Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost - 02/04

Charlotte was still passed out when the show starts. Daniel tries to explain to Juliet that it's like really bad jet lag and that it depends on how long they had been on the island. So that's telling me that Charlotte was on the island before, which they had already hinted at. Which also makes me wonder why Daniel is not being affected since we saw him on the island in like the 70s. But then Miles starts getting a nose bleed and he says he's never been on the island. Which then made me think that maybe he was the baby of that Dr, the one that does those training videos. We saw him feeding a baby and hey, Miles is also Asian! They're still skipping through time. Locke says they need to get to the Orchid station. They think they can get to the boat (the Zodiac) and go around the island. Sawyer sees Kate delivering Claire's baby and then it flashes and she's gone. They get to the beach and the Zodiac is gone but there are other weird boats. So they take one and someone begins shooting at them. It flashes again and they are in a storm. They get to the beach and somehow the boat travels through time with them. At the beach they see a fresh wreckage and Locke asks "Does anyone speak French?" Which then makes me think or Rouseu and that's probably when they crashed on the island.

We then cut to the French people on the boat. They're speaking French and I had the captioning on so I was able to understand some of it. They just said their instrument was malfunctioning and that they'll never survive. Then they spot someone on the water and they say that's not one of their own. They drag him into the boat and I knew it! Jin is alive!!! They get back to the island and speak with Jin. He says the boat blew up and that he doesn't know how long he's been out there. He introduces himself and then Danielle Rouseu introduces himself and Jin gets a look like "Holy cow!". So somehow Jin is time traveling too.

Kate talks to the lawyer to try to find out who the client is. He says he's meeting with the client later and that he will tell his client the proposal Kate gave him. Which was that she'll give a blood sample if she can meet with the client. The lawyer says most likely the client won't agree to it. Jack is still with Sayid and a Dr sees him in the hospital and lectures him about how he shouldn't be there and how the hospital is liable. Ben arrives and talks to Jack about where Sayid is. He's in his room and a man comes in and tries to kill him. Sayid find out the guy had another address to go to. Jack and Ben come in and Sayid shows them the address and Jack recognizes it as Kate's. He calls Kate and meets with her. Then Kate tells him to leave. She spots the lawyer and decides to follow him. Jack gets in and the lawyer goes to a hotel. They find out he's meeting with Claire's mom. Who I had guessed was the client because only she would be able to take Aaron away since she's blood related. Which then made me think Jack could also fight for Aaron since he's blood related too. But then Jack goes in to talk to Claire's mom and she has no idea about Aaron, she was just suing the airline. So she is not The Client! Jack takes Kate to meet with Ben and Sayid and she freaks out. Ben confesses he's The Client. Jack says that someone is after her and they need to get her and Aaron safe. Then cut to Sun with Aaron sleeping in the back seat watching them. She pulls a gun out and the show is over.

I thought at good show last night. I liked how they worked in Rouseu into the story and how we know that Jin is alive. It seems like the time traveling is just random as to what time they go to. I can't wait until next week.

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