Thursday, September 01, 2011


We went to Dan's work retreat last week and stayed at Chase on the Lake in Walker, MN.  Something we didn't know about before we stayed there, which we found out after the first night is that the place is haunted.  We had a very nice Condo with a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms and a balcony.
So the first night we were there we didn't see anything.  But there was a knocking at our door.  I went to see who was there and there was no one.  So I went back to the couch and hear a knocking again.  Open the door and no one around.  So I stood in the kitchen and the knocking came again and no one there.  Both Dan I thought it was strange but didn't think much of it.   Also the drain plug kept getting closed.  It was one you had to screw down to plug up and no one was doing it.  So next day at Dan's conference he hears a couple of other people had strange encounters.  One of them went and talked to the front desk and they told them the place is haunted and they get a lot of people experiencing strange things.  

The next day we did some stuff around town.  I let the kids swim in the lake (Leech Lake) and we went to the pool.  We came back to our room and ate lunch then I put O down for a nap.  Then went to check on her to make sure she's sleeping and she was.  X was watching TV in the living room and I was at the desk next to the couch checking e-mails.  I heard a door creaking by O's room.  I know it wasn't her because she was sleeping.  I was a little freaked out.  We headed up to Itasca State Park in the afternoon with Dan.  It is where the Headwaters of the Mississippi is (where the Mississippi river begins).  You can walk across the river and it's not very deep at all.

Friday was our last day there and Dan had a conference in the morning.  We did more swimming in the pool and lake.  I packed everything up and was ready to check out and another knock on the door and no one there.  So I figured it was time to check out and we left.

It was a really nice Hotel and really the strange things that happened were not too bad.  Not sure if I'd go back there any time soon.

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Natspark said...

Wow. What a trip! I've never stayed somewhere that was haunted and actually experience a haunting while there! I think you handled it very well. It's nice that you guys got to enjoy some time off though, even if it wasn't the very best.

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