Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Recommendation

I read the first book in the Sword of Truth Series about a month ago and thought it was really good. So this week I picked up the second book in the series and I find myself glued to it and wanting to read it all the time. They are pretty lengthy books too. The first book is about 700 pages and the second book is close to 1000 pages. The books are by Terry Goodkind and I think the first one was written in 1994, so the series is not that old. The books are about a man named Richard Cypher and he lives in Westland. It's about his journey being a Seeker (he has the Sword of Truth) and how he has to fight evil. He forms friendships and falls in love with Kahlan (a confessor). Actually Kahlan is the Mother Confessor, she's very powerful and yields a certain kind of magic when she touches someone they basically become her slave. Anyways the series is very interesting and I highly recommend it. Well what I've read so far is very good. Here's all the books in the series:

Wizard's First Rule
Stone of Tears
Blood of the Fold
Temple of the Winds
Soul of the Fire
Faith of the Fallen
The Pillars of Creation
Naked Empire

The Sword of Truth Series is by Terry Goodkind

Also check out the TV show based on the series, Legend of the Seeker. You can catch up on episodes either on the website for the show Legend of the Seeker or on Hulu

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