Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This weekend

Bees...aren't they cute? Well they are until you get stung by them and find out you're allergic to the sting.

The weekend started out fine. We went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday. We took both of the kids and met sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew there around 9am. I even got a Henna tattoo on my arm of a dragonfly. We were sitting down eating a turkey leg when I got stung around 10:45. My arm swelled up and I got ice on it, I thought I would be fine. Until around 11am Dan said I was starting to get hives on my neck and face. We made it to the first aid tent and they gave me two benadryl pills and kept me for 1/2 hour. Dan in the meantime when around with the kids looking at the animals. I met up with him and we just took our time heading out, got apple dumplings and some sugar coated almonds to eat. On the road home I told Dan that my throat was a little swollen and that I was getting dizzy so we should stop at urgent care. At Urgent Care they gave me a shot of epinephrine and prednisone and kept a watch on me for over an hour. Then I had to go fill a prescription for an epi pen (which I have to always have on me) and prednisone (5 day supply). We got home Saturday night and were tired, but my arm felt better and the hives were totally gone.

Sunday we just hung around at home. I went to the grocery store with O and Dan went to Home Depot and Menards with X.

Yesterday we made snicker salad (snickers, apples from our tree, cool whip with vanilla pudding) and went to in-laws for a bbq. The kids had a blast but when we got home all hell broke loose because it was two kids that didn't get a nap. They both went to bed around 8pm last night.

Oh and I forgot to say how X's first day of school went. I got a call from the nurse around 11am saying he fell off the monkey bars and bumped his nose but he was fine. When I picked him up he was a chatterbox and his nose looked fine. He was very excited to be going back again today.

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