Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Title Quiz

I saw this on Becky's Barmy Book Blog and it looked like fun.

I will only answer using titles of books I have read this year.

Describe yourself:  The Iron Witch
How do you feel:  Torment
Describe where you currently live:  Unearthly
If you could go anywhere, where would you go:  The Red Pyramid
Your favorite form of transportation:  Succubus Shadows
Your best friend is:  Vegan Virgin Valentine
You and your friends are:  Awakened
What's the weather like:  Autumn
You fear:  Succubus Heat
What is the best advice you have to give:  Bloodthirsty
Thought for the day:  Before I Fall
How I would like to die:  Indefensible
My soul's present condition:  I Am Number Four

This was tough.

Duluth - March 2011

We went to Duluth for the weekend and stayed at the Waterpark there.  The kids had a lot of fun.  Although the chlorine they used at the pool made X's asthma act up so we could only really swim for 1.5 hours at a time.  But that's about all I can take anyways.  Here are some pictures from the trip.

Looks like Lake Superior got a lot of things near shore full of ice:
 The Lake had some ice on it:
We went to the Great Lakes Aquarium with the kids and here is O by the Otter exhibit.
 At the entrance:
 X with a Caribou
 Both kids in a bear den with a mama bear
 The kids with their cousin going fishing
 A bald eagle
A ship that came into the harbor on our last day there:
The walk back to the parking lot, X in the ice and O in the front

Friday, March 18, 2011

TV season is almost over

So many TV shows are on breaks right now.  So not so much TV watching right now.  But I did find out most of the season finales for shows, all times listed in central time.

Tuesday, April 5th - No Ordinary Family (ABC) 7PM   Not sure if it's the season or series finale.  The show is not that great and I've actually missed a couple of episodes.

Friday, May 6th - Fringe (FOX) 8PM  I am liking this season and glad that Olivia is back and her and Peter are together.  I really don't like Alternate Olivia.

Sunday, May 8th - The Amazing Race (CBS) 7PM 2 hour finale  I have watched this show on and off previous seasons but have been watching it every week this season.

Thursday, May 12th - The Vampire Diaries (CW) 7PM  I've said it before but this show is so much better than the books.

Sunday, May 15th - Survivor (CBS) 7PM  I'm glad Russel is off and I'm really not sure yet who I want to win.

Monday, May 16th - Chuck (NBC) 7PM  I am glad this show came back for another season but as much as I like the show I won't be upset if it ends.  As long as Chuck and Sarah get married I'll be happy.

Friday, May 20th - Supernatural (CW) 8PM 2 hour finale  So far this show has not been renewed for another season and I read that the show will end with a cliffhanger.  I hope it gets renewed because I LOVE this show.

Monday, May 23rd - The Event (ABC) 8PM  I watched this show and kind of lost interest but I read they re-formatted it and so I started watching it.  It's like a different show, even things that happened at the beginning of the season no longer applied.  I mean at least they could have been consistent.  I'm not sure it will get renewed for another season.

Tuesday, May 24th - Glee (FOX) 8PM  Still a good show to watch

Other shows I watch that I haven't found finales on are Hawaii Five-O (CBS), Modern Family (ABC), Grey's Anatomy (ABC).  I still haven't checked out Being Human on SyFy, I'll probably watch it this summer.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pokemon Black & white Tour

We went to Mall of America on Saturday and the Pokemon Black & White Tour was going on.  X got a new Pokemon for his Pokemon SoulSilver game.  We had to get little booklets and go around the mall to get stamps.  Once we had all the stamps we waited in line for almost an hour and got to spin the wheel.  The kids each got a Pokemon Stylus for the DS.  X was very excited.  Here are some pictures from the event.

Meeting a new Pokemon
Posing with Black & White Pokemons

Monday, March 07, 2011

Supernatural - ..An Then There Were None

Looks like there will be a break and no new episodes for a while.  Sad.

This week starts out with Mother hitching a ride with a truck driver.  She whispers in his ear and then he goes and murders his family.  Bobby and the Winchesters see a string of murders and go and investigate.  Booby sure cleans up playing an FBI agent.  They run into Rufus and he's there to investigate the same thing.  So Rufus and Bobby go to see the body of the latest killer and find some goo in the ear.  They figure out it's some kind of parasite and follow it to a warehouse where they run into Samuel and Gwen.  Of course Dean is true to his word and goes to shoot Samuel but gets stopped by Sam and says they need to work together.  Dean is alone with Gwen and shoots her and runs.  They figure out it's in him but when they catch up to him, he's himself again.  Then it goes into Samuel and he sets up traps for them and Sam gets separated.  He runs into Samuel and shoots him in the head thinking he has the parasite.  Well they are unsure until they can cut Samuel open so they tie up Sam's hands.  Rufus and Bobby go to cut up Samuel's head and send Dean and Sam outside and as they start cutting, Samuel sits up.  They end up electrocuting him and the worms slips out.  Sam and Dean come back in and since no one knows where the parasite went they all must be zapped to be tested.  Dean goes first, then Sam, then Rufus and when they get to Bobby he's reluctant and he stabs Rufus.

They tie Bobby up and try to figure out how to get the parasite out of him without killing him.  The parasite tells them that Mother of All cooked him up and she has new monsters they've never seen.  Her plan it to take over earth with her monsters and eliminate humans.  They zap Bobby and the parasite dies and we are meant to believe Bobby died too.  The next scene is Dean and Sam looking down at a grave but then Bobby comes and they are actually looking at a grave for Rufus.

So three people died in this episode, Gwen, Samuel and Rufus.

Photo #1
Photo #4
Photo #7

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Supernatural - The French Mistake

This was probably the funniest Supernatural episode I've seen in a while.

It starts out with Balthazar telling the Winchesters that Raphael is after him.  So he gets a bowl and makes something and gives the a key that opens a door that holds all of heaven's weapons.  They end up in another world where they are Jared and Jensen and are on a show called Supernatural.  At first they are confused and then figure it out.  Then Dean tries to summon Castiel and it works, they go to him and talk to him then the actor Misha starts talking normal and they figure out he's just an actor.  Everyone is surprised that they are talking to eachother, Jared and Jensen since they never do.  So Dean decided to get a ride with Sam to his house.  There they run into Ruby, but it's really the actress that played her and she's married to Jared.  There is much poking fun at the actors.

An angel is after them and he follows them but he has no powers.  Sam and Dean try to use the same spell that Balthazar used but it doesn't work.  Finally they figure out the angel that is following them is getting a ride back now that he has the key.  So they go to the meeting place and go back to the real world.

Once there they find out that Balthazar and Castiel were using them to distract Raphael while they moved the weapons.  Now Castiel has the weapons and he can fight back.

In an Alternate Reality
Supernatural Trio
Supernatural Goes Meta

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