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Re-vamping an old shirt

X has a shirt he loves but unfortunately he has outgrown it.  So I got an idea to make it new.  I found a plain red t-shirt and found some cool fabric on clearance at Michael's that I could use as sleeves.

This is the old t-shirt.  I carefully cut around the skull and crossbones leaven some black around the edges.  I had a plain red short sleeved shirt that currently fits him.
This is cut out and the fabric I got at Michael's that I used for the sleeves. I used some iron-on strips (not sure of the name) and ironed it on the shirt.  Then I sewed around it twice and cut off the excess black. Using a shirt that currently fit him I used it as a template to cut sleeves and shaped them and sewed them on the red shirt. Here he is wearing it.  I actually turned out pretty good and he loves it.

Supernatural - All Dogs go to Heaven

This was a good filler episode, not much happens in terms of finding or figuring out how to get Sam's soul back.  We start off with Crowley giving the Winchesters their assignment.  Of course Dean is not happy about it and Crowley cause some pain for Sam just to show Dean that he's in charge.  There have been attacks that look like Werewolves.  So they investigate a home with a wife, husband, kid and dog.  They think the husband is the werewolf since he looks like he had a rough night.  But then he turns up dead and they figure out it's a skinwalker that they're tracking.  Then they finally figure out it's the dog Lucky that is the skinwalker.  He tells them that there is a plan to instate a skinwalker in a family and when they're given the signal they turn on them and turn them with a bite.  So it's a way to have even more skinwalkers.  The Winchesters want to know where the Alpha is but this is just one pack and there are many around the country.  So they…

History Center

We went to the MN History Center last month with museum passes I got at the library.  So it was a free day, which is always great.  There was a chocolate exhibit and free craft for the kids.  They were able to decorate a mug with Mayan and Aztec symbols.  The kids loved it and I made some Mexican Chocolate for dinner, I buy Abuelita brand and make it with milk and a splash of vanilla.  After the Museum we went to the Tea House which is a Chinese restaurant and it was really yummy.  I got Sesame Chicken, Dan got Kung Pow Chicken and the kids shared Sweet and Sour Chicken.  We had leftovers and I was able to eat them for lunch.

This is the kids at an ice cream shoppe.  They were able to go behind the counter and make pretend ice cream dishes and malts.  Then they pretended to ring people up and wash the dishes.  They had a lot of fun here.

There was a weather display where they could see all the different winter gear worn over time.  Also there was a sever weather "basement" th…

Supernatural - Family Matters

I completely forgot I was going to blog about this.  I really have been trying to blog about Supernatural.  I did indeed watch it and liked it but not as much as I was hoping.  It starts out with Sam tied to a chair and Castiel looking at him and Dean in the room.  We find out what we already knew, that Sam does not have his soul.  Dean of course does not trust him and tells him so and says he will be watching him like a hawk.  Sam is trying to find out what happened to his soul and the only place to start is Samuel.  They confront Samuel and Castiel checks to see if he has a soul and he indeed does.  Samuel claims he doesn't know who pulled them out and why, but as I always have been of him, I'm suspicious.  He tells them that they found the Alpha Vampire and Dean and Sam want in.  Samuel is hesitant because  he doesn't trust Dean.  They find the nest and "take care" of the Alpha.  But really Samuel and the Campbells have captured him and put him in a van, which…


We had a great Halloween and it was actually not too cold.  On Saturday morning we went to in-law's house where all the grandkids were around.  So I got to see my two nieces and one nephew dressed up and we took pictures of the kids together.  We even ate lunch with everyone.  Then we went to the community center where they had games and prizes.  X won a stuffed black cat with a wizard's hat.  He was so happy about it.  Sunday we spent most of the day making spaghetti sauce.  We were able to can 10 big jars and 2 little jars.  We had some for dinner too and nothing tastes better than homemade spaghetti and homemade artisan bread.  We also carved our pumpkins in the morning.  Around 6pm we decided to take the kids out trick or treating.  I went out first with them while Dan stayed back and handed out candy.  Then I came back they still wanted to go out so Dan went out with them.  We were done trick or treating around 7:30pm.  The kids pigged out on candy then got showers and we…

Supernatural - You Can't Handle the Truth

Wow!  This show is getting better and better.  I wasn't sure about it the first couple of episodes but the last few have really been better.  This episodes starts out with Dean talking to Bobby about Sam.  What is Sam?  Bobby will look into it and Dean says that he will just deal with Sam if they don't find out.  This week is people killing themselves when they ask for the truth.  Turns out it is the Goddess of Truth that is doing it so Sam and Dean have to find her and kill her with dog blood.  Dean asks for the truth and people start telling him the truth.  So he takes this opportunity to confront Sam.  Sam says he froze when Dean was turned into a vampire, but seems to me that Sam is somehow lying.  They find out the Goddess is a news anchor and go to her place to kill her.  She captures them and then asks Dean to tell the truth about Sam.  He tells her that he knows there's something wrong with Sam and that he was ready to kill him.  Then she turns to Sam and asks him …