Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heroes - 02/09

Last night's episode was not that great. I have seen better episodes. Also we had the presidential new conference, which I watched some of it. But Chuck was not on because of it.

We start out with the plane crash. They show the scene with Peter absorbing Tracy's power and then making the plane crash. Then we see Nathan freaking out because some of the Heroes have escaped. And those of course would be the main characters. Peter is running and Tracy is also running with him. They talk and Peter says he has to see Nathan because he's behind all this. Then we learn that Peter's new ability is only to absorb one power at a time and he looses that power once he absorbs a new one. The way he absorbs it is by touching that person. Tracy calls Nathan and wants to meet with him. They meet and he doesn't come alone. Peter takes Nathan's power and flies away. Tracy is captured and she tells Nathan "You're one of us!"

Matt is running with Mohinder and Hiro. They try to convince Hiro to turn himself in since he has no powers but Hiro says that is not his path. Matt draws the future. He sees Daphne get shot at the crash site. Ando is tracking Hiro when Daphne comes and they run fast together. They get to the crash site and look for Matt and the rest. She frees Claire, who was in a tent with The Hunter and Nathan. Then they try to escape and Daphne gets shot and dies. Matt gets mad and makes the people shooting at him turn on each other with his mind. The Hunter comes and Claire takes the bullets for Matt. Matt, Mohinder, Ando and Hiro escape.

Claire is taken hostage and The Hunter threatens to shoot her in the one spot that will surely kill her. He compares her to Sylar and she gets angry. Nathan comes and tells him not to harm her. Nathan and Noah convince her to go home and live like a normal teenager. They assume she will but I doubt she would give up that easily. She gets a test from "Rebel" and says that she needs to fight back.

Peter, Matt, Monhinder, Ando and Hiro team up and now are out to get the people that are hunting them.

Sylar is trying to find his father. We see a teenager and his mom arguing and getting in a house. Inside the house is the soldier we saw before and he's tied to the chair and is all bloody. Sylar comes in and pins the teen and mom to the chair. He says that he will torture the mom and teen until the soldier talks and tells him where his father is. After much talk the teen uses his power, which I figured he had. Sylar is intrigued and wants to see how it works. The teen can melt things with his hand. The soldier gets free and goes for his gun but the teen stops him with his power and kills him. Sylar then leaves but the teen follows and tells him he knows where his dad is. Sylar knows he's telling the truth and they hit the road together. Looks like Sylar has a sidekick.

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