Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lost - 04/01

I apologize for my lack of recap last week. Both of my kids were sick with the stomach flu and I was home with them Thursday and Friday and was not able to get online. But I was able to watch last night's episode.

This episode is about Kate. We start off with Jin waking up and finding young Ben shot. He takes him back to the Dharma Initiative town for medical care. Kate talks with Ben's dad for a little bit. Juliet is trying to save Young Ben but she says that he needs a surgeon. So Sawyer goes to Jack to see if he will help. In the mean time Hurley and Miles are talking about things that happened and things that haven't. Miles says that even thought they are in the 70s, it is their present and they can die. Also anything that has happened in the future will happen. So he says even though Young Ben got shot by Sayid he know that he will live because of Grownup Ben. So then Hurley asks why Grown Ben didn't recognize Sayid when he tortured him. Miles then ponders this. I believe that Ben did recognize Sayid and that he is very good at acting. Anyways, Sawyer asks Jack to help Young Ben but Jack refuses. Kate gets upset about it and goes and donates some blood since she's O negative. This buys Ben some time and Juliet suggest that The Others can save Ben. They both reason that it is wrong to let a child die because of what he will grow up to be. So Kate takes a van to bring Young Ben to The Others. Sawyer comes and helps her and he carries Ben into the jungle. The Others come across them and Sawyer demands to see Richard. Richard comes out of the jungle and says he will cure Ben but that this will take away his innocence and that he will always be an Other. Kate agrees in order to save his life. Richard take Ben into a temple that we've seen before.

The other story involves Kate and what happened after the marina showdown between Ben and Sun. We see her with baby Aaron visiting Cassidy. She is the one that Sawyer conned and had a baby with. Kate ends up telling her the whole truth except that Aaron isn't hers. Cassidy says the reason that Sawyer jumped off the helicopter was because he was running from Kate. At a grocery store Kate almost looses Aaron. Then we see her visiting her again with 3 year old Aaron. She tells Cassidy that she needs to go back to the island and that Aaron is not hers. She takes Aaron to visit Claire's mom and leaves Aaron there because that is where he belongs. And that's why she goes back to the island.

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