Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heroes - Thanksgiving (11/23)

It's Thanksgiving for all the heroes.

Noah is having Thanksgiving at his house. Claire is coming and so is Sandra and her boyfriend Doug. While shopping at the grocery store he runs into his old partner (the one he almost had an affair with). They get to talking and he invites her to Thanksgiving and she in turn helps him cook the meal. At the table Claire has a meltdown. She wants to drop out of school and in front of Doug she cuts her arm and he faints. Noah talks to her and tells her she has options and shows her the compass. She of course steals it and guess who comes to dinner, it's Gretchen. Noah invited her because he knew how much she meant to Claire. They go in the car together and Claire says they're not going back to school but will be using the compass to find Samuel. Looks like they're going on a road trip.

Nathan(Sylar) and Peter are having Angela over for Thanksgiving dinner. She arrives and Peter demands answers. She sits down with them and tells them she had a dream that Matt saves Nathan and so she did the only thing she could do to save her son. So she comes clean about Nathan being inside Sylar. Then Nathan turns back into Sylar and he is about to kill Angela and he just can't. Nathan is still inside him and fights until Nathan is back. Then he leaves them and flies out the window.

Hiro is angry at Samuel for not telling him where Charlie is. But he can't kill Samuel because then he will never know where Charlie is. He expresses his hate for Samuel to Lydia and she tells him she can help him. She doesn't understand why Samuel didn't have Hiro save Joseph. Samuel had told them an agent had killed Joseph. So they go back in time and see Samuel killing Joseph. So now Lydia knows the truth and she tells Edgar. At dinner Samuel knows that something is up and he says they have a betrayer. Edgar tells him to tell everyone he killed Joseph but Samuel makes Edgar look guilty and just as he's about to kill him, Hiro stops time. He tells Edgar he can't kill Samuel yet and sometimes a hero has to run and fight later. So Edgar leaves and that makes him look even more guilty. Then Samuel talks to Hiro and there's a standoff and some guy comes and touches Hiro's head. I don't know what he does but it is not what Samuel intended because Hiro disappears.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

I went to go see it Saturday night. We got there 1/2 hour before the show started and had to wait in line to get into the theater. Luckily we already had out tickets (someone ran out and bought them Thursday night). The theater was pretty full and I noticed a lot of little kids (like 10 year old girls) there. There were a bunch of previews before the movie. The movie Lovely Bones looks good. The book has been on my book list for a while.
I thought the movie was great, a lot better than Twilight. I liked how they followed the book pretty well and filled in some gaps. The werewolves were great and I loved the special effects that they did on them. The volturi were great and I loved Aro. They guy that played him (Michael Sheen) was great, he was also great in Underworld (he played Lucian, a Lycan). You could really feel the emotions, especially when Edward left and the tension between Bella and Jacob. I loved when Alice came back and the bickering between her and Jacob. I do think they need to change Jasper up a little bit. He was better than the first movie (he looked terrified and in pain in the first one) but his hair is just awful. Speaking of hair, Kristen Stewart's hair was great, she was wearing a wig and you couldn't tell. I can't wait until New Moon comes out on DVD. Also excited for Eclipse coming to the theaters on June 30, 2010.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heroes - Brother's Keeper (11/16)

It was a good episode and we got some background on Samuel.

Claire is over at Noah's place doing some laundry and Tracy shows up. Her powers are out of control and she came to Noah for help. Claire helps her out, gives her a hot bath then makes her some tea. Tracy accidentally freezes Claire and rips her foot off. Tracy freaks out but Claire thaws out and tells her that she can heal herself. Her foot grows back. Her and Tracy talk and they talk about Samuel. Claire tells her she should go join the carnival since that seems to be what her body is telling her. Noah comes in while they're talking and that's about it.

Hiro is to go back in time and get a film strip that Mohinder burns. Mohinder is back in India teaching and he has a girlfriend. He still has a box of Chandra's stuff and she tells him to throw it out. He does but then digs it out and finds a film about Samuel. The film shows that Samuel is very powerful and that his powers increase exponentially when surrounded by people with power. Mohinder builds a compass to find Samuel and he does. We get to meet Joseph before he died. He talks to Mohinder and tells him that he's been looking out for his brother and making sure he doesn't get too powerful. Of course Samuel overhears this and seeks Mohinder out. He wants the film and when Mohinder refuses to help him, he kills him. But since Hiro went back in time he put a bulletproof vest on Mohinder and saves his life. He tells him that he needs to dissapear for 8 months so he can get Charlie back. Mohinder won't and Hiro puts him in a mental hospital. Hiro goes back and gives Samuel the film but he still refuses to bring Charlie back.

Nathan goes to Peter for help. Also The Haitian comes and tells him that he needs to know the truth and gives him the address of a storage facility. He of course brings Nathan with and there they find Nathan's body frozen. Nathan/Sylar touches the body and he says he only got glimpses and that his mother was involved and so was Matt Parkman. So they go find Matt but he's in the hospital in Texas. So Peter uses his healing ability to heal him. Matt freaks out because Sylar is back and Sylar's body is also in the same room. Sylar takes over and wants Nathan to touch him so he can get his body back. Security comes and there's a fight and Nathan accidentally touches him. Then he grabs Peter and flies out the window. Nathan tells him he needs to figure things out and then Peter touches him and absorbs his power. They fly off together. Matt is rid of Sylar and he breaks out of the hospital.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movie I liked

I watched a movie yesterday. I was home Monday and Tuesday with a sick kid, I was also sick myself. I had gotten a few movies from the library so I watched a couple and this one I really enjoyed. It's called Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement). Obviously it is a French movie, with English subtitles. The movie is from 2004 and it stars Audrey Tautou and it is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It is the story of Mathilde (Tautou) and it is set in the early 1900s in France. She is engaged to Manech, and he goes off to war and she hears that he has died. But she believes in her heart that Manech is still alive. So she investigates what exactly happened to him in hopes of finding him and reuniting with him. It's a fairly long movie, a little over two hours. It is similar to Amelie, another movie I really enjoyed. It is the same director and you can tell by watching the movie. It even has a few of the same actors as Amelie in it. I didn't think I would enjoy the movie as much as I did. Oh and a surprising thing in this movie was Jodi Foster. She played a small part and speaks fluent French in it. I never knew she was fluent. So if you liked Amelie you'll also like this movie.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Heroes - Shadowboxing (11/09)

Just finished watching Heroes and I have a little time so I decided to put this up early.

Matt/Sylar are traveling in an airport made Sylar pack the guns. So it take Sylar 4 hours to talk his way out of going to jail, he is a cop. Then they get a flat tire on the way to NY because they can't fly. Matt and Sylar argue about who has control. A tow truck guy stops to help and just to show Matt he has control he kills him. Stuff him in the trunk and then they go eat at the Burn Toast Diner. Sylar is saying how he almost killed a waitress there (Charlie) and how he can kill the waitress now unless Matt tells him what happened to his body. After much back and forth, Matt tells him. Then as they're leaving cops come (Matt had made him doodle on a napkin that he had a gun and was going to kill everyone). Matt realized that the only way to keep Sylar from doing more harm was to die so he makes like he's pulling a gun and cops shoot him. He's loaded into an ambulance where we don't know if he's dead or alive.

Claire and Gretchen are freaked out because of Becky. Claire goes to the Sorority to see if Becky is there and Gretchen is scared. At the Sorority, the Haitian (Rene) and Noah are there. They also want to find Becky. Noah stays back and searches Becky's room, while Rene and Claire go back to her place so that Becky's powers won't work around them. When Claire gets back Gretchen is packing and says she's going home because Becky is trying to kill her. Claire tells her she's important to her but Becky leaves anyways. Then Samuel comes and talks to Claire about how the real target for Becky was Noah. Apparently Noah killed Becky's parents when she was little and she wants revenge. This is told to us by a stand off between Noah and Becky. They get interrupted by some Sorority Sisters and he goes to Claire's place. He handcuffs Samuel and shows him that he found the compass in Becky's room. In the parking lot while Samuel is being put in his car, Becky shows up and Samuel zaps her with the stun gun. After some hesitation from Noah he lets them go.

Sylar/Nathan wakes up and shifts back to Nathan and flies away from the carnival. When Samuel gets back with Becky he tells her she'll still get her revenge. Lydia tells him that Sylar is gone.

Peter is using his healing ability to heal a bunch of people coming into the ER. He is getting really worn from doing all this. Emma is confused and helps out in the ER. Peter talks to her and finds out that she went to Medical school and dropped out after her second year of residency because she feels responsible for her nephew drowning and her not being able to save him. Peter goes home and takes down all his newspaper clippings. Nathan comes to the door and is glad to see Peter.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Heroes - Once Upon a Time in Texas (11/02)

Last night's episode takes us back to season 1. The day that Hiro met Charlie at the Burnt Toast Diner and the night that Sylar attacked Claire at Homecoming.

We see Hiro standing outside the diner and seeing Charlie. He knows he has to save her from dying. He hides out in the diner and we also see Sylar come in and Noah with his partner. Hiro decides to freeze time right before Sylar is about to kill Charlie. He puts Sylar in a bus and comes back and talks to Charlie, but before he does he realizes he just changed things and he never went back 6 months to meet her so he talks to himself and says he needs to go back. Samuel is also there messing with Hiro and telling him he can't change things. So he sets it all right and geos to talk to Charlie and she is weird because her aneurysm ruptured. So Hiro talks to Sylar and convinces him to save Charlie and he will tell him his future. Sylar saves Charlie and Hiro tells him he will acquire many abilities but he will die alone. Sylar still decides to go to Homecoming.

Noah has a partner that he is meeting at the diner. Looks like they are a little more than friends and she gives him hotel room key. He decides he's happy with his life and his family and they shouldn't have the affair. She gets the Haitian to erase her memory.

At the end once Hiro saves Charlie they decide to be together but she disappears. Samuel says that the former time traveler of his has died and he put Charlie somewhere in time and only Samuel knows where she is. Hiro must help Samuel right a wrong he did and that would be Monhinder laying on the floor of an apartment with Samuel standing there. Looks like Monhinder will be back next week.

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