Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heroes - Brother's Keeper (11/16)

It was a good episode and we got some background on Samuel.

Claire is over at Noah's place doing some laundry and Tracy shows up. Her powers are out of control and she came to Noah for help. Claire helps her out, gives her a hot bath then makes her some tea. Tracy accidentally freezes Claire and rips her foot off. Tracy freaks out but Claire thaws out and tells her that she can heal herself. Her foot grows back. Her and Tracy talk and they talk about Samuel. Claire tells her she should go join the carnival since that seems to be what her body is telling her. Noah comes in while they're talking and that's about it.

Hiro is to go back in time and get a film strip that Mohinder burns. Mohinder is back in India teaching and he has a girlfriend. He still has a box of Chandra's stuff and she tells him to throw it out. He does but then digs it out and finds a film about Samuel. The film shows that Samuel is very powerful and that his powers increase exponentially when surrounded by people with power. Mohinder builds a compass to find Samuel and he does. We get to meet Joseph before he died. He talks to Mohinder and tells him that he's been looking out for his brother and making sure he doesn't get too powerful. Of course Samuel overhears this and seeks Mohinder out. He wants the film and when Mohinder refuses to help him, he kills him. But since Hiro went back in time he put a bulletproof vest on Mohinder and saves his life. He tells him that he needs to dissapear for 8 months so he can get Charlie back. Mohinder won't and Hiro puts him in a mental hospital. Hiro goes back and gives Samuel the film but he still refuses to bring Charlie back.

Nathan goes to Peter for help. Also The Haitian comes and tells him that he needs to know the truth and gives him the address of a storage facility. He of course brings Nathan with and there they find Nathan's body frozen. Nathan/Sylar touches the body and he says he only got glimpses and that his mother was involved and so was Matt Parkman. So they go find Matt but he's in the hospital in Texas. So Peter uses his healing ability to heal him. Matt freaks out because Sylar is back and Sylar's body is also in the same room. Sylar takes over and wants Nathan to touch him so he can get his body back. Security comes and there's a fight and Nathan accidentally touches him. Then he grabs Peter and flies out the window. Nathan tells him he needs to figure things out and then Peter touches him and absorbs his power. They fly off together. Matt is rid of Sylar and he breaks out of the hospital.

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