Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heroes - Season Premiere

I have been reading the graphic novels online. There were not too many this summer, but the last two were about Tracy. Basically she talked to Micah and got information on all the people that worked in Building 26. She set out to kill everyone and Noah Bennet was the fifth one. So it was no surprise to me when his car started filling up with water. Then Danko came and saved him and wanted him to join him to kill Tracy. Noah refused and he ends up talking to Tracy and tell her that he wants to help her and that he will take care of Danko. He takes care of Danko by having the Haitian erase his memory of Tracy. So Tracy goes to Danko's apartment to kill him but he doesn't recognize her. She changes her mind about killing him and turns to leave but hears voices and follows the sound. A really fast guy with knives is killing Danko and looking for something. He tries to kill Tracy but she's made out of water and doesn't die and the guy leaves. She calls Noah and he gets a key from Danko.

The key belongs to a safe deposit box. Noah convinces Peter to come with him and Peter only agrees because he wants the super fast ability. What's in the safe deposit box? A compass that doesn't work, except for when Peter holds it. The super fast guy comes and Peter steals his ability and they fight. Noah wants Peter to keep the compass but Peter just wants to live his normal life. Of course this is a big mistake because Fast Knife guy gets Noah and takes the compass.

Who wants the compass? A carnival guy named Samuel. His carnival is full of people with powers and his brother just died. His ability is to use ink on people and he has the power to make the ink do whatever he wants. This ability combined with a tattooed woman somehow can help him. He puts ink on the girl's back and that's how he knows he needs to kill Danko and that Danko has the compass. Fast Knife Guy is a carnival guy and Samuel makes him go get Danko. He is also looking for a new teleporter guy and finds out he needs Hiro.

Hiro on the other hand is not doing too well. He's dying because his ability is going haywire. He'll freeze and leap in time without being able to control it. He goes back 14 years to a carnival that Ando and his sister went to. At that carnival Hiro got his fortune and Hiro spilled a slushy on Kimiko's favorite dress and that's why she hates him. Samuel ses Hiro from the future and tells him he needs to change something from the past. Hiro refuses, but Samuel (he has the compass tattooed in his arm and it's moving wildly) pushes him and the slushy gets spilled on him instead of his sister. He leaps back to the present and Ando and Kimiko are together and have been for years. Hiro tells Ando about changing things and says that he must go back in time and change the wrongs.

Claire is off to college and meets her roommate Anna. She's an overachiever and has charted her whole life. Claire also meets another girl named Gretchen (something is not right with her) and they become friends. Then she finds Anna has jumped/pushed out the window. Gretchen thinks this is suspicious and tells Claire they need to find out the truth. She wants to steal a cadaver to probe that Anna was pushed because she would have landed differently. Claire can't sleep and decides to jump to see if Anna jumped. She lands the same way and figures out that Anna did kill herself. She pushes her ribs back in and fixes her broken arm and looks up and Gretchen is looking down at her. Uh oh!

Peter is again a Paramedic and is obsessed with saving lives. He has Monhinder's ability and he uses it to save people and he keeps track of it. He's so obsessed that he works non-stop. He says he's trying to make up for all the wrong that the Petrelli family has done. He gets Fast Knife guy's ability so he can be faster and save even more people. He hasn't talked to his mother in weeks or his brother (who is really Sylar).

Speaking of Sylar/Nathan, he's confused. He has lunch with Angela (she has a dream that it's Sylar that comes and the same scene is repeated only with Nathan) and she's freaked out because she sees that Sylar is trying to come out. Nathan/Sylar makes his cup move towards him and blue electricity sparks in his hands. He calls Peter and he leaves a message. Looks like Sylar will come out soon.

Matt is working for the police department and living with Janice and baby Matt. All seems well until he starts seeing Sylar everywhere. Looks like he has a part of Sylar's mind in his own. Sylar is trying to get him to use his ability and Matt refuses. He gets paranoid that Janice is having an affair with the water boy and finally uses his power on him so he changes his route. Score on for Sylar!

At the Carnival, Samuel says they need to gather the Heroes. On the girl's back we see Peter, Sylar and Claire. Somehow they need to get them.

I thought it was a good episode and I'm very curious to see who Samuel is and what is the deal with the compass. Looks like it only works for people with powers since it didn't work for Noah. Also is Samuel good or bad? I liked seeing Sylar and Nathan and like how they were able to put both in the episode.

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