Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night's episode was good and it revealed a few things that I was wondering about.

Jin is still with the French people. They find some kind of structure and one of their people falls in and the rest go after them. Jin insists that Danielle stay behind and she does. But as he's waiting to see what the others are doing he flashes. He's all alone and so he heads back to the beach. He sees a camp set up and sees two dead bodies (two of the french men). Then he says Danielle pointing a gun to her husband and she says he is sick and he's not the same and something happened to him. He talks her out of shooting him but then he goes and shoots her but his gun jams. So she shoots him in the head. Jin comes out and she freaks out even more and he runs into the jungle. There he meets Sawyer. He asks where Sun is and they tell him that they are trying to get to the Orchid station to bring them back. Since Charlotte speaks Korean she tells him everything.

Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel are going to the Orchid station. Charlotte keeps getting worse and worse as they keep flashing. Then she collapses and can't go on anymore. She starts talking nonsense, like thinking she's little and then back to the present. Daniel says he'll stay with her while the others go to the Orchid station. Charlotte tells Locke to look for the well. Charlotte tells Daniel that she grew up on the island that her and her mom moved when she was younger and her mom tried to convince her the island didn't exist. She said she became an anthropologist to find the island. She said a scary man told her if she came back that she would die. Then she reveals that the man was Faraday. To which he looks surprised. As we know he was on the island when the Dharma initiative started and that's probably when Charlotte was there too.

They find the Orchid station and then they flash and it's gone. So they find the well and find out that Charlotte knew what she was talking about. Locke says he will climb down and get the survivors back. Jin tells him he doesn't want Sun to come back and to tell her that he is dead and he gives him his ring as proof. Locke promises to not convince her to come but he says she might seek him out and want to come. He climbs down the rope but as he's climbing there's a flash. He falls and breaks his leg. The well is gone and he's just in a cave. Someone comes in and it's Dr. Sheppard. He tells him that he told him that Locke had to move the island and not Ben and now he has to fix things because of it. He tells Locke to turn the wheel and also that he will have to sacrifice himself. He tells him to say hi to his son but before Locke can find out who his son is he's gone.

Sun goes to shoot Ben but he tells her that Jin is alive and that he can prove it if she comes with him. He then gets into a van and goes with Jack and Sun to a church. He pulls out Jin's wedding ring and tells her that Locke had it and that Jin had given it to him. He then asks if she'll come with him and she agrees. As they're going into the church, Desmond shows up. He says he's there to find Faraday's mother. Ben looks surprised and tells him they're there to see Eloise Hawking. So now we know for sure that she's Daniel's mother. Also I am thinking that she is the girl we saw on the island that showed Daniel the bomb. So we they go into the church and Eloise tells him that she wanted all of them but that they would do for now.

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