Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost - 02/25

This episode was all about John Locke. It was an okay episode, it did answer some questions.

We start off with Cesar (the guy that talked to Jack at the airport) digging in an office and looking at files. Then come Ilena (the girl that was escorting Sayid) and she tells him there's a guy in a suit that wasn't on the plane. They go to the beach and John Locke is alive and on the island. Then we flash to him landing in the dessert with the broken leg. He lays there calling for help but no one comes. Finally a truck pulls up and loads him in the back and bring him to a doctor. They re-set his leg and he passes out. He wakes up and Charles Widmore is next to his bed. He tells him that he remembers meeting him when he was 17. Then he tells him it's been 3 years since the oceanic six came back. He also tells him that he will help him bring them back because he cares about the island's well being. Widmore gives Locke a fake ID and his new name is Jeremy Bentham. Then we meet Matthew Abaddon, whom we've seen before. He is Locke's driver and he's going to help him find the Oceanic Six.

He first visits Sayid in the Dominican Republic helping build homes. He refuses to go back and says he was manipulated by Ben for two years. Then he tells him about his wife being murdered.

Locke then visits Hurley at the mental hospital. At first Hurley thinks that Locke is dead and he says that other dead people from the island have visited him. Locke convinces him that he is not dead and then Hurley freaks out and wants him to leave.

He then visits Kate and she won't go back. They talk about love and Kate doesn't think Locke has ever been in love. Locke then tells Kate about being in love with Helen.

He then visits Walt but doesn't try to convince him to go back to the island because he feels he's been through enough. He asks about his dad and Locke says that last time he heard he was on a freighter near the island.

Locke wants Matthew to find Helen. When he finally does it is at a cemetery. Helen died of a brain aneurysm. Locke is sad because he could have been there for her. They get in the car and someone starts shooting at Matthew. Locke freaks out and drives away and gets into a car accident. When he wakes up there is Jack next to his bed. Jack of course doesn't believe him when he says they need to go back.

Locke write a note to Jack, the note that we already saw. Then he tries to kill himself. He's about to hang himself when there is a knock on the door. Suddenly Ben comes through the door and sees Locke trying to kill himself. They talk and he convinces him not to kill himself. Locke tells him about what a failure he is for not convincing any of them. Then Ben says he hadn't see Sun and Locke said he promised Jin (yes, he's alive!) he wouldn't. Then Locke says there's a woman in LA named Eloise Hawking and she will help them. Upon hearing this Ben then strangles him.

And that's how Locke dies, not by suicide but by Ben killing him. And why exactly did he kill him?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I did it

In my attempt to start reading Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind), I have read two books in a little over a week. Crazy huh? I read The Time Traveler's Wife, which I finished Monday. So then I dropped it off at the library on Monday and picked up From Dead to Worse and I just finished that today. So I am once again stopping at the library to drop off that book and pick up Wizard's First Rule. Not to mention The Time Traveler's Wife was a little over 500 pages and From Dead to Worse is about 375 pages. Wizard's First Rule is about 500 pages. I've head that the series is really good so I'm excited to be reading it. So now I'm off to the library!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes - 02/23

Last night's Heroes was all about Noah. I didn't think it was that great of an episode and I still don't know if Noah is good or bad. I think good, but not sure.

So we start out with Matt, Mohinder & Peter interrogating Noah. This is done by Matt going into Noah's mind. Through several flashbacks we see that Noah was supposed to retire. Angela gives him a big fat check and a nice watch as a gift. He doesn't want to retire because the Company is all he's ever known. We also see another flashback where Nathan approaches him and wants him to work for him. He says it's the only way to keep Claire safe. We also see another flashback where he tells Mohinder about Nathan's plan and asks for his help. Also we meet the Hunter and it shows his relationship with Noah. The Hunter is not very trusting of Noah.

We find that there is a storage unit that Noah keeps with weapons and files. Peter flies there to retrieve things. It is under surveillance and The Hunter sees him and wants him caught. Guys with guns go to the storage unit, but Peter flies away. Then Matt gets it out of Noah where The Hunter lives. Peter then goes there and puts a gun to his head. The Hunter tells him to kill him because that will just give them more reason to hunt down people with powers and lock them up. His apartment is also under surveillance and Nathan sees it. He flies to the apartment to talk to Peter. He convinces him not to kill him and Peter flies out the window.

Then we are back in the hotel and Matt and Mohinder argue. Men are closing in and Noah tells Matt that Daphne is alive. Mohinder goes to fight the guys and Matt stays to find out what happened. Daphne was brought into Building 26 with gun shots to the shoulder but she was alive. Then Matt gets captured and they give him the drug to sedate him. Noah says he'll walk him out. Then Peter comes and flies Matt away.

The Hunter comes and talks to Noah. Noah pretty much tells him that he is behind him 100% and that gets The Hunter to trust him. Then we see him go to a bench and talk with Angela. She says that The Hunter will constantly test his loyalty and that he needs to be careful. They pretty much agree that things are going according to plan. He gets up and leaves the watch behind.

So a few things, I knew Daphne couldn't be dead!! Also I'm assuming that Noah is working with Angela, who is against what Nathan is doing. He is sort of a spy, so does that make him good? Are we to assume that Angela is good? She might just be another form of evil! So we still don't know if Noah is good or bad!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Do you ever want more time in your day? I do, but it's mostly so I can read books. There are so many books out there that I want to read. I want to take a whole week off of work and read, scrapbook and crochet! Too many things to do. I'm currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife, which is a very good book. I actually think I mentioned it last post I did. I'm still reading it, it's over 500 pages and I'm about halfway through it. At the library waiting for me is the 8th Southern Vampire book, From Dead to Worse. That I think is a little less that 300 pages, which is nothing. After I'm done reading that one I have to wait until May when the 9th book comes out. Also my sister-in-law was telling me to watch Legend of the Seeker, and I found out that it's based on The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, which was already on my list of books to read. So I watched the first episode and I LOVE it! But I want to read the books, which the first one is a little over 500 pages. So I just requested that book to read. So I am itching to sit down and finish The Time Traveler's Wife and then I must read From Dead to Worse so I can read Wizard's First Rule. Oh and for crochet projects I have to finish O's frog by her birthday, which is only a couple of week's away. Then I decided to make myself a scarf and a purse with this super cool yarn I got at Michael's. Plus I have several scrapbook projects I want to do. So I will leave you with this to ponder.

Did you ever have the feeling there's a zamp in the lamp? Or a nink in the sink? Or a woset in the closet? Sometimes I am quite certain there's a jurtain in the curtain. and when I hear a tock, I know a zlock's behind the clock.

You've got to love Dr. Seuss!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Books into Movies

I found this interesting article about books being turned into movies. I agree that there are many books out there that are absolutely great and when the movies comes out it is awful. Whenever a book I have read turns into a movie I tell myself not to be disappointed. Movies cannot capture the story as well and some things have to be changed in order to make a movie interesting. Take for example Twilight, would you really have wanted to watch Bella make dinner for Charlie over and over again? There are many movie that were books that were not the same as the book but I still liked. Like Eragon, that movie was nothing like the book. Yet I still liked it. I tell myself that it was a movie based on the book. Meaning they took the main ideas from the book, a dragon rider and a dragon going to Ellesmera and him learning to use magic. But since they changed other things I try not to remember what it should have been from the book. Right now I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife, which I've heard is being turned into a movie. I started reading it yesterday (I'm on pg 160, so that tells you how much I like it) and I really like it, but I am almost dreading how the movie will be like. I'm hoping it doesn't get ruined.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost - 02/18

Last night's episode was all about The Oceanic Six.

We start with Jack waking up in the jungle wearing a suit. Just like in the series premiere. Except this time he is relieved to be back on the island. He find Hurley in the water and helps him out. Then he find Kate on conscious near some rocks. But where are Sayid, Sun & Ben? Then we flash to 46 hours earlier.

We are back in the church with Eloise Hawkings. She shows them to The Lamp Post Station (Dharma Initiative) and says that's how they originally found the island. She says she know where/when the island will be next and that they need to take a plane to Guam. Then she pulls Jack aside and tells him that he need to give Locke (dead in a coffin) something of his dad's. She gives him an envelope addressed to him from Locke. Then we cut to Jack having a drink at a bar and he gets a phone call. We see him visit an older guy and he calls him grandpa. His grandpa is always trying to run away and he says he'll help him unpack. While unpacking he finds a pair of shoes that look familiar. Turns out they were his dad's and so he takes them. He goes home and finds Kate on his bed. He asks where Aaron is and she tells him not to ask her again. I'm assuming we will find out in a flashback episode what happened to him. She probably listened to Claire when she told him not to bring him back. They make out and then the next morning Jack makes her coffee. He leaves and they say they'll see each other at the airport. Ben calls Jack and tells him he needs to get Locke for him because he can't. Looks like Ben got beat up, I'm sure we'll find out in a flashback. While Jack is getting his ticket he talks about Locke and how he's a friend. Then as he's leaving, a Latino guys tells him he's sorry about his friend. I think we're going to be seeing that guy on the island. At the airport Jack sees Kate, then Sayid being escorted by a woman and he's in handcuffs. Also Hurley is there with a backpack and guitar. Hurley bought 18 seats on the plane because he's afraid many people will die. Then Jack is surprised to see Sun too. She tells him that if there's any chance that Jin is alive she needs to go back. What I don't get is why she would leave her daughter behind. They all board he plane and just as the doors are about to close Ben comes in with a sling and a few bruises. Hurley freaks out and Jack calms him down. As they're taking off the captain speaks and Jack recognizes the name. He asks to speak to the Captain and he comes out and it's the guy that got them off the island!! He looks around and sees Kate, Sun, Sayid & Hurley and says "We're not going to Guam are we?". There's some turbulence and then a white flash and we are back to the beginning of the episode. Then a familiar VW van pulls up and someone in a Dharma jumpsuit comes out with a gun and it's Jin!!

What I don't get is how they were all so willing to go back to the island. Oh and I forgot to mention that Eloise told Desmond that the island wasn't done with him yet. So I wonder if Desmond will have to go back too. Also wouldn't Aaron also have to go back?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heroes - 02/17

Heroes was good last night. Lots of Sylar, which I liked.

Sylar is still with Luke on the road to find his father. Luke won't tell him exactly where his father is and Sylar knows when he's lying. They stop at a diner and Luke uses his power. Sylar tells him that you don't use your power for fun and that you always have to have an objective. Luke then writes down and address for Sylar and tells him that's where his dad is. Sylar says that now he has no reason to keep Luke around. By then he notices that they are surrounded and tells Luke to head to the exit quietly. A gun is put to Sylar's head, the one place that will truly kill him. Luke pretends that he's scared and that Sylar was hurting him, causing a distraction and Sylar kicks butt. They head to the car and Sylar locks Luke out. Sylar gets away and Luke is captured. Then we see Sylar come back for Luke and a case and he gets Luke out. I knew he wouldn't leave him. So they head to find Sylar's dad and Luke is happy to be his sidekick again.

Nathan gets company from Homeland Security. She wants to shut him down because she believes people with power is non-sense. She even calls the president to get him shut down. The Hunter stages an escape for Tracy. She gets out and Homeland Security lady witnesses Tracy using her power. Tracy gets re-captured and Homeland Security backs off and Nathan gets to carry out his work. He gets angry at The Hunter for doing that.

Claire is angry at Noah because she has to lie to her family about who Noah really works for. She is still getting texts from "Rebel". She gets one about a guy named Alex and she goes to the comic book store and tells him that he's in danger. He doesn't believe her but she cuts her hand with a box cutter and then he believes. They run when she sees Noah. She tells him that he can't use credit cards, go home and he needs to ditch his car. She then heads back to her car and Noah is there. He tells her that she needs to be careful because if she keeps acting like this he can't protect her. She goes home and tells Sandra everything. Noah comes home and him and Sandra argue and she kicks him out. He says goodbye to Claire and they have a father/daughter moment. When he leaves we see that Claire is hiding Alex in her closet.

Ando and Hiro go to India to help a woman, because of the drawing Matt made. Ando ends up being the hero and stops the wedding. The woman owns a bakery and doesn't want to marry. Ando ends up getting kidnapped and Hiro must help him. He stops the wedding a second time and the guy decides that the woman is not worth it and calls off the wedding. So then Hiro becomes the Hiro. He learns that you don't need powers to be a hero. They get a fax at the bakery from "Rebel" telling them they need to help Matt Parkman.

Noah is having a drink at a bar. He becomes disoriented and starts passing out. Then we see Suresh, Matt and Peter come and take him. They want information for him.

Next week we find out where Noah's loyalty lie. Is he good or bad?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night's episode was good and it revealed a few things that I was wondering about.

Jin is still with the French people. They find some kind of structure and one of their people falls in and the rest go after them. Jin insists that Danielle stay behind and she does. But as he's waiting to see what the others are doing he flashes. He's all alone and so he heads back to the beach. He sees a camp set up and sees two dead bodies (two of the french men). Then he says Danielle pointing a gun to her husband and she says he is sick and he's not the same and something happened to him. He talks her out of shooting him but then he goes and shoots her but his gun jams. So she shoots him in the head. Jin comes out and she freaks out even more and he runs into the jungle. There he meets Sawyer. He asks where Sun is and they tell him that they are trying to get to the Orchid station to bring them back. Since Charlotte speaks Korean she tells him everything.

Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel are going to the Orchid station. Charlotte keeps getting worse and worse as they keep flashing. Then she collapses and can't go on anymore. She starts talking nonsense, like thinking she's little and then back to the present. Daniel says he'll stay with her while the others go to the Orchid station. Charlotte tells Locke to look for the well. Charlotte tells Daniel that she grew up on the island that her and her mom moved when she was younger and her mom tried to convince her the island didn't exist. She said she became an anthropologist to find the island. She said a scary man told her if she came back that she would die. Then she reveals that the man was Faraday. To which he looks surprised. As we know he was on the island when the Dharma initiative started and that's probably when Charlotte was there too.

They find the Orchid station and then they flash and it's gone. So they find the well and find out that Charlotte knew what she was talking about. Locke says he will climb down and get the survivors back. Jin tells him he doesn't want Sun to come back and to tell her that he is dead and he gives him his ring as proof. Locke promises to not convince her to come but he says she might seek him out and want to come. He climbs down the rope but as he's climbing there's a flash. He falls and breaks his leg. The well is gone and he's just in a cave. Someone comes in and it's Dr. Sheppard. He tells him that he told him that Locke had to move the island and not Ben and now he has to fix things because of it. He tells Locke to turn the wheel and also that he will have to sacrifice himself. He tells him to say hi to his son but before Locke can find out who his son is he's gone.

Sun goes to shoot Ben but he tells her that Jin is alive and that he can prove it if she comes with him. He then gets into a van and goes with Jack and Sun to a church. He pulls out Jin's wedding ring and tells her that Locke had it and that Jin had given it to him. He then asks if she'll come with him and she agrees. As they're going into the church, Desmond shows up. He says he's there to find Faraday's mother. Ben looks surprised and tells him they're there to see Eloise Hawking. So now we know for sure that she's Daniel's mother. Also I am thinking that she is the girl we saw on the island that showed Daniel the bomb. So we they go into the church and Eloise tells him that she wanted all of them but that they would do for now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Ramble

I realize I usually only post about TV shows or books. So I thought I'd make a post about what's been going on. Actually not much going on. I'm taking a Pilates class at the community center and it's a lot of fun and I really like it. The instructor is a lot of fun. I've been reading, but I think I've really slowed down since last month. I've been working on some crocheting projects, I'll get some pictures up soon. I'm making a princess doll and frog for O's birthday, which is less than a month away. Also Dan's school is having some competition and I'm making mittens for the prize. Also I'm going to make Link (as in from Zelda) for X's birthday, which is in June. I know it seems like a lot of time for me to get that done but I crochet slow. I also have some sewing projects waiting for me. So overall I'm busy. Not to mention all the scrapbook projects I need to do. I did get a new game for my DS. I got Professor Layton and the Curious Village and that's a lot of fun. It's just a bunch of puzzles you play. Oh and I usually don't read fan fiction but there is a Twilight one I LOVE. It's called Wide Awake but it's not done yet. It's really good! Valentine's Day is this weekend but we don't really celebrate so we're just going to relax at home. I am planning to bake some cookies for daycare to bring on Friday and I have to get all the kid's Valentine's ready. I also had the kids make some valentine's to send out to family. That's something I probably should have gotten in the mail today. I definitely have to get that out tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heroes - 02/09

Last night's episode was not that great. I have seen better episodes. Also we had the presidential new conference, which I watched some of it. But Chuck was not on because of it.

We start out with the plane crash. They show the scene with Peter absorbing Tracy's power and then making the plane crash. Then we see Nathan freaking out because some of the Heroes have escaped. And those of course would be the main characters. Peter is running and Tracy is also running with him. They talk and Peter says he has to see Nathan because he's behind all this. Then we learn that Peter's new ability is only to absorb one power at a time and he looses that power once he absorbs a new one. The way he absorbs it is by touching that person. Tracy calls Nathan and wants to meet with him. They meet and he doesn't come alone. Peter takes Nathan's power and flies away. Tracy is captured and she tells Nathan "You're one of us!"

Matt is running with Mohinder and Hiro. They try to convince Hiro to turn himself in since he has no powers but Hiro says that is not his path. Matt draws the future. He sees Daphne get shot at the crash site. Ando is tracking Hiro when Daphne comes and they run fast together. They get to the crash site and look for Matt and the rest. She frees Claire, who was in a tent with The Hunter and Nathan. Then they try to escape and Daphne gets shot and dies. Matt gets mad and makes the people shooting at him turn on each other with his mind. The Hunter comes and Claire takes the bullets for Matt. Matt, Mohinder, Ando and Hiro escape.

Claire is taken hostage and The Hunter threatens to shoot her in the one spot that will surely kill her. He compares her to Sylar and she gets angry. Nathan comes and tells him not to harm her. Nathan and Noah convince her to go home and live like a normal teenager. They assume she will but I doubt she would give up that easily. She gets a test from "Rebel" and says that she needs to fight back.

Peter, Matt, Monhinder, Ando and Hiro team up and now are out to get the people that are hunting them.

Sylar is trying to find his father. We see a teenager and his mom arguing and getting in a house. Inside the house is the soldier we saw before and he's tied to the chair and is all bloody. Sylar comes in and pins the teen and mom to the chair. He says that he will torture the mom and teen until the soldier talks and tells him where his father is. After much talk the teen uses his power, which I figured he had. Sylar is intrigued and wants to see how it works. The teen can melt things with his hand. The soldier gets free and goes for his gun but the teen stops him with his power and kills him. Sylar then leaves but the teen follows and tells him he knows where his dad is. Sylar knows he's telling the truth and they hit the road together. Looks like Sylar has a sidekick.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Humane Society Book Sale

My friend told me about this so I thought I'd share with everyone. This is from their website:

14th Annual Book Sale - All Books Great and Small
Golden Valley and Woodbury, 2/5/2009 5:00-8:00pm

About the sale
Do you love a great bargain? Check out AHS's annual book sale at the Golden Valley and Woodbury locations, February 5-8.
Now in its 14th year, the All Books Great and Small book sale features thousands of hard cover, trade paperback and paperback books in 32 different categories. Categories include fiction, nonfiction, children’s, cookbook, travel, spiritual, sci-fi, biography, westerns, mystery, romance and more. The sale also features books on tape, CDs, DVDs—even VHS tapes and vinyl records. All items are reasonably priced, most from $1-3.
Before the sale, join us online for a
pre-sale auction on eBay. There you’ll find rare, out-of-print books, autographed first editions, DVD box sets and other special listings. Have some special treasures of your own you’d like to have support the animals? Simply post your own items up for sale on ebay and choose the Giving Works option to have a percentage (or all) of the proceeds donated back to AHS. By choosing this option you’ll help support the animals and also receive a prorated refund on your listing fees! All proceeds benefit the Animal Humane Society.

The hours are:
Thursday, February 5, 5-8 p.m.$5 per person door charge opening night only
Friday, February 6, 12-8 p.m.
Saturday, February 7, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday, February 8, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

You can find this same info at:

Lost - 02/04

Charlotte was still passed out when the show starts. Daniel tries to explain to Juliet that it's like really bad jet lag and that it depends on how long they had been on the island. So that's telling me that Charlotte was on the island before, which they had already hinted at. Which also makes me wonder why Daniel is not being affected since we saw him on the island in like the 70s. But then Miles starts getting a nose bleed and he says he's never been on the island. Which then made me think that maybe he was the baby of that Dr, the one that does those training videos. We saw him feeding a baby and hey, Miles is also Asian! They're still skipping through time. Locke says they need to get to the Orchid station. They think they can get to the boat (the Zodiac) and go around the island. Sawyer sees Kate delivering Claire's baby and then it flashes and she's gone. They get to the beach and the Zodiac is gone but there are other weird boats. So they take one and someone begins shooting at them. It flashes again and they are in a storm. They get to the beach and somehow the boat travels through time with them. At the beach they see a fresh wreckage and Locke asks "Does anyone speak French?" Which then makes me think or Rouseu and that's probably when they crashed on the island.

We then cut to the French people on the boat. They're speaking French and I had the captioning on so I was able to understand some of it. They just said their instrument was malfunctioning and that they'll never survive. Then they spot someone on the water and they say that's not one of their own. They drag him into the boat and I knew it! Jin is alive!!! They get back to the island and speak with Jin. He says the boat blew up and that he doesn't know how long he's been out there. He introduces himself and then Danielle Rouseu introduces himself and Jin gets a look like "Holy cow!". So somehow Jin is time traveling too.

Kate talks to the lawyer to try to find out who the client is. He says he's meeting with the client later and that he will tell his client the proposal Kate gave him. Which was that she'll give a blood sample if she can meet with the client. The lawyer says most likely the client won't agree to it. Jack is still with Sayid and a Dr sees him in the hospital and lectures him about how he shouldn't be there and how the hospital is liable. Ben arrives and talks to Jack about where Sayid is. He's in his room and a man comes in and tries to kill him. Sayid find out the guy had another address to go to. Jack and Ben come in and Sayid shows them the address and Jack recognizes it as Kate's. He calls Kate and meets with her. Then Kate tells him to leave. She spots the lawyer and decides to follow him. Jack gets in and the lawyer goes to a hotel. They find out he's meeting with Claire's mom. Who I had guessed was the client because only she would be able to take Aaron away since she's blood related. Which then made me think Jack could also fight for Aaron since he's blood related too. But then Jack goes in to talk to Claire's mom and she has no idea about Aaron, she was just suing the airline. So she is not The Client! Jack takes Kate to meet with Ben and Sayid and she freaks out. Ben confesses he's The Client. Jack says that someone is after her and they need to get her and Aaron safe. Then cut to Sun with Aaron sleeping in the back seat watching them. She pulls a gun out and the show is over.

I thought at good show last night. I liked how they worked in Rouseu into the story and how we know that Jin is alive. It seems like the time traveling is just random as to what time they go to. I can't wait until next week.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Heroes - 02/02

The show is back! It starts off a few months after the Villains chapter.

Tracy is living alone and no longer with Nathan. She also gets taken and her powers don't work on their uniforms. They cover her hands and get her unconscious. They do however show one of the men's face.

Hiro does not have his power but Ando still does. Hiro is helping Ando with his power and he's trying to turn him into a superhero that fights crime. I loved the costume he had picked out for him. He had a red lightning bolt on everything. A motorcycle and helmet. Hiro also put a GPS tracking chip in both himself and Ando. The password is only known to Hiro. He said it was someone important to him, which I figured it was Ando and I don't know why it took Ando so long to figure that out. But Hiro gets taken and Ando has to figure out the password and where Hiro is.

Claire is living with Angela and picking out colleges. She apparently got a GED so she could start college. She thinks that Sylar is still out there but Angela tells her that he's dead. She also overhears Nathan and Angela talking about getting Matt and Peter. So Claire heads to NY.

Peter still has a power and I'm assuming it's the same power he had before. He's working as a paramedic. Oh and he gets into a taxi and it Suresh! So it's basically the same scene that we've seen before, like when they first met. They talk for a while and both are trying to live "normal" lives. His brother Nathan is in town and he hasn't talked to him for months. He meets with Nathan and he tells him that he doesn't believe in what he's doing and he won't go along with it. So Peter also gets taken.

Matt is also living in NY and living with Daphne and the turtle. Although Daphne doesn't appear at all in this episode so I wonder where she is. He is seeing Usutu and can draw the future. He gets a knock on the door and it Claire. She's there to warn him that "they" are coming for him. They are looking at the drawing when he gets show with a zapping dart and they storm in taking both Matt and Claire.

Suresh drops off Peter and the next person to come in is a man we saw rallying up the Heroes. He's the man we saw who took Tracy. He puts a gun up to Suresh and tells him to drive. They drive and are surrounded by men and Suresh has nowhere to go. He rips the taxi door off and runs. I guess he still has his superpower. He runs into the parking garage and Noah is there to help him. He asks him what him and Peter talked about and if he's talked to anyone else. Then Noah zaps him. So Noah is now rallying up the Heroes. Which was surprising to me!

Sylar is alive! I knew he couldn't be dead. He is searching for his father. He goes to the watchmakers shop and his dad pulls a gun to him. We find out that he isn't really his dad but his brother is his dad. He gives him the address and Sylar knows he's telling the truth. He thinks about cutting his head open but decides against it. He goes to his real dad's house and he's a taxidermist. He walks in but there's no one there. He smells something fishy and suddenly a bunch of men are trying to get him. He kicks their butt and leaves one alive to tell him what's going on. The man won't talk so Sylar cuts his head open.

Once all the Heroes are rounded up they are being loaded into a cargo plane. They are all semi-sedated to keep them from using their powers. It's hard to tell who's who except Tracy because she's got her hands covered with silver gloves. They also have black masks and goggles. The man (the one we saw earlier) is talking to Nathan. The Man tells him that there are two problems 1) Sylar has escaped and 2) they captured Claire. He brings Claire out and Nathan makes them take all that stuff off her and no sedate her. She tells him "I hate you" and he tells her she'll understand later. He puts her in a car but she escapes and sneaks into the plane.

Inside the plane she starts freeing the Heroes. First she frees Hiro but he's no use since he has no powers. Then she frees Peter. She tells Peter to wake up but he says he's too weak. He grabs Suresh's hand and absorbs super strength. So his power is not the same as it was before, now he has to physically touch them. He escapes and tells Claire to get the pilot to land the plane. Peter accidentaly grabs Tracy's hand and absorbs her power and freezes the back of the plane and it breaks. Causing the cabin pressure to go haywire and the plane to start heading down and crashing. Claire gets to the pilot and tell him to land but Noah is the co-pilot and she's shocked to see him. They plane starts going down. Peter is holding on and almost falls and then Suresh is holding him but it doesn't look like he'll hold him for long. The question is, does Peter have Claire's ability or will he die if he falls out of the plane?

I thought it was a good episode and liked all the use of their powers. I wonder where Daphne is or Sandra. Also why is Noah now working with Nathan?

Monday, February 02, 2009


It's been FOREVER but tonight they're back! Chuck is on at 7pm. I really like that show, it's pretty funny. Actually pretty much all the characters on that show are good, except I think his sister. I don't care too much for her, she's just kind of blah. Then at 8pm is Heroes. I'm so excited! I saw the commercial for it yesterday and it looks like it will be good this season. I hope to see all of the cast members use their powers and some butt kicking! Then after Heroes is Medium at 9pm. I watched this show on and off for the last few seasons but I really started watching it a lot last season. It's a good show and I think Patricia Arquette does a good job portraying Allison Dubois. And her husband is good too. I love the little girl in it too, I don't remember her name but she's the middle child. She's so funny. So that is my night. Oh and Chuck is in 3-D and I got my glasses. I went to Target on Saturday and picked some up. The sheet came with 4 glasses and so that is one for each of us. Although I think the kids will just play with them and rip them.

Book Review: The Chemist - Stephanie Meyer

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