Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Olivia's birthday

This was on her actual birthday, wearing her pretty dress:

Eating her birthday cake:

She had a great first birthday. She got a lot of really cute outfits. She's going to be so well dressed this summer. A few toys too that she shares with her big brother. I can't believe my baby is already a year old. Time goes by way too fast and children grow up too fast.

Monday, March 24, 2008


No more new episodes until April 24. Can I wait that long to find out what happens? I guess I'll have to. So what have we learned this season:

  • The Oceanic Six: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun & Aaron

  • Charles Widmore (Penny's dad) sent the freighter

  • Ben Linus has Sayid working for him to kill of people that work for Mr. Widmore

  • Something horrible happens on the island that the oceanic 6 can't talk about

So many more questions to ask like:

  • Does Juliet and Desmond make it off the island?

  • Who was in the coffin?

  • What happened on the island?

There are more questions but it's way too many to list. I hope when the show comes back they answer more questions than raise questions. I heard somewhere that this season is about how they get off the island, next season about what it's like for them outside the island, and the last season is how they get back to the island.

Happy Easter - a little late

We had a nice Easter. I took friday off and we went to MOA. We walked through Nickelodeon Universe and it's a really big advertisement. They have a bunch of Nick themed rides and statues of SpongeBob and Backyardigans and other Nick characters. Xavier liked it though. We didn't go on any rides, just walked through. We ate in the food court so nothing big. Then that afternoon Olivia had a doctor's appointment. She's fine, but she got 5 shots. Yep 5 shots! Poor little girl. She still has red marks on her legs from them. Then Saturday we ran to St. Target and bought nothing fun. Just stuff we needed. Sunday we went to in-laws and the kids missed their naps. We got home and Xavier said his tummy hurt from all the candy he ate. I think he has more candy than at Halloween! We watched Transformers (we own and and have already seen it). Xavier really got into it this time. He loves playing with tranformers at grandma's house. Then back to work today. :( Arghh, it's Monday and the weather is cold.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yarn Ball Winder

I bought a yarn ball winder a few weeks ago and I finally got a chance to use it last night. Here's a picture for those who have no idea what it is:

Well I hightly recommend this product to anyone that crochets or knits. I am making a scarf for Olivia and the yarn was getting all floppy so I made it into a nice ball, now it's so much easier to use.

Monday, March 17, 2008

TV is back!

The writer's strike is over, well it has been for a while, but new shows are coming back next month. I'm looking forward to some new shows but dissapointed that some won't be back until next season.
Here's the shows I'm looking forward to:
Desperate Housewives (April 13, 6 episodes)
Grey's Anatomy (April 24, 5 episodes)
Lost (April 24, 5 episodes)
ER (April 10)
Scrubs (April 10)
The Office (April 10)
House (April 21)

Here's the shows I'm sad aren't coming back until fall:

So as you see I watch WAY too much TV. ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Reason for the my title. It has to do with Argon, you know the element Argon. My favorite element Argon. So here's a little information on Argon.

It is one of the noble gases, chemical symbol Ar and atomic number 18. You can easily find it on the periodic table by looking on the right hand side, it's right below Neon (Ne) and right above Krypton (Kr). Argon is present in our atmosphere and it is the most abundant noble gas on Earth. It was discovered in 1894 by Sir William Ramsay, a Scottish chemist, and Lord Rayleigh, an English chemist. Argon is used in labs everywhere. It is also used in incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs to prevent oxygen from corroding the hot filament. Also used for arc welding (form an inert atmosphere), growing semiconductor crystals. And here's a little more info for you geeky chemists ;)

electron shell configuration:

2s2 2p6
3s2 3p6

So why don't more people have Argon as their favorite element?

Poor Kitty

Last night my kids decided to gang on my baby (Aries). We keep the door to the basement closed so Olivia won't fall down the stairs. Well Aries' litter box is in the basement and her food & water are right on the landing of the stairs. She will let us know when she wants to go down there and we'll let her down. She'll also let us know when she wants to come back up because you'll see her little paws under the door or hear her banging on the door. Anyways the door was closed last night. I got a new tunnel toy for Olivia's birthday and the kids were playing with it. Xavier decided it would be fun if Olivia was in one end, Aries in the middle and Xavier on the other end. A cat sandwich, in which poor kitty is trapped. She managed to get out only to have Xavier chase her into the kitchen. She thought she could escape to the basement but she couldn't. So she continued her path only to run into Olivia. She was trapped! Olivia pinned her down and got drool all over her and Xavier started to pull her tail. By now I had decided the poor cat had been tortured enough and I opened the basement door for her. She of course gave me the evil eye! I don't think she minds the torture all that much though because whenever Olivia pins her down she just lays there and doesn't try to run away. Anyhow here are some pictures of Aries.

Sleeping in her bed. She'll only lay in it if it's on the love seat.

Olivia with Aries:
Xavier with Aries:
Aries last summer:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's been forever

I had totally forgotten that I had this blog. It's been over two years since I posted. I was telling a co-worker that I should have a blog but what would I talk about? It seems like all I talk about is my kids, scrapbooking or crocheting. So I guess that's what my wonderful blog will be about. I did just finish Ms. O's scrapbook. Although I have to add in her birthday pics to it. I have to get her pictures uploaded to my computer and post some. Also maybe I should give people my blog url. Hmm, so many things to do.

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