Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes - 02/23

Last night's Heroes was all about Noah. I didn't think it was that great of an episode and I still don't know if Noah is good or bad. I think good, but not sure.

So we start out with Matt, Mohinder & Peter interrogating Noah. This is done by Matt going into Noah's mind. Through several flashbacks we see that Noah was supposed to retire. Angela gives him a big fat check and a nice watch as a gift. He doesn't want to retire because the Company is all he's ever known. We also see another flashback where Nathan approaches him and wants him to work for him. He says it's the only way to keep Claire safe. We also see another flashback where he tells Mohinder about Nathan's plan and asks for his help. Also we meet the Hunter and it shows his relationship with Noah. The Hunter is not very trusting of Noah.

We find that there is a storage unit that Noah keeps with weapons and files. Peter flies there to retrieve things. It is under surveillance and The Hunter sees him and wants him caught. Guys with guns go to the storage unit, but Peter flies away. Then Matt gets it out of Noah where The Hunter lives. Peter then goes there and puts a gun to his head. The Hunter tells him to kill him because that will just give them more reason to hunt down people with powers and lock them up. His apartment is also under surveillance and Nathan sees it. He flies to the apartment to talk to Peter. He convinces him not to kill him and Peter flies out the window.

Then we are back in the hotel and Matt and Mohinder argue. Men are closing in and Noah tells Matt that Daphne is alive. Mohinder goes to fight the guys and Matt stays to find out what happened. Daphne was brought into Building 26 with gun shots to the shoulder but she was alive. Then Matt gets captured and they give him the drug to sedate him. Noah says he'll walk him out. Then Peter comes and flies Matt away.

The Hunter comes and talks to Noah. Noah pretty much tells him that he is behind him 100% and that gets The Hunter to trust him. Then we see him go to a bench and talk with Angela. She says that The Hunter will constantly test his loyalty and that he needs to be careful. They pretty much agree that things are going according to plan. He gets up and leaves the watch behind.

So a few things, I knew Daphne couldn't be dead!! Also I'm assuming that Noah is working with Angela, who is against what Nathan is doing. He is sort of a spy, so does that make him good? Are we to assume that Angela is good? She might just be another form of evil! So we still don't know if Noah is good or bad!

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