Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to work :(

I had a nice long weekend. I left work early on Friday to go buy some sunscreen for the kids for daycare. I found some! Friday night we really didn't do much other than go on a bike ride to the park and be outside. I think I spent most of the weekend outside.
Saturday morning Dan took X to a car show while O and I went shopping. I found a couple of pairs of pants and a cute skirt. Then I went to Menards to pick up some hanging baskets and picked the guys up at the car show. X loved it and then we went to Culver's with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew. They went back to our house to give X his birthday gift. His birthday party is this Saturday and they can't make it. He got Hi Ho Cherry O and he insisted on playing it. It was nap time so he didn't get a chance then. After the kids got up from nap (I watched Sex and the City while they napped) we took them to ILs house. Dan and I went to MOA to meet some friends for dinner and a movie (Star Trek). The movie was good. My dad used to watch the old Star Trek so I knew most of the names of the characters, plus I had watched Voyager(it had a female captain) and The Next Generation (the guy that's in X-Men is the captain) a little bit so I knew the premise. Also we had watched Enterprise (the one where Scott Bakula was the captain) until it was cancelled. But Zach Quinto (Sylar!!) was great at being spock. I loved the part with young Spock and Vulcan bullies. I would definitely buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. I didn't think it was too violent either, it was more story than anything else. Although there is some time travel and alternate universe that if you think too hard on you'll get confused.
Sunday we picked the kids up around 11am. We decided to hand wash both cars and wax them. So we washed them before picking the kids up and waxed them when the kids were napping. They didn't nap very long and afterwards we played outside with them, bike ride and park. We also decided to do a bonfire since it was so nice and not windy. So we made smores and roasted marshmallows.
Yesterday, our last day off we just stayed home. I did some gardening in the morning (moved some plants around, pulled weeds, thinned out my lettuce) and then we just relaxed. I caught up on the season finale of Seeker online. I was a little disappointed that they changed it from the book. Then we grilled some pork chops and potatoes and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Back to work today!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm sitting her at my desk listening to If I Were a Carpenter that's on my MP3 player. It's a CD I bought when I was in high school. I knew who the Carpenters were because I had listened to some old records that my dad had around. Even listening to it more than 10 years later I still like this CD. Anyhow listening to it brought me a flood of memories from HS. Some memories are so attached to certain music. There are times when I listen to the 90s station on satellite radio and am reminded of a little snipet of things that happened in that time. Like listening to Crazy by Aerosmith reminds me of me and my friend singing it and dancing to it and annoying some of our other friends. But listening to this CD reminded me of a friend I used to have back in early HS. We were such good friends and I don't know what happened. I think he moved away and we never kept in touch. I wonder what ever happened to him, what he's doing. He was such a support for me and believed in me. We used to have a little journal that we would each write in throughout the school day. I should see if I still have it in that box I have downstairs of my high school things. Admit it, you have a box like that too. You probably never look at it. I should look in mine and see what I find. Probably somethings that were meaningful for me at the time but will probably mean nothing to me now. If you get a change check out If I Were a Carpenter.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Funny Blog

If you're in need of a laugh everyday check out Cake Wrecks. It features cakes that have gone wrong. From things that are written on it (one said "We are proud of our high school dropout") to ones that are themed (Dora, Star Trek, etc) and really don't look like they're supposed to. I check this blog out almost every day and it makes me chuckle pretty much every time I visit. So check out Cake Wrecks and have a good laugh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lake

We went to the Bakken Museum this past weekend. I'll post some pictures from there in another post. First I wanted to post some pictures of Lake Calhoun and the nice view. We walked across the street to the lake and I took some pictures.

This is the first one I took:

Then I thought I should move my camera a little to the left and get the skyline:

A closer view of the skyline:

Dan and the kids with the skyline behind them:

I've actually have never taken a picture of the skyline before. I guess I never really appreciated it and noticed that it's beautiful across the lake.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost - Season Finale

This was the end of the season. Next season, which is the final season will not begin until 2010, so we have almost a year to wait for the final season.

Jack is still trying to get the bomb and follow what Daniel told him to do. Kate is with Sawyer and Juliet and they decide they need to stop Jack. So they get off the sub and head back to the island. As Jack and Sayid are going into Dharma camp, Richard knocks Eloise out and tells them that he is protecting their leader and that they need to do this on their own. So Jack and Sayid are in a Dharma house and it's Horace's house. Sayid decides to put on the Dharma outfit so they can blend in. But Phil spots them and shooting begins. Sayid gets shot and Jack shoots a couple of people. Then in a van comes Hurley and Miles to take them. They head out to the Swan station and they get road blocked by Kate, Sawyer and Juliet.

Jack and Sawyer decide to have a little chat. Sawyer is trying to figure out why he is doing this and Jack finally tells him that he lost Kate and it's too late. By fixing things then he would have never met her. They beat the crap out of eachother and Juliet comes and stops Sawyer. She then tells him that she's on board with Jack and that she changed her mind when she saw how Sawyer looked at Kate.

So they all get in the van and head to the Swan station. At the swan station Dr. Chang is there trying to convince Radinzky to stop drilling but he won't listen. They they hit the pocket and Jack throws the bomb but nothing happens. Then things go haywire and all metal things start getting sucked in the hole. They are all trying to get out and a chain comes and snags Juliet. They can't free her and she falls but not before telling Sawyer she loves him and he cries that she's gone. Also Dr Chang gets his arm hurt, which is probably how he looses his arm.

Locke is still heading towards Jacob. He tells Ben that he has to kill Jacob for him. We find out who Jacob is. At the beginning of the episode we see him (a blond guy) and an older guy at a beach looking at the ocean. In the ocean is a ship that looks like the Black Rock ship. They talk about it and Jacob has brought them there. The other guy says that the same thing always happens and why bother (fighting and killing). Then the guy says someday he'll find a loophole and kill Jacob. Also Ilena and her crew are carrying a box and they show Captain Lapidus (sp?) and we don't get to see what it is! Locke and crew are where the statue is (we see the full statue at the beginning) and Richard tells them that Jacob is inside. Locke and Ben go inside to meet Jacob.

While they are inside, Ilena comes and asks for Richard and he answers her riddle. What lies in the shadow of the statue? Which he answers in I think Latin. She then tells him that he needs to see what in the box and it's Locke in the box. He's still dead! So the guy that we thought was Locke was really not Locke.

Locke and Ben meet Jacob and then Ben kills Jacob. Apparently the guy that is Locke is the guy from the beginning and he found a loophole. Then Jacob tells him that they're coming and "Locke" pushes him into the fire.

We saw that Jacob met many of the oceanic members. He meets Kate as little kid and pays for something she stole. He meets Jack in the hospital when he's starting his residency. He meets Locke when he gets pushed out the window and it almost looked like Locke was dead and Jacob brought him back to life. He also meets Hurley in a cab after he gets out of prison. He gives the guitar to Hurley and tells him he should get on the plane. He also meets Jin and Sun at their wedding.

Back at the Swan station we see Juliet down in the hole. She's badly hurt and she sees the bomb. She decides to hit it with the rock to set it off and then we see white and the season is over.

So for next season, will they all be back to normal? Will the plane ever crash? I think Jacob is the one responsible for the plane crashing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

O's hat

I made a cute little hat for O and I'm also making one for myself. X asked for a hat but not a girly one so I'm in search of a pattern for a boyish hat for him and some boyish yarn. Here are the pictures of it.

I got the pattern from crochet pattern central.

I used some yarn that I already had on hand to make it.

Here she is wearing it last night.

This morning:

She has a big bruise on her cheek that she got from her headboard a few days ago.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My new garden

I had a good Mother's Day. Although I am quite sore from it because we dug out a new garden. I got a trellis from my in-laws for my birthday and we found a place for it. It looked nice in the corner of our fence where we only had a bush we planted last year. So therefore this inspired us to make a new garden. I wanted to put a small bench underneath the trellis and a little path leading up to it. So we got all the things we needed and set to work digging up all the grass that was there. After several hours of work we got it done. Well it's mostly done, we still need to add a few more plants and I want to make a stepping stone with the kids hand prints to put in front of the bench.

This is what it looked like before we dug it up. We had the garden outlined.

This is me in it after we had everything planted and dug up.

Me and the kids.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lost - 05/06

We are getting close to the season finale. Last night's episode picks up right where we left off.

They show Daniel being shot but this time they show what Jack and Kate were doing. After he gets shot they decide to leave but the Others catch them and bring them forward. Eloise then tells them to put them in her tent. Also one of the Others that captured them is Charles Widmore. Also we find out that Eloise and Charles are together but love is complicated.

Jack is still on board with Daniel's plan, which is to get the bomb and set everything right. Kate is not so sure and thinks that it will kill everyone. Eloise comes into the tent and asks them what they are doing there. She also has Daniel's journal and looks in it and sees the inscription she put there. She says it's her writing but she doesn't remember writing it. Jack tells her what happened and that they need to get the bomb and set everything right. She believes them because she remembers Daniel when he first told her to bury the bomb and he disappeared before her eyes.

Eloise talks to Richard and they set off to find the bomb. Kate wants no part in it and wants to leave, but the hostiles won't let her. Then the hostiles get shot and it's Sayid there. They tell him that Ben is alive and okay. Kate leaves and Sayid comes with Jack, Eloise & Richard. They have to go underground in tunnel and there is the bomb.

Locke comes and meets up with Richard. Him, Ben and Richard set off together to the camp (present day). Locke tells Richard what happened and wants to meet Jacob. On the way to camp, Locke tells Richard that he will be coming out with a gunshot wound to the leg and that he needs to take it out and tell him to get everyone back to the island and that he needs to die. So we see that scene again from another perspective. Then we find out that the island talks to John and that it never did that for Ben. Then they get to the camp and he announces that everyone is to go with him to meet Jacob. Locke tells Ben that they are going to see Jacob so he can kill him.

Sawyer & Juliet are caught and are taken to the station that has all the cameras. There is Phil, Horace and that other guy (I can't remember his name). They hit Sawyer to find out where Kate went. He refuses to talk until he hit Juliet and then he says he'll talk only if him and Juliet get to go on the sub.

Dr. Chang follows Hurley where he meet up with Miles & Jin. They turn a gun on him but he says he believes them and that Daniel told him to evacuate the island. Miles tells him that if Daniel told him that then he better listen. So Dr. Chang decides to evacuate and sends his family away. We see him yelling at his wife to get her to leave. So now it seems Miles understands.

In the sub Sawyer and Juliet share a moment but it's ruined when Kate is also brought to the sub. Juliet looks upset about it now.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last Night

It was a little odd last night not to have Chuck and Heroes to watch. Medium was 2 hours and it started at 8pm. I have been reading the graphic novels for Heroes and they continue through the summer. It was so nice outside yesterday that we went for a long bike ride and stopped at the park. Other than that we just did laundry and watched some TV.

Tonight I have my Pilates class. Dan told me to pick up a Papa Murphy's pizza to have for dinner so that's probably what we'll be having. The shows I watch on Tuesday nights are Reaper and Fringe. I always miss the first half of Reaper though because my class goes until a little after 7pm so I normally get home close to 7:30pm.

Mother's Day is this weekend. We don't really have anything planned for it. My mom lives in another state, but I did send her a card and gift and I will also call her. We're going to the in-laws Saturday night to give mother-in-law her gift, which we haven't bought yet. Dan says he's running out to the store on Saturday with the kids to get my gift. I told him I want a little garden statue to put in the garden. We'll see what they find.

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