. Both of my kids were sick with the stomach flu and I was home with them Thursday and Friday and was not able to get online. But I was able to watch last night's episode.

This episode is about Kate. We start off with Jin waking up and finding young Ben shot. He takes him back to the Dharma Initiative town for medical care. Kate talks with Ben's dad for a little bit. Juliet is trying to save Young Ben but she says that he needs a surgeon. So Sawyer goes to Jack to see if he will help. In the mean time Hurley and Miles are talking about things that happened and things that haven't. Miles says that even thought they are in the 70s, it is their present and they can die. Also anything that has happened in the future will happen. So he says even though Young Ben got shot by Sayid he know that he will live because of Grownup Ben. So then Hurley asks why Grown Ben didn't recognize Sayid when he tortured him. Miles then pon…

We took the car for a spin

For Christmas X got a remote control car. We set it up and let him drive it around in the basement. He's been itching to take it outside and we finally got a chance this last weekend. It wasn't too warm but there was no snow or wet spots outside. I think he was outside for an hour driving it. Here are some pictures of it.

With Dan, driving it in the driveway:

X & O looking at the car:

X driving it on the sidewalk in front of the house:

Here's what the car looks like up close:

Dan driving it while X chases it:

A video of the car in motion: