Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost - 02/25

This episode was all about John Locke. It was an okay episode, it did answer some questions.

We start off with Cesar (the guy that talked to Jack at the airport) digging in an office and looking at files. Then come Ilena (the girl that was escorting Sayid) and she tells him there's a guy in a suit that wasn't on the plane. They go to the beach and John Locke is alive and on the island. Then we flash to him landing in the dessert with the broken leg. He lays there calling for help but no one comes. Finally a truck pulls up and loads him in the back and bring him to a doctor. They re-set his leg and he passes out. He wakes up and Charles Widmore is next to his bed. He tells him that he remembers meeting him when he was 17. Then he tells him it's been 3 years since the oceanic six came back. He also tells him that he will help him bring them back because he cares about the island's well being. Widmore gives Locke a fake ID and his new name is Jeremy Bentham. Then we meet Matthew Abaddon, whom we've seen before. He is Locke's driver and he's going to help him find the Oceanic Six.

He first visits Sayid in the Dominican Republic helping build homes. He refuses to go back and says he was manipulated by Ben for two years. Then he tells him about his wife being murdered.

Locke then visits Hurley at the mental hospital. At first Hurley thinks that Locke is dead and he says that other dead people from the island have visited him. Locke convinces him that he is not dead and then Hurley freaks out and wants him to leave.

He then visits Kate and she won't go back. They talk about love and Kate doesn't think Locke has ever been in love. Locke then tells Kate about being in love with Helen.

He then visits Walt but doesn't try to convince him to go back to the island because he feels he's been through enough. He asks about his dad and Locke says that last time he heard he was on a freighter near the island.

Locke wants Matthew to find Helen. When he finally does it is at a cemetery. Helen died of a brain aneurysm. Locke is sad because he could have been there for her. They get in the car and someone starts shooting at Matthew. Locke freaks out and drives away and gets into a car accident. When he wakes up there is Jack next to his bed. Jack of course doesn't believe him when he says they need to go back.

Locke write a note to Jack, the note that we already saw. Then he tries to kill himself. He's about to hang himself when there is a knock on the door. Suddenly Ben comes through the door and sees Locke trying to kill himself. They talk and he convinces him not to kill himself. Locke tells him about what a failure he is for not convincing any of them. Then Ben says he hadn't see Sun and Locke said he promised Jin (yes, he's alive!) he wouldn't. Then Locke says there's a woman in LA named Eloise Hawking and she will help them. Upon hearing this Ben then strangles him.

And that's how Locke dies, not by suicide but by Ben killing him. And why exactly did he kill him?

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