Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heroes - Ink (09/28)

This was a good episode, but it seems like not too much happened.

Matt - Still being haunted by Sylar. He tells his sponsor/partner that he has broken his 30 day sobriety and "used" and his drug is his power. They are staking out a place and his partner doesn't think he can handle it. But Matt convinces him he can. While they're searching the place for drugs Sylar is constantly bugging Matt. He leads him to the bathroom and finds a stuffed pink bunny. Sylar is trying to make him use his power to find out what's going on. He finally finds a ransom note put together by cut up magazines. Matt finally uses his power because he thinks a little girl's life is at stake and finds out she's under the stairs. He finds her and she's dead and Matt looses it and beats up the guy. His partner comes in and Matt tells him what's going on. Turns out there was no ransom note and no little girl under the stairs. Sylar's response "I used your own power against you" Matt is in big trouble so he does the logical thing and uses his power to convince his partner that the guy attacked him and Matt had no choice. Looks like Matt is going to help Sylar get his body back.

Samuel - He is dressing up in a suit and talking to Lydia (I think that's her name). He tells her he's found Joseph's replacement (that's his dead brother) and that he needs to go to his hometown. He sucks up some ink with his hands to be used later.

Peter - He is being sued by someone he saved. The guy that is suing him is Samuel. He claims he was on a bus and Peter was not being careful and hurt his shoulder and now he can't work and he wants some empathy. All Peter does is say he was not on the bus and he is being scammed.

Samuel goes to Peter's apartment and inks himself in a newspaper cut out of the bus accident and Peter comes home and sees he was indeed in the bus. He finds him at the park and he tells Samuel he's sorry that he didn't remember him. Samuel decides not to sue him and they shake hands. He does something to Peter I just know it. We find out he put a compass on his wrist later on when Peter sees it. That is after Samuel visits his family home (his parents were the butler and maid) and there is party going on and he asks if he can come and see where he used to live. The lady says it's not a good time and closes the door. Samuel gets angry and causes a sink hole. That is where Peter comes in as a paramedic and sees the house inside the sink hole and his compass appears. With Samuel looking on.

We meet a new person named Emma. She is deaf and can suddenly "see" sounds. She doesn't understand this and goes to her Doctor. She tells her that sometimes things like that happen to people that loose one of their senses and other senses are heightened. Turns out Peter meets Emma since she works at the hospital and he needs to see Samuel's file. She points to a note that says request need to be written down. He sees she has headphones but nothing plugged into them. Later on she is sitting at a park and can see the music coming from a cello. The guy gets up to get a hot dog and she starts playing. Which gets Peter's attention since he's also at the park.

Claire: She has to deal with Gretchen knowing her power. Except she's avoiding her and then when confronted she tells her she didn't see what she thinks she saw. Noah is there to take Claire to lunch and invites Gretchen to come along. He figures out that Gretchen knows and wants to call in the Haitian to erase her memory. Claire objects and tells him that she'll take care of it and that she's grown up and needs to deal with her own problems. So her and Gretchen talk in her room and Claire tells her everything. Then she invites her to be her roommate. I don't trust Gretchen and I think she has a hidden agenda.

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