Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Heroes - 02/02

The show is back! It starts off a few months after the Villains chapter.

Tracy is living alone and no longer with Nathan. She also gets taken and her powers don't work on their uniforms. They cover her hands and get her unconscious. They do however show one of the men's face.

Hiro does not have his power but Ando still does. Hiro is helping Ando with his power and he's trying to turn him into a superhero that fights crime. I loved the costume he had picked out for him. He had a red lightning bolt on everything. A motorcycle and helmet. Hiro also put a GPS tracking chip in both himself and Ando. The password is only known to Hiro. He said it was someone important to him, which I figured it was Ando and I don't know why it took Ando so long to figure that out. But Hiro gets taken and Ando has to figure out the password and where Hiro is.

Claire is living with Angela and picking out colleges. She apparently got a GED so she could start college. She thinks that Sylar is still out there but Angela tells her that he's dead. She also overhears Nathan and Angela talking about getting Matt and Peter. So Claire heads to NY.

Peter still has a power and I'm assuming it's the same power he had before. He's working as a paramedic. Oh and he gets into a taxi and it Suresh! So it's basically the same scene that we've seen before, like when they first met. They talk for a while and both are trying to live "normal" lives. His brother Nathan is in town and he hasn't talked to him for months. He meets with Nathan and he tells him that he doesn't believe in what he's doing and he won't go along with it. So Peter also gets taken.

Matt is also living in NY and living with Daphne and the turtle. Although Daphne doesn't appear at all in this episode so I wonder where she is. He is seeing Usutu and can draw the future. He gets a knock on the door and it Claire. She's there to warn him that "they" are coming for him. They are looking at the drawing when he gets show with a zapping dart and they storm in taking both Matt and Claire.

Suresh drops off Peter and the next person to come in is a man we saw rallying up the Heroes. He's the man we saw who took Tracy. He puts a gun up to Suresh and tells him to drive. They drive and are surrounded by men and Suresh has nowhere to go. He rips the taxi door off and runs. I guess he still has his superpower. He runs into the parking garage and Noah is there to help him. He asks him what him and Peter talked about and if he's talked to anyone else. Then Noah zaps him. So Noah is now rallying up the Heroes. Which was surprising to me!

Sylar is alive! I knew he couldn't be dead. He is searching for his father. He goes to the watchmakers shop and his dad pulls a gun to him. We find out that he isn't really his dad but his brother is his dad. He gives him the address and Sylar knows he's telling the truth. He thinks about cutting his head open but decides against it. He goes to his real dad's house and he's a taxidermist. He walks in but there's no one there. He smells something fishy and suddenly a bunch of men are trying to get him. He kicks their butt and leaves one alive to tell him what's going on. The man won't talk so Sylar cuts his head open.

Once all the Heroes are rounded up they are being loaded into a cargo plane. They are all semi-sedated to keep them from using their powers. It's hard to tell who's who except Tracy because she's got her hands covered with silver gloves. They also have black masks and goggles. The man (the one we saw earlier) is talking to Nathan. The Man tells him that there are two problems 1) Sylar has escaped and 2) they captured Claire. He brings Claire out and Nathan makes them take all that stuff off her and no sedate her. She tells him "I hate you" and he tells her she'll understand later. He puts her in a car but she escapes and sneaks into the plane.

Inside the plane she starts freeing the Heroes. First she frees Hiro but he's no use since he has no powers. Then she frees Peter. She tells Peter to wake up but he says he's too weak. He grabs Suresh's hand and absorbs super strength. So his power is not the same as it was before, now he has to physically touch them. He escapes and tells Claire to get the pilot to land the plane. Peter accidentaly grabs Tracy's hand and absorbs her power and freezes the back of the plane and it breaks. Causing the cabin pressure to go haywire and the plane to start heading down and crashing. Claire gets to the pilot and tell him to land but Noah is the co-pilot and she's shocked to see him. They plane starts going down. Peter is holding on and almost falls and then Suresh is holding him but it doesn't look like he'll hold him for long. The question is, does Peter have Claire's ability or will he die if he falls out of the plane?

I thought it was a good episode and liked all the use of their powers. I wonder where Daphne is or Sandra. Also why is Noah now working with Nathan?

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