Monday, November 15, 2010

Re-vamping an old shirt

X has a shirt he loves but unfortunately he has outgrown it.  So I got an idea to make it new.  I found a plain red t-shirt and found some cool fabric on clearance at Michael's that I could use as sleeves.

This is the old t-shirt.  I carefully cut around the skull and crossbones leaven some black around the edges.  I had a plain red short sleeved shirt that currently fits him.

This is cut out and the fabric I got at Michael's that I used for the sleeves.
I used some iron-on strips (not sure of the name) and ironed it on the shirt.  Then I sewed around it twice and cut off the excess black.
Using a shirt that currently fit him I used it as a template to cut sleeves and shaped them and sewed them on the red shirt.
Here he is wearing it.  I actually turned out pretty good and he loves it.

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