Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heroes - 02/17

Heroes was good last night. Lots of Sylar, which I liked.

Sylar is still with Luke on the road to find his father. Luke won't tell him exactly where his father is and Sylar knows when he's lying. They stop at a diner and Luke uses his power. Sylar tells him that you don't use your power for fun and that you always have to have an objective. Luke then writes down and address for Sylar and tells him that's where his dad is. Sylar says that now he has no reason to keep Luke around. By then he notices that they are surrounded and tells Luke to head to the exit quietly. A gun is put to Sylar's head, the one place that will truly kill him. Luke pretends that he's scared and that Sylar was hurting him, causing a distraction and Sylar kicks butt. They head to the car and Sylar locks Luke out. Sylar gets away and Luke is captured. Then we see Sylar come back for Luke and a case and he gets Luke out. I knew he wouldn't leave him. So they head to find Sylar's dad and Luke is happy to be his sidekick again.

Nathan gets company from Homeland Security. She wants to shut him down because she believes people with power is non-sense. She even calls the president to get him shut down. The Hunter stages an escape for Tracy. She gets out and Homeland Security lady witnesses Tracy using her power. Tracy gets re-captured and Homeland Security backs off and Nathan gets to carry out his work. He gets angry at The Hunter for doing that.

Claire is angry at Noah because she has to lie to her family about who Noah really works for. She is still getting texts from "Rebel". She gets one about a guy named Alex and she goes to the comic book store and tells him that he's in danger. He doesn't believe her but she cuts her hand with a box cutter and then he believes. They run when she sees Noah. She tells him that he can't use credit cards, go home and he needs to ditch his car. She then heads back to her car and Noah is there. He tells her that she needs to be careful because if she keeps acting like this he can't protect her. She goes home and tells Sandra everything. Noah comes home and him and Sandra argue and she kicks him out. He says goodbye to Claire and they have a father/daughter moment. When he leaves we see that Claire is hiding Alex in her closet.

Ando and Hiro go to India to help a woman, because of the drawing Matt made. Ando ends up being the hero and stops the wedding. The woman owns a bakery and doesn't want to marry. Ando ends up getting kidnapped and Hiro must help him. He stops the wedding a second time and the guy decides that the woman is not worth it and calls off the wedding. So then Hiro becomes the Hiro. He learns that you don't need powers to be a hero. They get a fax at the bakery from "Rebel" telling them they need to help Matt Parkman.

Noah is having a drink at a bar. He becomes disoriented and starts passing out. Then we see Suresh, Matt and Peter come and take him. They want information for him.

Next week we find out where Noah's loyalty lie. Is he good or bad?

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