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Friday was the Season 6 premiere of Supernatural.  As much as I LOVE the show, I was not happy with the premiere.

Dean has been living with his girlfriend Lisa and son Ben for the last year.  Just like he promised Sam he would, he gave up hunting for a normal life.  But in this episode he gets a visit from the yellow eyed demon but really it's a Djiin.  Sam comes back to save Dean.  He's been alive for about a year and the only person that didn't know was Dean.  Of course he's mad about it since he tried finding a way to bring him back.  Also back is their grandfather Samuel and other family members that are hunters from their mother's side.  I don't like Samuel and the rest of the family, I think there is something wrong with them and I don't trust them.  Then at the end they kill 2 out of the 3 Djiins after them and the Campbell's capture the third one alive for some reason and get her out of there before Sam & Dean see.  Just like I said, someth…

Chuck/The Event - 09/20

Chuck - Thought it was a good episode, although a little slow at the beginning.  I figured that he would be the one to save Sarah and Casey in Russia and that he would tell them about his mom and get back to being a spy.  Laughed at the whole sexting thing when Sarah was asking for help and Morgan was replying.  I figured that Ellie was pregnant and Chuck wouldn't tell her about him become a spy again.  I'm thinking though that this will be the last season for Chuck.  I mean where else can they go in this show?

The Event - Very confusing with all the different time changes and exactly what was going on.  I think the two people they met at the cruise had something to do with the girl's disappearance.  The ending though is what got me interested.  Where did the plane go?  Looks like it got warped to another time or place.  I'll watch next week but if next week isn't good then I might not watch this show.

There have been too many shows that I watch and only last one …

Monday Night

I'm excited for the return of Chuck tonight.  Most of my new shows are returning this week so I'll have a busy week.  Last week I watched the finale of America's Got Talent.  A show I started watching last year because there was never anything on.  The kids like that show too.  But I flipped back and forth between that and Survivor.  It's no big deal to miss the first few episodes anyway.  I also caught up on two episodes of The Vampire Diaries.  I'm not sure I like that Caroline is now a vampire too.  I mean is the whole cast going to turn into a supernatural being (witch, vampire, werewolf).  Last night I watched the season finale of The Gates.  I'm pretty certain the show won't be back next summer and it kind of did end.  But tonight it's Chuck and I might check out The Event.  The event is probably people watching the show.  I feel a cold coming on (stuffy nose and sore throat) so not sure how late I'll be staying up.  Also on this week is Glee,…

The Return of New TV Shows

I meant to write this yesterday but the day got away from me and I didn't get a chance.  Then at 8:30pm last night I realize I forgot to record The Vampire Diaries season premiere.  So I'll have to watch it online.  Here's what I'm planning to watch this season.

The Vampire Diaries - It's on the CW and it's season 2 and I plan to record it since it's on at 7pm and it's too scary for the kids to watch.  The show is based on books written by L.J. Smith.  I've read the first 4 and attempted to read the 5th and hated it.  The series is based on them but many things have changed and I like the changes made.  We left off last season with Katherine coming back, Elena's brother possibly becoming a vampire.

Psych - When it comes back for the second half.  It is currently on season 5 on USA and I watch it online since I don't have cable.  I just finished the summer finale yesterday and can't wait.  Juliet kissed Shawn but she has a boyfriend!


First Day of School

X started first grade today.  He was very excited but he still made him come in with him and walk him down to the cafeteria.  I found his friend and told him to go sit by him and I left.  I picked him up at 11:30am since it was a half day and he said he had a great day.  Here are some pictures.