Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poor Kitty

Last night my kids decided to gang on my baby (Aries). We keep the door to the basement closed so Olivia won't fall down the stairs. Well Aries' litter box is in the basement and her food & water are right on the landing of the stairs. She will let us know when she wants to go down there and we'll let her down. She'll also let us know when she wants to come back up because you'll see her little paws under the door or hear her banging on the door. Anyways the door was closed last night. I got a new tunnel toy for Olivia's birthday and the kids were playing with it. Xavier decided it would be fun if Olivia was in one end, Aries in the middle and Xavier on the other end. A cat sandwich, in which poor kitty is trapped. She managed to get out only to have Xavier chase her into the kitchen. She thought she could escape to the basement but she couldn't. So she continued her path only to run into Olivia. She was trapped! Olivia pinned her down and got drool all over her and Xavier started to pull her tail. By now I had decided the poor cat had been tortured enough and I opened the basement door for her. She of course gave me the evil eye! I don't think she minds the torture all that much though because whenever Olivia pins her down she just lays there and doesn't try to run away. Anyhow here are some pictures of Aries.

Sleeping in her bed. She'll only lay in it if it's on the love seat.

Olivia with Aries:
Xavier with Aries:
Aries last summer:

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