Friday, February 20, 2009

Books into Movies

I found this interesting article about books being turned into movies. I agree that there are many books out there that are absolutely great and when the movies comes out it is awful. Whenever a book I have read turns into a movie I tell myself not to be disappointed. Movies cannot capture the story as well and some things have to be changed in order to make a movie interesting. Take for example Twilight, would you really have wanted to watch Bella make dinner for Charlie over and over again? There are many movie that were books that were not the same as the book but I still liked. Like Eragon, that movie was nothing like the book. Yet I still liked it. I tell myself that it was a movie based on the book. Meaning they took the main ideas from the book, a dragon rider and a dragon going to Ellesmera and him learning to use magic. But since they changed other things I try not to remember what it should have been from the book. Right now I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife, which I've heard is being turned into a movie. I started reading it yesterday (I'm on pg 160, so that tells you how much I like it) and I really like it, but I am almost dreading how the movie will be like. I'm hoping it doesn't get ruined.

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