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Cub Scouts

My son joined Cub Scouts during the summer.Joining Cub Scouts means we have to buy the shirt and patches, which I sewed on.Also I had to buy the Wolf Handbook.He brings this book to all his Den meetings.As I was thinking about it, I thought that the book would get beat up since we have Den meetings twice a month.So I was thinking it needed a book cover of some sort or carrying case for it.I could have bought an official Cub Scout one for $8.99 but decided it would be less expensive and more personal to make him one.So I found some fabric that was skull and crossbones for less than a dollar.The other fabric I already had, the buttons I had and the ribbon I also had.It really did not take me long to make and X loves it.Here is the finished product.

Supernatural – Meet the New Boss

So at the end of last season, Castiel became the new God and he asked Dean, Bobby & Sam to kneel down to him or die.  And that is where things were left and that is where things start up in the new season.
So Dean, Sam & Bobby bow down to him but he stops them because he knows they don’t mean it.  So he tells them if they strike up against him then he will kill them.  So of course, what do they do but try to figure out how to get rid of the new God.  Meanwhile, Sam is dealing with the aftermath of the wall coming down.  He has hallucinations of the things that went on in hell. Castiel is the new and improved God decides he will punish wrong doers.  He kills those that oppose him, including other angels.  He goes to a church and kills the preacher, he massacres a whole office full of people and he heals a blind homeless person because he truly believes.  He is also falling apart, getting burns on his skin.
Dean, Sam & Bobby figure out if they can bind Death then he can get rid…