Friday, March 18, 2011

TV season is almost over

So many TV shows are on breaks right now.  So not so much TV watching right now.  But I did find out most of the season finales for shows, all times listed in central time.

Tuesday, April 5th - No Ordinary Family (ABC) 7PM   Not sure if it's the season or series finale.  The show is not that great and I've actually missed a couple of episodes.

Friday, May 6th - Fringe (FOX) 8PM  I am liking this season and glad that Olivia is back and her and Peter are together.  I really don't like Alternate Olivia.

Sunday, May 8th - The Amazing Race (CBS) 7PM 2 hour finale  I have watched this show on and off previous seasons but have been watching it every week this season.

Thursday, May 12th - The Vampire Diaries (CW) 7PM  I've said it before but this show is so much better than the books.

Sunday, May 15th - Survivor (CBS) 7PM  I'm glad Russel is off and I'm really not sure yet who I want to win.

Monday, May 16th - Chuck (NBC) 7PM  I am glad this show came back for another season but as much as I like the show I won't be upset if it ends.  As long as Chuck and Sarah get married I'll be happy.

Friday, May 20th - Supernatural (CW) 8PM 2 hour finale  So far this show has not been renewed for another season and I read that the show will end with a cliffhanger.  I hope it gets renewed because I LOVE this show.

Monday, May 23rd - The Event (ABC) 8PM  I watched this show and kind of lost interest but I read they re-formatted it and so I started watching it.  It's like a different show, even things that happened at the beginning of the season no longer applied.  I mean at least they could have been consistent.  I'm not sure it will get renewed for another season.

Tuesday, May 24th - Glee (FOX) 8PM  Still a good show to watch

Other shows I watch that I haven't found finales on are Hawaii Five-O (CBS), Modern Family (ABC), Grey's Anatomy (ABC).  I still haven't checked out Being Human on SyFy, I'll probably watch it this summer.

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