Monday, September 14, 2009

A Little Late

I watched The Vampire Diaries on Thursday night. I have read the books by L.J. Smith and so I knew what the show would be about. I thought it was a good show and I'll watch it again this week. Well probably not until this weekend because Survivor starts on Thursday at the same time as Vampire Diaries is on. But they did change some things. Like giving the main character, Elena a teen brother instead of a 5 year old little sister. And they left out one of her friends. But overall I liked the show and though the two vampires were good in it.

Another show I watched last Thursday was Supernatural. I watched the first 3 seasons this summer, I had seen most of them but I was not an avid watcher until last season (season 4). So it was good to get caught up on the show. So I was very much looking forward to season 5. I thought the episode was good, but not great. I guess I was expecting more. Hopefully this season does not disappoint me.

Show looking forward to this week are:
Thursday, September 17th
CBS 7PM - Survivor:Samoa
CW 7PM - The Vampire Diaries
FOX 8PM - Fringe
CW 8PM - Supernatural
NBC 8PM - The Office

I'm thinking this weekend I'll be watching The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural & The Office

Also very excited for the season premiere of Heroes on Monday, September 21st. It is a 2 hour premiere and I can't wait!!

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