Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Supernatural - The French Mistake

This was probably the funniest Supernatural episode I've seen in a while.

It starts out with Balthazar telling the Winchesters that Raphael is after him.  So he gets a bowl and makes something and gives the a key that opens a door that holds all of heaven's weapons.  They end up in another world where they are Jared and Jensen and are on a show called Supernatural.  At first they are confused and then figure it out.  Then Dean tries to summon Castiel and it works, they go to him and talk to him then the actor Misha starts talking normal and they figure out he's just an actor.  Everyone is surprised that they are talking to eachother, Jared and Jensen since they never do.  So Dean decided to get a ride with Sam to his house.  There they run into Ruby, but it's really the actress that played her and she's married to Jared.  There is much poking fun at the actors.

An angel is after them and he follows them but he has no powers.  Sam and Dean try to use the same spell that Balthazar used but it doesn't work.  Finally they figure out the angel that is following them is getting a ride back now that he has the key.  So they go to the meeting place and go back to the real world.

Once there they find out that Balthazar and Castiel were using them to distract Raphael while they moved the weapons.  Now Castiel has the weapons and he can fight back.

In an Alternate Reality
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