Monday, November 15, 2010

Supernatural - All Dogs go to Heaven

This was a good filler episode, not much happens in terms of finding or figuring out how to get Sam's soul back.  We start off with Crowley giving the Winchesters their assignment.  Of course Dean is not happy about it and Crowley cause some pain for Sam just to show Dean that he's in charge.  There have been attacks that look like Werewolves.  So they investigate a home with a wife, husband, kid and dog.  They think the husband is the werewolf since he looks like he had a rough night.  But then he turns up dead and they figure out it's a skinwalker that they're tracking.  Then they finally figure out it's the dog Lucky that is the skinwalker.  He tells them that there is a plan to instate a skinwalker in a family and when they're given the signal they turn on them and turn them with a bite.  So it's a way to have even more skinwalkers.  The Winchesters want to know where the Alpha is but this is just one pack and there are many around the country.  So they have a set up to have him meet his Alpha and they will take him out.  Except they kidnap the mom and kid and ask him to bite them.  Lucky refuses and a fight breaks with the Winchesters coming in and killing all the skinwalkers but Lucky gets away.  Also we find out that Sam doesn't care about Lisa and Ben or even about Dean.  He said that even though it was harder to be the old Sam that's the Sam he should be and they need to get his soul back.

Look, CW didn't post ANY photos from this week's episode, so here is an utterly generic photo of Guy-Who's-Not-Named-Dean-Even-Though-That-Was-His-Name-on-Gilmore-Girls, in the hopes that this week's episode features him in some capacity.
Just Being Dean

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