Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heroes - 1961

Last night's Heroes was really good. We learned about Angela and how the company got started.

Peter, Nathan, Noah, Claire and Angela are at Coyote Sands digging up a bunch of dead bodies. They wonder why they're doing that and we flashback to 1961. Angela and her little sister Alice arrive there with their parents. It's a relocation center and right away we meed Chandra Suresh. They think they are there to be helped since they are different but Alice doesn't like it there. Through several flashbacks we learn some things. We learn that Angela takes care of Alice. Also we learn that Alice can control the weather. We also meet Charles Deveaux, Linderman & Bob. They try to convince Angela to leave the camp but she doesn't want to leave Alice. They convince her to lie to her since she would only slow them down. She does lie to Alice and tells her to stay there and everything will be okay. We learn that what Charles' power is, he can erase someone's memory (almost like a Jedi mind trick). They go to the Coyote Sands Cafe and talk about things. Meanwhile back at the camp, Dr. Suresh goes to talk to Alice. He tries to give her a shot and she freaks out and the weather goes haywire. That ends up killing everyone in the camp except Dr. Suresh, Dr. Zimmerman (we briefly got introduced) and Charles, Daniel, Bob & Angel (because they weren't there). So that is when they decide to form the company to keep people with powers a secret. Angela tells them that she dreamed that it would happen and that they must do anything to protect people like them.

In present day we have Peter and Nathan struggling with their relationship. Noah finally telling Claire what he was doing exactly and he also tells them about Sylar being a shape shifter now. The weather goes haywire and Angela ends up in a bunker and finds out Alice is alive. They reunite and Angela tells her she lied to her. Alice then leaves and Angela is sad. Also Mohinder comes to Coyote Sands and finds out what happened and that his father was part of it. He gets a video that they found of his father. Angela, Claire, Nathan, Peter & Noah are all at the Cafe and they decide to do what they can to keep people with powers a secret. But Peter says that they are not a company but a family. Nathan says he'll go to Washington and talk to the president but then they see the TV and Nathan is having a press conference. Except we know that's not really Nathan but Sylar.

So now we know what Charles Deveaux's power is. I assume they meet Kaito, Adam & Arthur later on and start the company together.

Two episodes left!

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