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Heroes - Ink (09/28)

This was a good episode, but it seems like not too much happened.

Matt - Still being haunted by Sylar. He tells his sponsor/partner that he has broken his 30 day sobriety and "used" and his drug is his power. They are staking out a place and his partner doesn't think he can handle it. But Matt convinces him he can. While they're searching the place for drugs Sylar is constantly bugging Matt. He leads him to the bathroom and finds a stuffed pink bunny. Sylar is trying to make him use his power to find out what's going on. He finally finds a ransom note put together by cut up magazines. Matt finally uses his power because he thinks a little girl's life is at stake and finds out she's under the stairs. He finds her and she's dead and Matt looses it and beats up the guy. His partner comes in and Matt tells him what's going on. Turns out there was no ransom note and no little girl under the stairs. Sylar's response "I used your own …

TV again

I got caught up on my shows this weekend. This includes: Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, The Office and the new show Flashforward.

The Vampire Diaries
I read the book series and so far a few things have changed. But overall I am liking the show and will continue to watch it.

I LOVE this show and will of course watch it. I'm curious to see where they are going with this whole Apocalypse thing and Lucifer coming to earth. Next week's episode looks good with Dean going to the future 5 years and seeing himself and Sam. Looks like Sam indeed became Lucifer's vessel.

Grey's Anatomy:
George O'Malley is dead and it looks like the season premiere pretty much wrapped up everyone's grief so I don't think we'll be seeing too much of that. With Seattle Grace merging with Mercy looks like everyone will be fighting to keep their jobs and they'll probably introduce new characters.

The Office:
It's all leading up to Pam & Jim&#…

I'm a dork!

The First 1,000 Primes

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Heroes - Season Premiere

I have been reading the graphic novels online. There were not too many this summer, but the last two were about Tracy. Basically she talked to Micah and got information on all the people that worked in Building 26. She set out to kill everyone and Noah Bennet was the fifth one. So it was no surprise to me when his car started filling up with water. Then Danko came and saved him and wanted him to join him to kill Tracy. Noah refused and he ends up talking to Tracy and tell her that he wants to help her and that he will take care of Danko. He takes care of Danko by having the Haitian erase his memory of Tracy. So Tracy goes to Danko's apartment to kill him but he doesn't recognize her. She changes her mind about killing him and turns to leave but hears voices and follows the sound. A really fast guy with knives is killing Danko and looking for something. He tries to kill Tracy but she's made out of water and doesn't die and the guy leaves. She calls Noah and…


It's the 2-hour season premier of Heroes on NBC. Be sure to watch tonight. It's on at 7 central time.

A Little Late

I watched The Vampire Diaries on Thursday night. I have read the books by L.J. Smith and so I knew what the show would be about. I thought it was a good show and I'll watch it again this week. Well probably not until this weekend because Survivor starts on Thursday at the same time as Vampire Diaries is on. But they did change some things. Like giving the main character, Elena a teen brother instead of a 5 year old little sister. And they left out one of her friends. But overall I liked the show and though the two vampires were good in it.

Another show I watched last Thursday was Supernatural. I watched the first 3 seasons this summer, I had seen most of them but I was not an avid watcher until last season (season 4). So it was good to get caught up on the show. So I was very much looking forward to season 5. I thought the episode was good, but not great. I guess I was expecting more. Hopefully this season does not disappoint me.

Show looking forward to this week are:

This weekend

Bees...aren't they cute? Well they are until you get stung by them and find out you're allergic to the sting.

The weekend started out fine. We went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday. We took both of the kids and met sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew there around 9am. I even got a Henna tattoo on my arm of a dragonfly. We were sitting down eating a turkey leg when I got stung around 10:45. My arm swelled up and I got ice on it, I thought I would be fine. Until around 11am Dan said I was starting to get hives on my neck and face. We made it to the first aid tent and they gave me two benadryl pills and kept me for 1/2 hour. Dan in the meantime when around with the kids looking at the animals. I met up with him and we just took our time heading out, got apple dumplings and some sugar coated almonds to eat. On the road home I told Dan that my throat was a little swollen and that I was getting dizzy so we should stop at urgent care. At Urgent Care they gave …

First Day of School

It was the first day of school today. We got lunch packed last night, which consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich, granola bar, blueberries and chocolate milk. We also picked out an outfit and packed the backpack. X was so excited last night he could hardly fall asleep. But this morning he woke up without any problems and was ready to go.

Getting breakfast for everyone. He was such a helper this morning, he filled all our bowls and got spoons and even milk.

The kids eating Golden Grahams:

Even the cat joined us for breakfast:

First day of school picture in front of our house:

Heading to the car. He said his backpack was heavy but it didn't hardly have anything in it.

In the car, he insisted on holding his backpack and lunchbox on his lap.

We parked on the street and he is walking to the building.

In the cafeteria waiting for his teacher to come and take him to his classroom.

The kindergartners lining up with the teacher:

I pick him up around noon so I'll post how his first day w…